Music Unlimited update: Android v1.5.3, HQ Audio and Heart Attack Channel

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PlayStation Bloggers. Firstly, for those of you experiencing service disruptions on certain devices in recent weeks, sincere apologies for your inconvenience. We are aware of the issues caused by the latest Music Unlimited Service Android application version 1.6 and 1.6.1 updates for smartphones and tablets and we are working on a fix.

In the meantime, for users having problems, we have replaced the Android application on Google Play with version 1.5.3. Users should download and install this version to restore service to their Android devices, and we will update you as soon as the new update is available. Thanks for your continued patience.

Meanwhile here at Music Unlimited, we’ve just introduced ear scintillating High Quality Audio, allowing music fans to stream the entire library with even greater clarity and production level precision, than ever before. Streaming on the go? AND you’ve got limited bandwidth? We’ve been there. That’s why you can easily turn HQ Audio off whenever you like, especially if you’re out and about, and enjoy the same service without eating up all your data allowance. Then when you finally get home, turn it back on, crank up your speaker system and indulge in a wave of audio goodness. Simple.

Try it out now. What do you think? Can you hear the difference? What tracks are most impressive in HQ Audio? Please let us know.

Also, did you notice our Valentine’s-themed Heart Attack channel? We’ve compiled a collection of the PS community’s requests and our own favourites to create one definitive love-themed playlist. Including The Black Keys, Marvin Gaye, The Lumineers, Adele, The Cure, Etta James, Bloc Party, Jeff Buckley and The Roots, you’ll love what you hear and it’s so good in fact, we’re keeping it live for the next month. Check it out here.

heart attack

As ever, our catalogue is expanding by the day with the latest releases and hits. This month includes Foals third studio album Holy Fire and Canadian sisterly duo Tegan and Sara make a splash this side of the pond with the widely publicised Hearthrob. Surf rock cool kids Beach Fossils Clash The Truth is out mid-month along with axe legend and all around icon Johnny Marr’s debut The Messenger.

Finally, in line with the Valentine theme, for the soppy or sentimental among us Love Songs by Destiny’s Child will provide the backdrop to reminisce and romanticise the night away (if that’s your kind of thing).

If you are not yet a subscriber, don’t miss out and sign up for a free 60 day trial. Go to the MUSIC category on the XMB Menu and select Music Unlimited, or search for us by name in the PlayStation store.

Until next time!

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Hopefully the ios app will be getting hq audio soon.

Nice update. But.. How do I actually set that High Quality Audio in version 1.5.3? I don’t see that option anywhere. May have missed it? I’m running Android.
Oh, and a question, how often do you actually rotate songs on the channels?
(and Sur un Fil on Dance and House channel? What are you thinking??)

Definitely noticed the improved audio on the ps3 after turning on the high quality option in “settings”.

Also, a very responsible move reverting to an older/working software version for android devices whilst attending to the issues associated with the new android software, my wife is certainly happy having MU back again for her Galaxy S2.

(Chrisboers) I think high quality audio mode on android was introduced with the latest software, and as they have reverted back to an earlier “stable” version for the time being, its probably why this is missing on android devices temporarily, at least I think that’s the reason.


Thanks Josiapsn, that’s absolutely correct. We hope to have the revised and current Android update very soon to stablise all concerns. We’re pleased your wife approves! Thanks.

Thanks josiahpsn, that does make sense.

I love the new added albums, currently checking Gary Clark Jr. – Blak and Blu. Very nice on the ears. MU should have more ways to discover new music like this.

Hi guys,
1.5.3 app still doesn’t work on my android HTC.
It has been a few weeks now!
How about you rename the service to “Music Limited”?

Any ETA for a working Android app?


Android version still dont work at all! Please fix it finally! Whole service now 2 weeks totally useless in androids :(

Yeah, I reverted to android 1.5.3 and went from sporadic connection to no connection at all. Uninstalled, cleared cache, deleted data, cursed like a reeeally foulmouthed rapper for a week, still no luck. Until I deleted the cache for accountmanager. Success!
I must ask, why accountmanager? I remember from the early days of MU, almost all my problems then seemed to come from that program.


Thanks for the recommendation KungSkabb.

I have the same problem downloaded the old version and it still will not work. please fix this. I have android 4.0.4.

As others have said, the 1.53 doesn’t fix it at all. Even after a complete uninstall/reinstall, it’s still not working. Please sort it out, and preferably by way of a partial refund!

Hi, any plans to bring make Music Music Unlimited available through Sonos?

An edit would be handy for silly people like me :)

Captain9Fingers 19 February, 2013 @ 17:36

Please if you get time, have a look at getting this working on the Motorola Razr i. I love Music unlimited and really would like to be able to listen to it in my car.


Hope Android app fixes go well, I miss lockscreen playback from 1.6.

Might want to look at the Game Music channel, some very weird inclusions like the cover version of Robbie Williams Candy which I think has nothing to do with games.


Thanks for the heads up Mitch, we’ll look into this.

Unfortunately 1.5.3 does not work either for me.

Interestingly if you do not login to the app, and just choose preview, it works! (obviously with only 20 sec previews of songs)

To bad it is still not working :(

Just so everyone knows, in order to use this on the Web App you need to go into settings and check enable High Quality Audio.

Any idea on when this is coming to IOS?


Hi MightyCrow, this will come in one of the next few updates, along with the highly anticipated offline iOS. Stay tuned, thanks.

1.5.3 not working either on Sony Xperia P, very disappointed… Please fix.

Hurry up, I need high quality streaming for the Vita app asap. The iOS app needs this also and offline play is still missing.


1.5.3 also dont work for me on Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100 With Android ICS 4.0.4

X1X-HARD-STYLE 20 February, 2013 @ 05:50

Can we please get offline play for iOS?


Hi X1X-HARD-STYLE, see above.

@5 and others with problem with 1.5.3
Try restarting your phone after the downgrade, atleast that did the trick for me.

SGNex (JB 4.1.1)


Thanks for the advice r00usku. The ultimate answer for all technological issues!

Please can you make some sort of app for Android device so my
Sony XAV63 car head unit recognizes my nexus 7 as a usb device?

When I plug ipod in to head unit it shows album art and song info . It would be nice to have same functionality from android devices.

Or is there any Sony phone that I can use music unlimited on that will be recognised by XAV63..

Any advice greatfully received :-)

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