PlayStation Meeting 2013 livestream

So, PlayStation Meeting 2013 is finally upon us. The show gets underway tonight from 11.00pm GMT/12.00am CET/10.00am Sydney (21st Feb) and you can watch it live right here from this very Blog post.

Alternatively, the stream will also be available from, Facebook and PlayStation Home.

Please follow along here and share your thoughts in the comments below. Keep an eye on the @PlayStationEU Twitter feed too, as I’ll be live-Tweeting direct from the venue in New York City – join the conversation using #playstation2013. And then come back to the Blog after the show’s conclusion for a full wrap-up of all the announcements.

Please enjoy!

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Hi Fred, will it be also accessible from the Vita? Looking forward for tonight!


Alas, just from the channels listed above

I’m working late at work and unfortunately won’t be home until 1am. Will there be a catch-up stream to watch? So excited!!


Yes, it will be looped after it finishes, and you’ll be able to re-watch it via YouTube later in the week too.


Woo! I’ve got an excuse to go back to Home :p


I’m very excited to seeing this the night. Any idea how long it will last? Just less than 9 hours to go!!

Can’t wait! :)


Hopefully PS4 will give you the success (financial) that PS3 deserved!

Fingers crossed you woo us all :)

Hey Fred do you know if there will be a recorded session of this? Sadly I’m going to be working from 9-7 so would I be able to come here once I get home and watch it? Or anywhere else for that matter?


Yes indeed – it’ll be shown on loop after the show finishes, and also uploaded to YouTube later in the week.

Snacks on standby. Can. Not. Wait.

Will be watching from this blog :)


ryannumber3gamer 20 February, 2013 @ 14:16

Can’t wait Fred. Personally what i want to see announcements of are….

Jak 4 (Extremely unlikely but i’m really hoping for it)
A new Ratchet & Clank game.
PS All-Stars Battle Royale 2 (or some new DLC)
Some Sly news (Maybe an update about how we have to wait until the 29th of March :/ )
The announcement of some new PS Vita HD Collections like The Sly Trilogy, The Jak & Daxter Trilogy,The Ratchet & Clank Trilogy etc.
Some new HD trilogys.

supersmith2500 20 February, 2013 @ 14:18

Can you watch this on PS Home as well Fred?


Yes, it’s showing in Home

I’ll be watching on the blog. My body is ready

Worlds worst kept secret in that we all know it is about Playstation 4 but cannot wait! Still think the PS3 has not reached its full capability but understand why Sony have to act…

Can’t wait! Only a couple hours more

I really hope we get to see some great next-gen games in-engine, not just cgi trailers and tech demos :)

Anyway, best of luck guys

Yes, it’s also going to be available in Home. Screen 1.

Really looking forward to it! #PlaystationMemory has been trending on Twitter all day :-)

MordecaiHunter 20 February, 2013 @ 14:25

#PlaystationWorld ^_^

FRED if you see anybody from EA overthere tell them thanks for crysis3 being £20 MORE than on the scea store !

Download the demo of “Sly Thieves in Time” it’s out now on PSN for PS3/PS VITA and you will see why we have to wait till 29 March.
Simply this game has about 18 languages in it all of them being full voicer over dubs.

xxSamuraiGirlxx 20 February, 2013 @ 14:26

cool, i’d probably watch the stream in home. the last time i was there was e3 lol.

i wish there was a way to watch it in your space tho, so you can watch it with friends…

Looking forward to it, can’t wait.

Although im guessing the free $10 was a US thing only?


This is even bigger than E3. Man I need new underwear…

ryannumber3gamer 20 February, 2013 @ 14:31

@Foxsevent, I’m already downloading the Sly demo off the PS Store on both my Vita & PS3 :)

@Fred Dutton

Will there be a download of the event soon after airing? It airs 1am South African time and I’d like to watch/download it tomorrow morning, will it be posted on the Playstation Store (like the E3 conferences on the US Store) or on Youtube?

If so, any indication of when it will be posted? Please try and find out the answer for me


Yes, there will be – see above. It’ll be shown on loop right here, and later uploaded to YouTube too.

I CAN’T WAIT!!!:P Well i just about survived these last 19/20 days of waiting:D
+ What ‘i’ would like to see is ‘KillZone 4’ + ‘GT6’ + ‘Uncharted 4 + a new ‘MM’ game(hopefully LBP3) real PS4 gameplay(OH LORD!):P + if possible they will be out the same day as the PS4(i don’t ask for much!):D + I want the PS4 to play my PS1 & PS2 & PS3 discs to but i doubt that will happen(which is a shame):( It would cost to much i guess & you know the internet would go mental if it did cost to much(Oh well, i guess i will have to have less features just because of the moaners & haters on the internet) Never mind. Anyway – BRING ON THE PUTURE OF PLAYSTATION TONIGHT SONY!!! :P


You better release the PS4 in 2013 in Europe too or loose a sh.tload of people to the new Xbox.


Hi Fred were can i see the show in playstation home? :) and Thank! for Sly 4 demo. I will play it ontil the show begin! :D

After 6 years SCEE store team I’m not very likely to buy a PS4.
The endless times online is down, games are later (Walking Dead, etc) or not come at al. The weekly mistakes in pricing, pre orders etc. All services that where promissed but never came. It’s laughble if it wasn’t just sad.
I don’t trust Sony to take it serius after all these years.
Eventualy I’ll buy a PS4 for the exclives but only after the first redesign/pricedrop.
I bought PS3 day one but you f@ck€d up hard!

Perhaps Vita will finally become relevant?

I just can’t wait! PS4! Killzone 4! Uncharted 4! New Luminous engine!

ShadowhunterrX 20 February, 2013 @ 14:40

May i ask you a question Mister Fred :D

Can I watch the stream on my android/IOS phone :) ?

Thank you for your Time :D

MidgetOlympics 20 February, 2013 @ 14:41

Everyone thinks this is about the PS4 but it’s not . Sony have recently created away to toast bread in just 10 seconds . this announcement is all about the revolutionary new 10 second toaster code named Dave .

Thats inside info so keep it on the QT .

cant wait to see what they have for me please let it be PS4

Surely an announcement this big is to confirm that YAKUZA 5 will be coming to the EU! And maybe something about Playstation 4 at the end. Anyone interested in reading a rumour round up head to here:

Show me an open world GT6 and that you’re not actually trying to kill the second hand market and you’ll get my money. :-)

Hoping to see the next big thing from Sony!!

Please could we get an answer on the question of a catch-up feed for those of us not around at11pm?
Personally I am hoping to see the console and controller, confirmation of a late 2013 release (in Europe as well!) along with real gameplay footage of killzone 4 and LBP3. A sneaky glimpse of Gran Turismo and Uncharted would also make my night! Oh, and a vita price cut please!!

I’ll watch you on Twitter Fred, so prepare yourself. ;)
Don’t like #playstation2013 though, it’s simply too long for a good hashtag.

Shadow_Warlock 20 February, 2013 @ 14:57

Any chance us Euro’s will be getting the loyalty reward? I mean most Americans got $10 put into their PSN Account for being loyal, what about us?



Is this going to work on the iphone app or do I need to take my laptop to bed with me?


I’m looking into this!

Besides, where are the Heads Ups for the Store and Plus?


Store is at 3.00pm. Plus will probably be Friday.

@Golwar i was told at 3pm.

I can’t wait!!

Playstation 4 ^^

I doubt the “most” part. I know several people with more than 1 PS console, who sometimes spend some $100 a month in the PSN store and they didn’t receive anything.

I’d say that such marketing campaigns can cause more damage than do good, whenever it separates customers into “good” customers and “the rest”.

But agreed, I actually wouldn’t mind such a nice little gift either. ;)


can i ask something? when dungeon defenders sky city will be avalibe in store

i hope there will be a update about a delete option for the singstar icon for those people that dont want it on their console

…And as usual SCEA despite being one of if not the smallest demographic gets the most attention, why would we want to watch it live ofcourse o_O.
Fox, whilst its irrelivent its because they prefer America, they could do a universal release, they will not. Heck I wont use anything other than English, if they really wanted to they could release it in chunks as and what translation was available, whilst it might be a legal requirement its likely to stop small obscure unused languages from whining.
Sucks that signing up for the single email they have sent has done nothing, perhaps a roundup tomorrow at a sensible time….
MO, the question is would you like a waffle? perhaps a muffin?

Hoping to hear:

In Europe before Christmas 2013.
Killer launch title.
Some backwards compatibility magic (streaming/download of games owned would be fine).

Hoping not to hear:

DRM Restrictions.
Subscription service required for online play.
Range of ‘lower’ and ‘higher’ end consoles.


If this isn’t the PS4 and only your ‘Playstation Cloud’ you are going to annoy a hell of a lot of people by hyping this up so much.

Will we be able to watch this on the PS3?

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