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It was a great pleasure to be able to introduce the title at the PlayStation Meeting in New York. With our new project, Knack, we are really trying to take advantage of everything that PlayStation 4 supports, from the graphics capabilities of the platform to the physics simulation necessary to handle our very unique hero.

Over the years I’ve been involved in a number of character-based action titles – Crash Bandicoot, Jak and Daxter, Ratchet & Clank – and with the gameplay of Knack, we’re trying to focus on the essential fun behind the action/platform gameplay.

I’m hoping that we can make something that excites those that played the classic games back in the day, as well as something that attracts new fans to the genre.



I’m sure you saw a lot of things in the trailer and might be wondering what exactly the game is all about.

The Doctor (a not-so-mad scientist) studied ancient relics from a long lost civilization for many years, and finally found a way to bind them together and give them consciousness. The result is Knack, a creature with mysterious powers – for one, he can incorporate more relics into his body as he finds them, which allows him to transform from a three-foot tall creature into a gigantic wrecking machine.

During the game, Knack also discovers that he has a skill (in other words, a knack!) that allows him to incorporate ice, metal and other substances into his body, giving him new abilities from level to level. The result is gameplay which is a little bit like Crash Bandicoot, and a little bit like Katamari Damacy, in that the Knack can get quite large indeed. There’s also a touch of God of War in there, in that there is an epic feel to the game in places.

As for the story, mankind is threatened by a resurgent goblin army and Knack steps forward to protect them – until it becomes clear that an even greater danger is posed by elements of the human community.

Right now we’re hard at work on the game and developing for PlayStation 4. It has been an incredible opportunity to contribute this early on to what’s shaping up to be a very interesting year for the industry. This is just a small taste of what’s in store and you’ll be hearing more about Knack and how it plays on PS4 very soon.

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Need to know- is that launch window mentioned as fall 2013 including europe? As in are the current plans for a worldwide launch? Or was that just USA and japan with plans showing europe to follow next year? :(

I can’t wait for E3!!!

Looks fun.

I agree this looks like it will be good fun.

One of the titles i was excited about the most, it looks fresh, enjoyable and extremly fun to play. I love the story premise too!


At first I didn’t know what to think of this. Was all like aw this is just a childish game so hurry up and just put on the next show. But then when it was nearly over my mind changed. Me wants this now!! :D


It looks cool but, wouldn’t the game be more “fitting” for PS Vita?

mellan_Konsten 21 February, 2013 @ 19:02

this is what i want!

ExtremeGamer1995 22 February, 2013 @ 00:17

It will go down in history as being the first ever game officially announced for the Playstation 4

Knack presentation was weird for me, at first I was thinking of something like warhammer, then it shifted my opinion and I think it’s a more family friendly game like a Pixar movie, I would put it on the same style as the Jak and Dexter, Sly Cooper or Ratchet and Clank and that’s a good thing :)

I wasn’t sure what to make of what we saw on stage but after watching the trailer I’m far more interested.

Are you able to say how much of that trailer is PS4 realtime or pre rendered? It seems that is a question every developer is going to get asked this generation with the visuals looking as good as they did in the real time demos.

On a side note, I think you did well on stage Mark. Very well presented, simple but still with enough technical talk to keep us interested.

You also looked a little more relaxed than you did at Dice 2002!

Hopefully we see more of you at future events for the PS4 and Knack.

PS. Get on Twitter if you aren’t already. Shuhei Yoshida gets badgered by us all the time so you should join in and get hands on with the fans!

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