PlayStation Plus: Your March update

Hi everyone! It’s that time of the month again where we update you on all the new PlayStation Plus updates coming your way in March.

There are three new PS3 game and two for PS Vita in the line-up for March, as well as awesome titles such as F1 Race Stars, Quantum Conundrum and Wipeout 2048 that are already available.

Coming soon on PlayStation 3
We are very happy to announce that as of 6th March, for one month only, you can download acclaimed action RPG Mass Effect 3 as part of your PlayStation Plus subscription!

Developed by the very talented team at Bioware, this title completes the franchise in stunning form. The game plunges you into an all-out galactic war to take back earth from a terrifying enemy. It’s truly a first class RPG experience so make sure you check it out.

And if that’s not enough Mass Effect action for you, we’ve teamed up with our friends at publisher EA to offer great discounts on both Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3, for both Plus members and standard users. We’ll confirm details shortly.

Also dropping into the service on 6th March is the beautifully designed fighter Dead or Alive 5 from Tecmo Koei.

Featuring a range of game modes, the game picks up two years after the destruction of the tri- tower – headquarters and symbol of DOATEC. Helena Douglas has begun the task of rebuilding DOATEC, this time with the aim of using its technology for peaceful ends. Now in the same position once held by her father, Helena has announced that she intends to hold the fifth Dead or Alive tournament.

Your final PS3 offering for the month is the incredibly fun Joe Danger 2: The Movie. Picking up where the chart-topping, award-winning original left off, JD2 takes the world’s most determined stuntman to Hollywood. You’ll have to out run an avalanche as a skiing secret agent, take on laser spewing robots whilst flying a jetpack, or even become a water-skiing, sky-diving, quad-biking, dinosaur-dodging jungle adventurer.

Coming soon on PS Vita
First up for PS Vita on 13th March is Metal Gear Solid HD Collection. Bundling together the second and third games in Hideo Kojima’s beloved series, this is surely the definitive handheld Metal Gear experience, boasting well over 30 hours of gameplay.

And last but certainly not least, on 20th March addictive puzzle platform title Puddle will join the PS Vita service. Conserve as much liquid as possible when crossing a variety of obstacles such as burning passageways, carnivorous plants and electric currents as you guide a puddle of fluid through 49 levels using the system’s rear touch pad and tilt functionality.

Puddle on PS Vita

As usual, over the coming weeks you can also expect exclusive PS Plus discounts on lots of other products, including discounts on Dead or Alive 5 and Big Sky Infinity DLC. From 27th February we also have a 40% discount on the brilliant Far Cry 3 courtesy of our friends at Ubisoft, and we’ll also be offering you the Dust 514 Starter Pack DLC for free for two weeks! We’ll update you on these offers and more in the weekly Store posts.

In summary
Leaving PS Plus in March:

Entering PS Plus in March:

If you are not currently a Plus member, visit our PlayStation Plus site to find out more about the service. Here you’ll learn all you need to know about the Instant Game Collection, which gives members access to at least 14 games at any one time and up to 65 games across the course of a 12 month subscription – all for a one-off payment of just £39.99.

Remember, if you’ve not got access to your PS3 or PS Vita then you can also buy through our online store.

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Sweeet can’t wait for the influx of ME3 players, shame I got it at X-mas though:( Also Joe Danger is soooo sick, beet wanting that for ages and was bout to buy it!! Anyway keep up the good work:D

Both MGS HD games?? That’s amazing


Yep both MGS HD games, enjoy!

Okay, so that’s a bit of a spectacular set of games for one month. Good work.

Amazing! THX!!!!

Sp4rkyM4rk1337 22 February, 2013 @ 13:04

Scroll down the post slowly and it’s like opening on a Christmas present. :)

Another great month! Kingdoms of Amalur for April??!


We are looking at this title for various reasons but it might be quite difficult to strike a deal, but we will see

Son Of A…I Bought MGSHD like a week ago, Serves me right for buying PSN Games. Also Puddle ? meh pretty average month for Vita Owners.

Wow, very nice and varied update.


Will there be a discount of ME3 DLC?


No at the moment there is no discount for ME3 DLC I am afraid

No discount on Mass Effect 1?


No we were not able to secure a discount on ME1

Wow! Mas Effect 3 (PS3) & Metal Gear HD (Vita). I dodged a bullet there as those were 2 games I very nearly bought recently

PS+ has saved me a fortune lately

Cheers guys!

Mostly titles I already own. Dang, just signed up for three months of Plus as well.

“First up for PS Vita on 13th March is Metal Gear Solid HD Collection.”

Just requesting that you make the HD Collection and each separate title available for download for people who own one but not the other so they don’t have to redownload both (as the HD Collection is one big package).

“And if that’s not enough Mass Effect action for you, we’ve teamed up with our friends at publisher EA to offer great discounts on both Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3, for both Plus members and standard users.”

Shouldn’t this be Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 2?


These discounts are not just for Plus members they are for all PSN users so it gives them the opportunity to purchase ME2 and ME3 at a discounted price.

As above unfortuantely we were not able to secure a discount on ME1

Huge month, haven’t played any of these!

If you can snag some massive discounts on ME2 and ME1 digitally then i may trade in my boxed ones.
DoA 5 is one of those games iv’e been eyeing up for a while and never bought, pretty awesome to have it on this.
Can’t wait for my new 500gb ps3 in march now to fill with all this :)


There will be a discount on ME2 from the 6th March for 1 week only…more details to come

Geez, what a month! Will Resistance Burning Skies be joining PS+ anytime soon or am I safe to buy it without worry?


We have no immediate plans for Resistance Burning Skies for Plus


I am extremely excited for Joe Danger and MGS collection. However I literally bought mass effect 3 last week and haven’t had time to play it yet. However does mass effect 3 come with the online pass because if it does then that’s not too bad as I bought it second hand.

Two amazing months in a row!

Is there any chance Australia will get Mortal Kombat for the PS3 and Vita on PS+ now that it has been classified? The other regions can get Gotham City Imposters and LEGO Batman to be fair – win, win for all!

Okay… I was hoping for a good month but this is probably the best month EVER – and I’ve been Plus member since day 1. 5/5 stars for this blog post! Heck, I’d give even more if it was possible.

Why not PS3 version of MGS HD Collection? -.-


Because we want to bring you different titles on the different platforms


Ah well I have Mass Effect 3, but it is truely awesome for anyone that doesn’t have it yet. Will Mass Effect 1 be given any discount? I would also pick up Omega if discounted as i thought it a bit expensive and i believe there is a new single player dlc due out soon.

I’d like to try Joe Danger so thats good to get and i never played the original Metal gear games so will look forward to putting my vita to good use there.


as above, there will not be a discount on ME1


How do you keep this going on!? The awesome sales, the awesome IGC. I’m serious when I say I’m going to have a gaming meltdown lol

It’s certainly an awesome month, just as Fred said. Props to you Chris, this keeps getting better and better and every month I feel like it’s my birthday :P


Chris can i tell you somthing
Chris you are the best
amazing month

Finallygotit_Pom 22 February, 2013 @ 13:13

Wow !!!!!!!!! I was thinking of ME2 this time and there you go…


Wow. Just wow.

Amazing job, guys!

Chris, your link to MGS Collection is for the PS3 version (includes 3 games, not the Vita’s 2).

You need to link this!/en-gb/games/metal-gear-solid-hd-collection-ps-vita/cid=EP0101-PCSB00118_00-MGSHDVITA0000000

You’re welcome ;)



I’ll get the guys to update the link…. good catch!

This will be really good month. Good job!

Is it possible for you to bring God Of War collection volume 2 for April? I mean it would make sense as God of War:Ascension is releasing soon.

NikeJustDoItNike 22 February, 2013 @ 13:15

Wish MGS HD collection was for PS3.

TheArmedSackboy 22 February, 2013 @ 13:16

Awesome, haven’t got any of these. Been wanting ME3 for a while, and DOA is neat. Joe Danger isn’t as… exciting for me but I’ll certainly give it a try.

Just wondering, will we get the Final Fantasy discounts like NA got last month? I wanna get FF VI… and possibly VII.


we had a Final Fantasy sale a few weeks back where both those titles were included so they will not be on sale anytime soon I’m afraid

Dear Chris,

This is a surprise after surprise (PS4 announcement). As someone said one of the best month.

One question though. My PS+ is soon expiring and I’m planning to subscribe for 1year subscription ( plus 3 months free) but my only concern is If this will be carried forward to PS4 or not.


We do not have any details around that side of things yet but you don’t have to worry about your Plus subscription

Chris you are so much better then the previous what-is-his-name PS+ guy :)

It shouldn’t have surprised me that the first RPG via Plus is the most “shooterish” one, that exists. ;)

But really an amazing content. The Fighter genre isn’t really mine, but for some (dirty) reason I might give DoA a try, haha.


The great thing about DoA is that it has a story too so not just a typical fighter. Its also coming out on VITA very soon with cross play functionality

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection for PS3, please. Feeling a bit short changed as a long time Plus member – best stuff going to Vita

Why does the EU PS+ get great retail games for free such as Mass Effect 3, the MGS Collection and Dead or Alive 5 while the US PS+ gets small PSN games that no one has heard about?


Please guys, PLEASE, can you add the rest of the EU countries to the store? It really hurts to see that everyone can enjoy PSPlus except us! Please :(

By the way, I am from Malta.


Best PS+ Update ever

MonkeyBrainsToo 22 February, 2013 @ 13:18

WOW, second month in a row that I don’t already have any of the content. I have also just bought a Vita, so plenty to keep me going here. Thanks guys.


Holy! MGS and Dead Or Alive? Awesome job Sony. Keep this best things for PS4!!!

Oh my, oh my, oh my. Really tasty goodies there. To be honest, almost the only ones I considered buying recently, especially MGS (as I look at it now, it’s actually good it wasn’t discounted for Vita birthday, cause I’d buy it back then).
But a couple of questions – will there be discounts for DLC as well? And as some people mentioned, shouldn’t it be about discounts for ME 1 & 2 (instead of 2 and 3)?
Now the only thing left for me is to pray that Mass Effect 3 will be full English version (can anyone check it/confirm it?), because if it’s something like Deus Ex: Human Revolution, I’m going to cry. Really, really hard (polish versions are like… Bad. Very bad. Or even worse. Sometimes 5 year old kid could do better with Google Translate)


As above there will not be any discounts on the ME3 DLC I am afraid but there will be discounts on a couple of packs for Dead or Alive 5.

The discounts for Mass Effect are correct, there will nto be a discount on ME1 but the discounts for ME2 and 3 and not just for Plus they are for all

Brill I have Mass Effect 3 and MGS HD but I can sell them both now.

wow, this month is as amazing as last month!

Shame it wasnt mass effect 1, ive only ever played half of that. The rest aint really my taste, guess ill have to wait until april.


Great update !

Can we please have Okami HD & Raganork Odysee considered for next month Chris ?


That right there is why I am a PS+ subscriber. Will be busy next month with my downloads. Outstanding.

PS+? Best money I ever spent gaming related! Bravo!


Continuing what I said in message #36:

The PS3 has been out for seven years now, and a lot of EU PlayStation fans, from countries who do not have access sto the store who are still not able to use PSN Store / PSN Plus legitimately (without making a fake account). This means that:

1. We cannot make use of DLC that comes included with games we buy

2. We cannot buy additional game DLC

3. We cannot buy games that are released only in the PSN Store

4. We cannot make use of the PSN Plus service which is excellent

When will you add the rest of the EU countries to the PSN Store, if at all? Please, let’s get rid to the “Sorry but this service is not available to your country or region” once for all.

A reply would be appreciated.


Show full comment

Continuing what I said in message #36:

The PS3 has been out for seven years now, and a lot of EU PlayStation fans, from countries who do not have access sto the store who are still not able to use PSN Store / PSN Plus legitimately (without making a fake account). This means that:

1. We cannot make use of DLC that comes included with games we buy

2. We cannot buy additional game DLC

3. We cannot buy games that are released only in the PSN Store

4. We cannot make use of the PSN Plus service which is excellent

When will you add the rest of the EU countries to the PSN Store, if at all? Please, let’s get rid to the “Sorry but this service is not available to your country or region” once for all.

A reply would be appreciated.



I will speak to the store team and see if there are any plans for more countries to be added in the near future

Is Metal Gear Solid HD Ps3 compatable or is iut just a vita title?


This is just for VITA

Joe Danger 2 and Dead Or Alive 5 for me! already own Mass Effect 3!
great update guys! though i wish MGS HD was for ps3 too…


Will my Mass Effect 3 disc saves work with this digital version? I already own everything except puddle and doa5 but still a great update to those who don’t.

Prem-aka-Prince 22 February, 2013 @ 13:28

Wow, for once my own reaction upon reading the post was negative while meanwhile the comments are so positive. That’s actually changed my mind. Nevermind that I’ll be playing none of these games, they all have their merits and a lot of other people will get a lot out of them.
And, seeing as how it’s a pretty high quality line-up I’m still looking forward to the forseeable future with Plus on PS3.

@26 In the link you provided it states Ps Vita only then further down the page it states

1 player(s)
2685KB Minimum
Rear Touch Pad
Dual Analog Sticks
Cross-platform play (PS3™)

which is it? vita only or cross platform play (PS3)?


it is cross play not cross buy meaning you would need to purchase the PS3 version to use this function

Metal… Gear!?! I think I love you right now… now if you could convince Bioware to add a discount for the original Mass Effect, I would happily make that love physical!

I think that was the first time ever that nobody complained about the offered content within the first 50 comments! :)

Well besides our Canadian friend, who falsely claimed that they’d only receive PSN titles. ;)

My Bad, misread it as Cross-buy not Cross-platform Play … :P

“Big Sky Infinity 5 DLC”
5 DLC? Or Big Sky Infinity 5 o_O? Or typo?
Anyway, what are those DLC would be? And what about actually fixing the game (I’m talking about Tolkienesque trophy)?


This is a typo in the upload process, I have requested it be changed. It is Big Sky Infinity DLC discounts

Someone above mentioned Kingdoms of Amalur – it would be really awesome if you could manage to pull it off!
And a discount for ME2 – great. Will there be any price change for MGS1 (psx) and/or Peace Walker (psp) as well?

This is really amazing, i havent even touched this months PS+ games yet. This is really wow.. i think im going to cry!


I do worry about the future of plus though if the ps4 will not be backwards compatible, what will happen to our libary of free games. No one really wants to have two gens of console under the tv..

R_a_z_i_e_l Said:
“Son Of A…I Bought MGSHD like a week ago, Serves me right for buying PSN Games. Also Puddle ? meh pretty average month for Vita Owners.”

Really? You can that average? You’re weird


Great news on ME3 and MGS for Vita…. Already got JD but will have a go on Puddle.
Another great plus month, the Vita Plus games have all been top quality games so far and I really hope Plus helps drive Vita sales as it deserves it!


Another great month of games

I am a very Happy PS3 and Vita owner

This is perhaps the best month ever… I already got Mass Effect 1+2 on PC, and now I get the third one for free!? Dead or Alive is a superb addition to this set (It is pretty new too!) and the Metal Gear HD collection could not make my Vita any more happy. This is like getting a late birthday present!!!

DjangoDiabolik 22 February, 2013 @ 13:47

Is there any chance of seeing any of the Metal Gear Solid PSP games on discount?

I really want to get Portable Ops and Metal Gear Acid on my Vita, but wouldn’t pay full price as I already own them on my PSP.


Not at the moment I am afraid but hopefully we will be able to sort out some sort of PSP sale in the near future

Words can not describe how epic playstation+ is.

This is awesome, thank you PlayStation.

Wow Mass Effect 3, Dead or Alive 5, Joe Danger 2, these are amazing games, can’t wait to play them all :D thanks!11

Mass Effect? You guys ROCK!!! Thanks PS+!!!

Anny change that we’ll ever get Heavy Rain, Demon Souls, Dark Souls, Bayonetta, Lollipop Chainsaw, Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed, or Uncharted 2,3 ?

I’m thinking about buying these games, but allmost every PS+ update has games that bought just a little before they where PS+, and thats getting frustrating :p


Unfortunately Heavy Rain and Uncharted 3 are not available on the store at the moment so these are not in the plans. You never know on the rest though!

was scrolling down thinking meh poor month for me. got ME3 , no interest in DoA, joe danger was ok but then mgs HD and the month more than makes up for itself. was going to get MGS HD soon so its saved me money, pity peace walker isnt included in the glad ive experienced plus from the start and hopefully will do for many years on ps4 and beyond.

zalwelgoedgaan 22 February, 2013 @ 13:56

Bravo Sony, Dead or Alive 5 will be mine! :] How do you guys do negotiate, anyway? The game isn’t even a year old, do you blackmail them with naughty pictures or something? XD

This is easily the best PS+ month I’ve seen so far, and I’ve been subscribing (on and off, admittedly) since the service began. I’ve been hoping to play ME3 for ages, and I’ve also been eager to try out a DOA game in anticipation of the upcoming Vita title. I own the PS3 MGS collection but I’ll be getting that Vita one as well. You’ve really spoiled us this month. Great work.

I am truly amazed by the PS Plus offerings for March! Although I had beaten Mass Effect 3 twice in May last year (sold it some 5 months ago), I may download it to play it again. I already own the PS3 Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, and I will try the Vita version. Dead or Alive 5 is a game I have been wanting for months, and I will certainly play it, maybe even purchase the Vita Version too!!! The smaller games, Puddle and Joe Danger, are nice additions to the IGC!

CookieMonsterES 22 February, 2013 @ 13:58

Impressive, Chris.

I’m not sure how do you guys do it, but the Plus updates are more spectacular every month. You can feel proud of your good work.

those are some great games.


Hey can i play DOA 5 for Vita with crossplay with plus version of DOA? If this happening…


yes this will work

omega_alpha-619 22 February, 2013 @ 14:02

@ pinkplaybunny

The Ps4 will never play Ps3 games natively, including Ps3 digital games. This is just the way it is.. if you want to keep playing those games you better get used to the idea of holding onto your Ps3.
Seriously.. it’s not even an issue.

Deal with it.

CHris you Are the best Keep It UP :)
hopefully next month will this great as well

Thank you so much for these games guys!!! :D


Great ;)

Wow, nice update, some great games :)

Hey Chris, will we get some Jrpg-s in near future for playstation plus? cuz im a big fan of jrpg-s, sumfin like Hyperdimension Neptunia or similar digital release, please respond ;)


Yeah we are always looking at varying the games in the service so we are looking into Jrpg’s at the moment


@Chris Howe; You, you made me so happy! Very Thanks.

this must be the holy grail of ps+ updates

Wow very good month for both PS3 and PSVita.

Thanks for that great month for both.

Still I’d like to see a good PSVita sales deal like USA got for Xmas, not the weak one EU got few weeks ago.

But gotta give applause for this PS+ month upcoming, good one!

this week has been awesome…first ps4(loved the killzone demo)and now this.
awesome work guys….last month update was amazing,i would have never thought sleeping dogs to be that good.this month u did it again.congrats to the whole eu ps blog team.
i already have mass effect 3 but i am excited for the dlc’s is one of the few game one should not miss.
i have heard some great things about joe danger 2 and dead or alive.
and please tell whether me3 will contain the multiplayer or we will have to purchase it.


Nothing new for me yet again. Not renewing PS+ for sure until you change this retail game policy. I want PS Store games, not retail ones. Give us the choice.


You remember that post last week asking what type of stuff we want on plus? THIS KIND OF STUFF! Great choices, great value.

Uncharted 3 will replace 1 of Infamous 2, LBP2, Motorstorm: Apocalypse in June… Just a guess, but a nice addition round E3 when a good chance of Uncharted 4 being announced for PS4 for release sometime in 2014.

Pretty decent. I’ll defo be getting Joe Danger 2. Almost bought it not long back but figured it would probably end up in the IGC. DOA5 is a nice change. Will probably have to play that when the missus goes to bed though hehe or she’ll think i’m a perv. As for Mass Effect 3……all done and dusted on xbox.

ChemicalBacon90 22 February, 2013 @ 14:17

Another great month for PS+.

Will there be any discounts on Mass Effect 2 DLC?



Unfortunately not, we were not able to secure this


Any chance you could give us a sneaky, sneak peak at April’s possible content. Perhaps even just the genre’s.


haha, and ruin the surpise???????

i just read the post agin and found out that there are no discount on me 3 dlc’s….come on guys some discount would be a very good idea.
those discounts on dishonored were great.please see if u can manage some discounts on the dlc’s.


Really disappointed that there’s no Mass Effect DLC discounts. They are quite heavily overpriced. Not going to pay 15€ for max. 2hrs. gameplay.

…and hasn’t there been enough fighters already? Whole genre is so generic that if you have played 1 you have played them all,

I don’t understand, why get PS+ members a discount on ME3 if we are getting it for free…


as explained above, the ME2 and ME3 discounts are for all PSN users not Plus specifically but as a plus member you do not have to worry about buying ME3

just wow words are not enough

I’m loving this content guys, keep up the great work.. It’s better than last years. ^__^

Despite me not having a PS3 I benefit greatly from the PS plus using my Vita.

Are there any plans of bringing a Lego game (Lego batman 2, Lego Lord Of The Rings,..) to Instant games? What about Mafia 2 or Max Payne 3?


Nice suggestions, we will look into them.

would like to get a litle more feedback from everyone on the Lego titles, is this something that you would like?

Wow excellent content!!! thanks

It’d be really great if “Jeanne d’Arc” (PSP) could find it’s way to the PSN store, the publisher is SCEA. It’s a Level 5 RPG which for one reason or another was never released in the UK / Europe despite critical acclaim. I think it’d make a great addition to the PS Vita library.

Perhaps something Chris / Jawad could follow up?


I’ll ask Jawad to look into this one

Excuse me for being a little slow, but when games like Wipeout, Lumines and Sleeping Dogs are taken off PS Plus, do they disappear from your Instant Games Collection? Or are they only gone for people who failed to download them in time?


They only vanish if you do not download them in time. The beauty of Plus is that as long as you are a member you will have access to all the games you download so make sure you get them in your download list!

Hey Chris.
Great update this month.
Any chance of Unit 13 getting added to the IGC any time soon?


We have recently had it in a sale probably not wise to place it in the IGC anytime soon

Yes I would really like one of the lego games!(PSvita)


Any chance of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 in the near future?


Another month, another satisfied customer. Thankyou very much for organizing another stellar lineup, Chris!

Woohoo! Thanks guys, another great month.

And so glad Joe Danger 2 will get more players. It really does deserve to have more support.

Lovely update! I have just bought flOw and it blew my mind, can you add some Journey, Flower sale? Pretty please :) love you guys!

Thanks! In terms of LEGO games, the only one that appeals to me is LEGO Lord of the Rings. Would be the perfect PS Plus game IMO.


Lego would be realy nice!

PS. This month is amazing (as always :) )

Any chance of
LBP karting,
Soul Calibur 5,
Binary Domain,
Amazing Spiderman,
Dragon’s dogma,
Skate 3,
Cars 2,
Jak trilogy
Resistance 3
Disgaea 4

…. ?


Some good titles there, unforunately we will not be able to use Dragons Dogma or Binary Domain but will certainly look into the rest

What about a The Walking Dead and Unfinished Swan discount?


These will both be coming in March :)

Thank you so much Sony, Tecmo Koei, Konami, and EA for this amazing update.

I have some questions, please.

1) Is Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker included in Metal Gear Solid HD Collection?

2) Are there going to be discounts on Dead or Alive 5 DLCs? and can you please tell us which are the ones that include all the costumes? Because there are like 20 DLCs for costumes and it is confusing to tell which ones that include all or most of them.

3) Can you talk with Namco Bandai to make an English version of Tales of Vesperia (they only released a Japanese version for PlayStation 3 and an English version for Xbox 360 which is weird, because they already have the English translation) and release it on PlayStation Plus? That would be too awesome because a lot of people want the English version and it is considered one of the best JRPG games.

Thank you so much.


1) no it does not

2) There will be discounts on the following two packs for DoA5 – Uniforms and What a Character

3) We will look into this


I alway like a Lego game Chris, I got my first platinum on a lego game. Lego LOTR or Batman 2 would be good to have, i think i have the earlier ones.


nice update


WOW. Brilliant month for PS3 and Vita. Well pleased with these games. My daughter is pleased, she always kicks my ass on Dead or Alive.


haha! get some practice in :)


The beauty of Plus is that as long as you are a member you will have access to all the games you download – as long as you don’t replace your ps3 with a ps4 :-(


Nothing has been confirmed either way about the PS4 and Plus yet so try not to worry about it :)

LEGO Batman 2 DC Super Heroes for PS3 gets my vote

Also, can you please have discounts on the following games:

– Resident Evil Code: Veronica
– Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles
– Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles
– Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken
– Blade Kitten
– Mini Ninjas

Thank you very much.

A question and a comment: First, will the MGS HD Collection have the VR missions too or just 2 and 3?? Will it be the retail version??

Comment in regard to 38’s KoA:
Every Rhode Island resident should get that game for free. 38 really shelacked us on the loans they took form the State. Now, as a result, RI taxpayers essentially paid for the studio and the game. FORGET about what they did and how they treated all the local talent. I vote NO, NO, NO! on Kingdom of Amular. Keep it real Sony.


It is the retail version

I really do have too many plus games to play. Keep em coming


I just realized…

Chris, didn’t that Poll about what content we wanted on Plus close yesterday? Will we be able to see the results soon? :)

And on LEGO — I’ve tried a few demos, and they look really fun. Wouldn’t be bad to give a try with one of them.


Yeah I will be collating the feedback from everyone and providing a post with the findings, I can’t confirm when that will be yet but keep an eye out as I expect it to be interesting


There should be another Plus update at March, Mortal Kombat and Guardians of the Middle Earth shuold leave the IGC at 27th March. There will be any update about that?


Mortal Kombat and Guardians of Middle Earth will be leaving the service on March 6th


Mr Howe, this update is killer. Thank you for striking all those awesome deals. It’s getting way more difficult to ignore the service each passing month. Fantastic update!


I’m completely speechless, this is yet another amazing update. Best service EVER.

Oh, sorry I forgot, can you also please have a discount on Okami HD?

Thank you very much.


I really wanted BorderLands 2 to be part of the upcoming month. Already played ME3 but DOA5 seems awesome.

Is there any way to buy discounted game even if it is on ps+ and one has active ps+ subscription? I would like to buy ME3 and keep it forever even without ps+ (till they shutdown PSN 3).

> I would like to buy ME3 and keep it forever even without ps+
> (till they shutdown PSN 3). (till they shutdown PSN 3).

Same here; also let’s hope that they find away to continue to offer the PS3 downloads for ‘legacy’ platforms as PSN evolves into the next gen!

DiscworldDeath 22 February, 2013 @ 15:03

I second the Jeanne D’Arc coming to the EU PS store.

Could we also get Valkyrie Chronicles, especially 2, to hit the EU online store? I want to throw my money at you, but it’s not there :(

Also, Disgaea games aside from 3 for the Vita? I’d be really happy if any Disgaea games were to hit PS+, but I’d pay for them as well, so long you unlock them on the store :D


Hi Chris,

You can add me to the list of people who would love a lego game to appear in the IGC. never played one before but the idea appeals to me. That’s what the IGC is for right? trying something new

Also more rpg’s and less fighting games. just my opinion but both mortal kombats and doa within a few months is overkill

plus has been great to me since i joined apart from that. despite me already owning me3 and sleeping dogs last month it really is a good service


Plus really needs to deliver it’s FIRST RPG

Kingdoms of Amalur
Dragon’s Dogma
Demon Souls

Something of that ilk would make a nice addition.

Hi Chris,

I agree with post 98, a Lego game would be a great idea if it’s possible!
Any of the Lego titles would do, but it would represent something different and something I can let the kids play on once in a while!

Keep up the great work!


Ok the responses seem quite positive towards LEGO, let me look into the possibility of Lego then. These things take a little time though as we have to negotiate with publishers so will update you all when I can

supersmith2500 22 February, 2013 @ 15:08

Sounds like a another excellent Plus update. Pitty I already got ME3 for free from the Hoarding competition last year and also got MGS HD Collection for the Vita. Might give DoA5 a try (depending how much space it is). Like always, great update. = )

Also, will the next update not contain any puzzlers next month? I think pretty much every one game is on there always a puzzler. = P

supersmith2500 22 February, 2013 @ 15:09

*mean’t to say one of the games every month is a puzzler. Hope I didn’t confuse you.

Nice update.


I’d also love to see Jeanne d’Arc on the EU store. I hope we get it! (I’d also love to see Ultimate Ghosts’n Goblins and Dracula X Chronicles, but Capcpom and Konami are being stupid about it). I don’t hold much hope for these PSP titles on EU PSN anymore :(

Unchained Blades is another recent PSP title where the EU is getting snubbed :/ Any news on that one?

I’d really like to get all of these for my Vita.

supersmith2500 22 February, 2013 @ 15:14

MGS2 will only have the VR Missions and is included in the collection along with a bonus mode called Snake Tales where you play as Snake (or Pliskin) instead of Raiden in the Plant chapter.

Peace Walker is not included in the Vita version unfortunately because the PSP version is released.

Amazing update again, and thanks for telling us in advance and not the same week it goes live!, keep on the good work you have done the last months on the ps+ side…

Chris 3-in-a-row !? r u looking @ my download list & picking the plus GOTM..!
i got to say amaizing update for the ones who dont own it ..

happy gaming

please try (i know its hard) to secure day 1 games discount ..thank you & happy PS4 :)

About those Lego games, I only ever bought one of those Lego Star Wars games. Didn’t like it and sold it quickly. Didn’t like the PSP Lego Batman either and deleted it after 5 minutes.

But I wouldn’t mind if you offered one of those to everyone else, as long as you don’t flood us with Lego games. ;)
I don’t mind games of any sort at all, as long they have a certain level of quality and as long as there is enough variety.

So I don’t mind Dead or Alive 5 now, for example. But considering that we already had several Brawlers and other Fighing games within the last year, I wouldn’t want to see another one within the next 3-4 months. Imho there is too many of those in Plus, considering their general standing and market share.


comments duly noted, we always look for variety to try and please everyone’s tastes but hopefully the results of the poll will provide a good insight into the wants of the Plus members

I want MGS Col on PS3 :(

Prem-aka-Prince 22 February, 2013 @ 15:27

I don’t really favour the Lego games, personally. Though they apparently are quite good. Each individual Lego game just seems to be only one of many, which would mean I would never be satisfied with only one. Just putting my opinion on the list.


I’d also like to see Lego games on PS+, although I’ve completed them all aside from LotR

Lego games are quite good fun, suitable for all ages and reasonably easy to platinum


Awesome month, but we need more RPG on Vita. Maybe something like FF Tactics? Or Disgaea 3?

Another great montn for guys like to play mass efect and fighting games because i dont like them at all :) also i bought metal gear collection because i find it cheep in retail btw amazing game i play now the first metal gear for psp i never played it before and im playstasion gamer years now :) i tnink i try joe and puddle. Great question #31 and thanks for the quick answer. i wonder when ps4 comes out if plus continue to give ps3 games or continue to ps4 only witn new services and offers


@Chris Howe

Concerning the recent price reductions of Darksiders 2 and its DLC: The season pass still costs €14.99/£11.99, but the three DLC items it grants access to cost €4.47/£3.58 together. Are you going to reduce the season pass’ price?



This should be a lower price, I have flagged it with the store operations team

As you spilled out those upcoming sales for TWD and Unfinished Swan Chris, how about Sound Shapes? I’m so eager to get this game!

But as I know that they already had a sale for it in the USA in January, I decided to wait and wait and wait … :)


I have asked the question but might not be able to secure a discount on this just yet

Holy mother of god this is awesome!
even though i already bought DOA5, digital version can make my life easier and a few friends of mine will also be able to get this game!
and MGS HD for vita? YES!4


Yep MGS HD is for VITA only

Hi Chris

Regarding the Lego games, I’ve played them all since PS2, have platinum trophy in each one released on PS3, I’m finishing Lego LOTR and only the Vita version is left to play, to have played the whole collection.

So, it would be super awesome if you could bring Lego Lord of the Rings for Vita in once of the next months :)

Although I’ve played them all, I think they all are great games, fun and nice ones to play with your kid,wife,husband, etc etc..

Make it happen :D

Chris “Yeah we are always looking at varying the games in the service so we are looking into Jrpg’s at the moment”


Please please make this happen – Legasista or Hyperdimension MK2 please(especially as HN Victory is on the way)over Agarest.

Nice offering in March – at least people can see what the whole bruhaha was about. I platted mine in about 4 days and then being rather mercenary sold to Game during their initial troubles stocking the game. Mass Effect 2 is actually superior to ME3. Shame you couldn’t secure a discount on ME1 (I still have my xbox copy though).

As for the Lego games – would love to see Lego Lord of The Rings or any of the ones for vita would be good. They are top fun in couch co-op.

Personally I would like to see discounts on Realms of Ancient War and D&D Daggerdale. For vita plus games Virtues Last Reward and New Little King Story

Carnivius_Prime 22 February, 2013 @ 15:54

No thanks. The Mass Effect games bore me to tears and Dead or Alive hasn’t qualified as a decent fighting game for a long time. Annoyed we STILL didn’t get Super SFIV Arcade like the US did… How long do I have to wait?

Carnivius_Prime 22 February, 2013 @ 15:56

Oh and seeing the mentions of Lego games, I put in a vote for Lego Batman 2. Best one by far.

umusuarioqualque 22 February, 2013 @ 15:58

Will metal gear hd collection be available in ps3 as well?

God be with you! bye! :D


No it it only the VITA version

Awesome update.
By the way, is there any chance we could see some pre-order / new game release discounts akin to the recent PS+ Aliens: Colonial Marines discount in the future? I’d gladly buy all my games from PSN, if you PS+ offered discounts on new releases.
Pre-order offer for God of War: Ascension (59.99€), PlayStation Plus members get an additional -15% off (or equivalent added to account in Store credit)? I’d buy that in a heartbeat.


We are working on this kind of initiative with the publishers, stick with us we will get there :)


Another excellent update!.
It amazes me how you secure so many great games all the time for PLUS.

Anyone still defending M$ lousy Live charging the same price for giving you absolutely nothing except the “permission” to play online is retarded.
I am puzzled M$ still have customers…


Oh regarding your comment about being able to purchase via the online store. Everytime I’ve tried this it seems to get stuck when you go to check out and it trys to sign me in. Anyone else experiencing this issue?


As others have said, it’s looking like a great month for content. In fact there’s not much else on my wish list:

Uncharted 3 (which looking at your comments is unlikely)
MGS PSP titles
Skyrim (Got KoA so this is a no no for me)
Any Lego (apart from PotC)


Can you make sure Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection is separated with MGS3 and MGS2 as separate downloads? The file is big and I want to have the ability to chop and change easily with my nearly full 16 gig memory.

(btw sorry I posted this in the Ratchet post accidentally, please ignore that one)

As you say , PS PLUS IGC focuses on variety , but i see huge lack of sports games or even racing games ( excluding last months wipeout).
I am a huge sports fan and would love some sports games added to PS plus library for PS VITA( i only own ps vita and psp).Games like virtua tennis or F1 would do great.(just a suggestion)
Love this month update also , really addicted to lumines , thanks for that.
Now one thing i want from sony is to reduce the 32gb card price of vita , my 16gb card cant take anymore ps plus awesomeness :d


thanks ps+ it’s best gemes of month))

Yes, please.

We would like some Lego games.

Thank you.

DieFliedermouse 22 February, 2013 @ 16:17

Hey this is a great lie up. Looking forward to the epic sniper batlle with The End all over again! (“Grandpa! Grandpa!”)

Any chance of discounts on the God of War series to coincide with the release of Acension? My PSP copy of Ghost of Sparta is currently residing in the PSP of a light fingered tradesman after we called him in to fix our ceiling. :(


There may be a few God of War discounts coming up in the near future………

“members access to at least 14 games at any one time and up to 65 games across the course of a 12 month subscription – all for a one-off payment of just £39.99.”

Can someone explain me why the “up to 65 games”, if you start with 14 games and update 5 a month, you’ll end up with 74 total games.(inc Vita games), if you update 4 a month it’ll add up to 62 games.

Will sony change the number of games updated, or there’s a mistake.

Is it a minimum of 65 games instead of up to?


Hmm sports games, not really a fan but some that might appeal to a wider audience like Olympics 2012 which I really enjoyed when i borrowed it off a friend or 3D ultra mini golf would be good (I’ve already got it but its a good game), if we have to have sports games to keep the sports people happy :-)


Hey Chris
I hope you are still reading these comments.
What are the chances of seeing Mirror’s Edge on PS+ Instant Game Collection?
I’d really like to see this along with some lego games & superhero games (The Amazing Spider-Man).
Also, Please could you give us plus members some new avatars for our profiles. Maybe some more discounts on PS1 titles.
Thanks in advance (If I get a Reply).

Grimm-Preacher 22 February, 2013 @ 16:19

Enjoy those free PS3 games on Plus boys as none of them will be compatible with PS4 :(


is there pre-order fo GOW:A .. plz Answer :)


I’m sorry I do not work on that title the best place to ask is a GoW Ascension blog post

Spectacular but I don’t know when you think I’m going to have time to play all these games! ;-)

supersmith2500 22 February, 2013 @ 16:24

Hey again Chris, any chance you can consider these games in the future:

Tokyo Jungle
Sonic Generations
KillZone HD
ICO & Shadow of the Colossus HD
MegaMan 10
LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes
LBP Karting

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extended
Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD
Unit 13
When Vikings Attack!
Ninja Gaiden Sigma +
Sound Shapes
Street Fighter X Tekken
Little Kings Story

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Hey again Chris, any chance you can consider these games in the future:

Tokyo Jungle
Sonic Generations
KillZone HD
ICO & Shadow of the Colossus HD
MegaMan 10
LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes
LBP Karting

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extended
Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD
Unit 13
When Vikings Attack!
Ninja Gaiden Sigma +
Sound Shapes
Street Fighter X Tekken
Little Kings Story


Yep there are quite a few on that list that are under consideration at the moment….. I can’t say which ones though ;)

Simply just WOW!

Amazing PS+ this coming month.