PlayStation Home update: Spunland

PS Home will briefly be offline from 8.00am GMT on Wednesday 20th February for routine maintenance. Here’s what to expect after the update…

Take a trip to Spunland, a living world of colourful weirdness. Plant Spun Seeds, then see them grow in the Spun Harvest which follows a Spun Storm initiated by dancing. Collect Spun Fruit and catch Rabbits to get big Spun Points. But how do you get the Spun Atoms floating in the sky, and what’s with the grazing toilet Spunner?

Madmunki presents Spunland, a free-to-play dynamic Spun Ecosystem to explore and experiment with. Available to purchase in this first release:

  • Spunland Rabbit Hoppers – Bounce around Home in Spun style.
  • The Flusho Spunner Locomotion – The cutest living toilet you have ever seen!
  • Rabbit Heads & Spunland Expression Heads: Express to the true Spunner within.

Come play in Spunland with your friends. What fun can you make? For more info check out or

JAM Games


JAM Games this week are returning to the starting grid with must-have clothing for all your racing needs! We’ve bundled items from the original RaceOn collection and added more colours! There’s also a furniture bundle to complement the edgy Garage Apartment! What will you do with yours? Urban apartment, underground nightclub, or something completely different? Show us your pictures on Twitter @JAMGamesLtd. Now get to the starting grid… JAM Games are ready to race!

A truly unique set of the full body outfits, the Stick Men outfits will stand out wherever you go. For sale individually or in one huge bundle with fifteen variations they offer great value and certainly look awesome.

Heavy Water

HeavyWater_ DragonsBillboard_684x384_Companions

The Dragons have invaded Avalon! There are multiple breeds for you to choose from and each of them can be yours in the form of a Companion or an active item that you can ride around your space in! Each Dragon Rider Active Item has a breath attack that is unique to its nature.



Head to the Billabong store and check out the new gear for all you fashion conscious guys and girls. Pick from a range of hats, sandals, shorts, tank-tops, shirts, dresses and bikinis. The “Rastovich Peace and Aloha ” men’s shirt is unforgettably cool. Don’t miss the beautiful new “Away We Go” dress and “Miramar” sandals for women. The “Allison” and “Kellie” bundles continue the new Billabong range of gorgeous two-part bikini sets.

The Casino


Digital Leisure has a new reward at their Casino! When you reach Tier 6 in all of the games you’ll be in paradise with your very own Elephant Outfit. It comes in three pieces so that the head, the gloves, and the rest can all be worn separately. Go on and deal yourself in and dream of paradise.

Home Tycoon


Drive for FREE in Home Tycoon during Hellfire’s Free Test Drive Week promotion! From 18-24th February, all players get the Basic Car unlocked for free to cruise around. No Gold Coins required!



The crimson Demon Samurai Armour is dedicated to those who hunt ogres. This variant boasts an overwhelming defence against ogres and increases your attack power. Also try out the War Lance, Halberd, and Weathercock Halberd. Play Operation: Defend Edo with one of these weapons and you’ll earn 1.35 times the usual points towards your ranking!

Gothic Lolita fashion has arrived – grown-up, chic, with elegant design, available in black and white. Use the locomotion item Chic Goth Loli Parasol and float in the air. An umbrella stand furniture item is included in the set.


That’s all for now. See you in PlayStation Home!


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NoddingPenguin 19 February, 2013 @ 19:03

And for the PlayStation Meeting we just go into cinema 1 when it start, correct? Will there be a risk of not being able to get in because of traffic?

We’ll see how much “free-to-play” is that spun-thing. I’m almost willing to bet that you’ll have to spend money to really progress, Loco Island anyone? Let’s face it, with only 4 locos standard you’d take large months to grow the entire island.

As for the rest of the update, weak as always.

supersmith2500 19 February, 2013 @ 20:30

Also, I hope I don’t have to pay just to access one area. Xi Continuum is a great example. I hate pay to access spaces.

@3 yeah i agree the first Xi was huge success and make Home popular. The new Xi Continuum was epic fail because you must pay for something don’t know if is interesting like the first one to spend money, completely fail

What time will PS home be back up n runnin?


The “See The Future” event will be livestreamed in NA Home. I assume it will be a global space that will also be added in our update? Any confirmation on that, anybody?

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