Go deeper into the world of Defiance with the Ark Hunter Chronicles

Last month we debuted a five-minute live action trailer to give you an up-close-and-personal look at what life is like for an Ark Hunter, the role you will play in Defiance. In it three Ark Hunters plunged headfirst into a dangerous battle surrounding an ‘Arkfall’ in hopes of claiming the much-sought after prize – Arktech – a valuable alien technology that is often found at these Arkfall sites.

Today, we have the first of 7 Ark Hunter Chronicles, an animated digital comic series. These chronicles follow the same trio of Ark Hunters as they battle and survive through a world transformed by alien life. The first full episode is called “New Freedom”.

The Ark Hunter Chronicles were conceived of as a way to introduce fans (both new and old) to the world of Defiance and what life is like for a player in game. Each episode was drawn out in detailed storyboards before being animated to ensure the most important points were conveyed – we only had a snapshot of time and a lot of information, so this was no small feat. Below are a couple of the storyboards we used to show off our Ark Hunter’s EGO, a valuable piece of tech that allows Ark Hunters to use abilities like Blur and Cloak – essential tools if you plan to stay alive long in this line of work.


In addition to the “basic” storyboards that highlight the most important single shots and beats of each Chronicle, we also fleshed out boards for each of our three starring characters to ensure they were properly highlighted throughout the video and that we had continuity from shot-to-shot.


Want to know more about Defiance? Check out our previous blog entries or head on over to http://community.defiance.com to check out our blog and peruse the forums. You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook or check out more videos by subscribing to our YouTube channel.

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Yay! Another on-line shooter…

Where will you be able to see the serie then? Youtube?TV?Web tv?

@1 of course, because the PS3(aswel as the 360) are just rife with online MMO’s

PiN34PPLE-ChUnKZ 07 March, 2013 @ 13:31

this game looks amazing and i cant wait to get on it.

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