Watch_Dogs coming to PlayStation 4 at launch

Watch Dogs

Watch_Dogs is back. In reality it never really went away, but it has been a while since E3 2012. A lot of development has been done on our side. We know you have many questions. Believe this: we’ll do our best in the upcoming months to answer all of them… well, most of them.

For now, though, the whole development team is very proud to show you this new gameplay demo where you’ll get to see yet another facet of Watch_Dogs in action. In it, you can see that Watch_Dogs will be a game of opportunities and choices; of connections and consequences.

As we continue our march towards launch you’ll get to know Aiden Pearce, our mysterious protagonist. Learn what drives him and what makes him tick. You’ll get to experience and understand the concept of a hyper-connected, smart city. You’ll realise what it is like to have complete control over a major city right at your fingertips and the chaos it can create.

Watch_Dogs will be available on PlayStation 4 at launch, and PlayStation 3. Keep checking back with us by visiting the official website, Facebook page and Twitter account.

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Looks like I will be getting this on the PS4 then.

I can’t wait to play it.

Is this gonna be an Exclusive ?
Does this mean i have to sell my ps3?

Looks really badass. Love the idea of being a renegade detective hacker type of guy :p I knew from the start this had to be for ps4 ^^ Ps3 version just couldn’t look that good :p

Looks really badass. Love the idea of being a renegade detective hacker type of guy :p Was obvious from the start this had to be for ps4, just couldn’t look that good on ps3.


Looks far better now than it did back on E3. I already have it on my ‘to buy’ list but dammit that gameplay only made me want it more!


I just thought of a question and hope someone can answer about games (like this one) that are released for both PS3 and PS4

When people buy games like Ratchet and Clank Q force for the PS3 they get the Vita version free. If we buy the PS4 version, do we get the PS3 version free? I’m going to say no but was just a thought

@BiGsMoO7ke It clearly says it will be for PS4 ‘and’ PS3.

@8 I know mate i was asking is this going to be an exclusive for the PlayStation brand?

I have the same question than dark_angel69, it’s probably too soon to tell, but I would like one version to rule them all, even if it’s have to be digital only and would have some kind of limit to only be installed the PS3 or the PS4.

Still, great gameplay, I’m looking forward to this.

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