The Weekend Debate: PlayStation 4 – your thoughts

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UPDATE: Many thanks to everyone who contributed this week – it was a great discussion and all your comments have been noted company-wide. The following 10 posters can expect to find a When Vikings Attack! download code in their PMs on the official forum later this week: S-o-h-a-i-l (post 14), Q-v9 (29), Mark917 (47), GothPunk (52), declan__watson (57), kriskrosbbk (135), theJJ88 (142), CaEsAr- (143), VenomousAlbino (160), Lucreto (221/222).

ORIGINAL POST: So, it’s been 48 hours or so now since our big PlayStation 4 reveal on Wednesday, and hopefully you’ve all had a chance to digest everything that was announced – from the DualShock 4, to the cloud service, to – most importantly – the games themselves.

Duly, this week’s debate topic is about as straightforward as they come. We’d love to hear what you think. Which games really impressed? What aspects of the hardware and online functionality stood out for you? And conversely, what reservations do you have?

The 10 most thoughtful posts win a download voucher for When Vikings Attack! Complete Edition, which incorporates the excellent When Vikings Relax! DLC released earlier this month, alongside the full game. It’s Cross Buy, so this one’s good for both PS Vita and PS3 owners. Good luck!

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Honestly, you’re really asking me? hehe… I am going to do a write up, the kids are back at school next week xx

I think it was a good show, I still think the PS4 Console should of been shown as well rather than just the controller and the specs and the games.. What was the point in announcing it with NO DATE, NO PRICE AND NO CONSOLE?

almighty-slayer 22 February, 2013 @ 5:09 pm   3

Personally, what impressed me the most (more than any games on show) was the “suspend and resume” feature – really a killer for me! I really love this on handhelds – press the button, do something else, come straight back and boot straight into the game. Great to finally see this come to home consoles. I can see myself making a LOT of use of that one.

I also really loved some of the GaiKai tech. Playing as you download sounded great. Even more awesome, “grab the controller” through the internet. Pretty cool!

In terms of games, the most impressive for me (which a lot of people seem to be ignoring) was Knack. Major Ratchet and Clank vibes from that one, which is always a good thing. Can’t wait to hear more about it. Evolutions latest (Drive Club) looked great. As a massive fan of Sucker Punch, i can’t wait for InFamous: Second Son! I just loved the look of everything (except Destiny – sorry! Had enough of boring space shooters).

Great job with the reveal. Counting the days til E3!


Standout games: Watch_Dogs, obviously is an INCREDIBLE game, looks stunning. But, “The Witness” looks a really interesting puzzle game, graphically very pretty.

Standout Features: Share feature, rumoured before announcement, looks great, but the “Remote Access” style feature where you are stuck, and a friend can take control looks like it could be an excellent addition, but maybe it will aid services in which users pay to unlock trophies? I.e. add the “pro” as a friend, and then pay them to have remote access of the machine to unlock said trophies… at least currently you have to give your details to do this, so it has sort of kept those sorts of markets down as people have reservations about giving out the account details.

Online – is it still going to be free? The 1 major point for PS3 was free online, and I would have thought that 1 major coup would have been something Sony would have bragged about: “Still free online play” sort of thing… but no mention, makes me think maybe that its going to be pay to play? Just my opinion anyway

Overall, very impressed, cannot wait!

almighty-slayer 22 February, 2013 @ 5:10 pm   5

Also – who cares what the console looks like? Functionality and games are more important than what the console actually looks like (to me, anyway). I’d rather they concentrate on the games and functionality than just show off the console.

Apart from that, the console design probably isn’t anywhere near finalised.

i had a great time watching the show….but all i wanted to see was the console


Reservation: The Vita was supposed to be able to remote play PS3 games, been out a year and hardly any have this option. Hopefully the PS4 will come good on all the things shown in the presentation. Had every playstation console so far so I’ll definatley be getting this one too, just need a new tv to make th most of it now lol


The share functionality looks interesting…as long as it’s not just locked in with Facebook. Google+, Youtube and Twitter need to on their too.

PlayStation Home users are wondering if it will continue on to PS4 ?

The lack of backward compatibility with PSN titles is a bit daft ( BC via the cloud – do we have to pay again for the same game ?), for anyone considering buying a PS4 it will make them think twice about buying PSN games now.

Online subscriptions and paid for features, what will they be ?

There are so many more questions to be answered before we can get a good idea about PS4

Specialist089 22 February, 2013 @ 5:15 pm   9

I think the show was a good start. We had a nice glimpse of what’s to come in the next years, and Sony showed its presence to the public. Talking about the hardware, i thought that the processing power was going to be more than “just” 1.8 teraflops, but Deep Down closed my mouth instantly. I think that it’s a wise choice to use a pc-like configuration, so that the developers can do what they do best withouth having to read entire manuals on how to use ps4’s maximum capabilities. Of course we need more. We need a fair price, a lot of exclusives and a strong line-up. PSVita is clearly failing at sales, and Sony needs to address that more than ever.

punkee_stu 22 February, 2013 @ 5:16 pm   10

I think from what I’ve seen, the PS4 is a console focused firstly on gaming and getting us to play together. I wasn’t to bothered by the social media side of things but the games on show clearly suggest that Sony are focusing on making a machine specifically for us the gamer and putting games first above anything else.

I love the idea that move will be implemented in the new console as my move controller has been gathering dust for some time now. The controller looks very nice and I can’t wait to use my tablet and phone to interact with PS4.

Watchdogs has to be my personal favorite from the games on show, followed closely by the new Killzone.

I really think the new PlayStation will encourage more developers to create new fresh games and I feel the PS4 will be the home of true freedom and creativity.

Now if only we could get a sneaky look at the console itself ;-)….

cHuMbA3wUmBa 22 February, 2013 @ 5:17 pm   11

I think that Sony has the right idea with this console, I mean, the thing is there’s no point at battling it out for highest performance, pc’s will out perform consoles after a few months, but the fact that there’s no PS3 backward compatibility or psn account items that were bought to be transferred over is a real bummer to me… but, looks good overall.


The new improved Remote Play and the promise of all PS4 games (unless they use the PS eye, move etc.) playable on Vita was great news for me.


I don’t get it why people moan about the not showing of the PS4-case. Why is a piece of plastic more interesting then the specs and vision?

Anyway, if I take David Cages comparison, I’m sure that just like with film, the stronger technology opens up new ways for devs to make their visions real, without restraints. There will be games that weren’t possible before. I’m sure it’ll take gaming a step further again in terms of storytelling, emotion, but especially fun. It’s just a bit of a shame we didn’t really got to see those games yet. What we saw was great, but not something that blew me out of the water. But it’s early and when I think of Uncharted, which was e pretty straigh forward action adventure and compare it to Uncharted 2, who brought interactive set pieces that blew my mind, I know down the line, the PS4 will get his Uncharted 2, his Heavy Rain, his Journey, …

S-o-h-a-i-l 22 February, 2013 @ 5:22 pm   14

Even though suspicions were high of the PS4’s imminent announcement, it still took me by surprise. Funnily enough, it had nothing to do with the hardware itself, but the fact that the end of the current gen has arrived.

7 years ago I arrived at my local Curry’s store and purchased my very first PS3 with Virtua Fighter & Ridge Racer, what followed was years worth of fun, joy and entertainment. I am extremely excited to repeat that with the PS4.

I must say, kudos to Sony for nailing the presentation – they said everything we wanted to hear, and showed everything we wanted to see. The Dual Shock is the perfect blend of old and new, the Cloud services and social aspects are exactly where the gaming industry needs to head & the games…oh the beautiful games. inFamous, Killzone, Watch Dogs, Knack & Destiny ? Oh Sony, you know where my wallet is, help yourself you loveable old fool.

Stokies76 22 February, 2013 @ 5:22 pm   15

I m excited… very excited. I brought the PS and PS2 on Launch day but waited for the over priced PS3 to come down if price before buying one. Thousands of people did the same thing and Xbox gained a massive market advantage. Im sure no-one from SCE will see this message but if you do PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get the price right on the PS4 if you go over £350 Microsoft will trounce you by pricing the 720 at £300 and even if the specs aren’t quite as good people will go for the cheaper option. Second… If you don’t Launch in Europe at the same time as the USA and Japan you risk hurting a Massive market… I understand you are going after the huge Xbox dominated US market… but leave Europe too late and Xbox could get a foot in the door… I for one would not wait if the Xbox came 1st and cheaper… Dont let yourself down – worldwide release at a reasonable price and you will beat the Xbox for this Gen.

sounds awesome, share button, remote play and pause and resume sound like a gamers wet dream :). Watch dogs looks fantastic the controller is interesting would have liked a glimpse of the console itself though but as is pre-order is done as was for ps2 and 3 cannot wait. If ps+ works onit too thats just gonna be the icing on the cake cause next months games are gonna be killer. Off now to blag the missus into letting me get a vita lol


i watched the presentation live and i loved what i saw this will be a playstation for gamers and this is what i want!

but i fear that i have to pay to play online! so i’m a little bit concerned about the future…

dogwalker4000 22 February, 2013 @ 5:31 pm   18

I’m pretty excited. Thought they revealed a good chunk of info for everyone to get their teeth into but also held enough back to keep people guessing. For me though I couldn’t careless what’s inside the PS4 as long as it plays awesome games and is as enjoyable to own as the PS3 is.

Watch_Dogs looks awesome as does Killzone but inFAMOUS is the most exciting for me, will be interestibg to see how they implement a new character into the world. Hopefully he is more than just a fire version of Cole and has some even more powers.

I’m intrigued to see how you guys work with PS+ for PS4 because I can’t see AAA games being given away from the off, maybe another change in format is coming? Who knows? We know a lot about PS4 already but there is still so much we don’t know.

No matter how much or little is known you can certainly colour me excited.


Is it just me but the things the ps4 have they said the ps3 would have 7 years ago full hd cross play ect… Yes the ps4 will rock I no but not for will be same old EU to US rip offs no show games with no word on why ow so now you need a ps4 to use the ps vita fully not the ps3 like they said from day one this will be the first sony console I dont own I no eveyone is excited but dont forget the last 7 years of lies and bad press in short the ps4 will be the best console but will be let down sonys ignorance to there followers .also no ps3 compatibility and no preownd games is not good at all


I’m not really sure what I was expecting from the PS4 in all honesty. I think at the end of the day, you can have great hardware, but without great games, there isn’t really that much point.
Sony’s 1st party studios have done an excellent job at showing what the PS3 could do, so I’m sure they will show what the PS4 is capable of. It also looks like this time, that most 3rd party studios are on board from the start. Imagine a Call of Duty, FIFA or Uncharted as a launch title?

As for the reveal itself, the game engines that were running looked genuinely smooth and capable of ramping up the detail to astonishing degree. It would’ve been nice to see some more in-game footage running on the PS4. The social side isn’t that important to me, I hope it doesn’t turn out to be basically a next-generation Facebook.
The most important thing now from Sony is the price, I do believe (and hope) they have learnt from the pricing farce that hampered the launch of the PS3.

Make sure its comes out at Christmas 2013 (Not after Christmas, when no-one has any money), make sure it’s cheaper than the PS3 was at launch and make sure you have a great line-up of launch titles.

Who will be getting a PS4? I most certainly will be!

A_Nonny_Moose 22 February, 2013 @ 5:32 pm   21

I can’t say anything positive that hasn’t already been said, so I’ll voice my concerns.

I hope the social aspects can be done through the Playstation Network and the PSN friends list rather than having to sync with a Facebook/Twitter account.

I hope the automatic downloads and content profiling can be completely disabled. I don’t want any content on my console that I didn’t put there.

I hope Sony can realise their goal of having the entire Playstation library available on the cloud.

Those were main issues. Otherwise it looks like a great console.

ps4 graphics looked solid but no backwards compatiblility killed the whole console atleast it makes picking a different console easier
Considering ZERO backwards compatibility


I have to start by mentioning the brief collection of clips used as an introduction. It was very moving to see Final Fantasy, as well as games from all three generations.

I was really impressed by the social aspects of the PS4. What stood out most to me during the event was the ability to have someone control your game via PSN. To the possible annoyance of friends, I’m the sort of person who, when spectating a game I’ve already finished, tends to be the one to say, “Hold on — give me the pad! I’ll show you something cool…”
I’m very much looking forward to Killzone and Infamous. I was, admittedly, very surprised to see them announced due to how rife the PS3’s launch lineup was with new IPs. Both games look gorgeous and come from standout series, though perhaps an RPG should join the mix.
All I’m really concerned about is previous purchases I’ve no intention of selling my PS3, but it would be nice to have some way of accessing my collection without having to keep my PS3 set up. I’ll be buying a PS4 primarily for PS4 games, but as always the history of PlayStation is a crucial matter.

A lack of money kept me from a PS3 for a while, but I predict no such issue with the PS3. It’ll be worth it.

GayStocky36 22 February, 2013 @ 5:40 pm   24

A little disappointed but also excited. It wouldn’t have mattered what games you shown as I’ll buy the games I like if they’re good. I just wished you’d released more information regarding price, dates and optical drive. I’m not interested in mobile or ipad gaming and i really don’t care too much about watching others play. However I’m a fan of the Sony brand and will be buying on day 1 whenever that may be. Please lower your digital price of games as games age.

stephusapsn 22 February, 2013 @ 5:40 pm   25

System specs were decent enough.

However im not sold on the controller, Im not into touch or motion controls so don’t want that sort of thing in the controller.
Also I hope the move camera bar is not a mandatory feature as I don’t want to have cameras on all the time & don’t have anywhere to put a camera-bar around my TV anyway.

Not into social media so none of that appeals to me, Don’t care about the share button as i’d never use it.

Since I hate the current Store design I wasn’t happy to see the PS4 dashboard seems to be following the design layout. Was hoping for something similar to the current XMB, Neat, tidy, unintrusive & out the way (Allowing you to use custom background images which is something i love doing).

Lack of backwards compatibility was a bit of a downer but nothing too big.

All the cloud stuff Im also not interested in as again I’d never use it (Especially given how unreliable & slow my internet is at times).

Only thing I care about is games (Especially single player stuff as i rarely play online) as that’s all I ever use my games systems for. To me everything else is nothing but an unnecessary distraction!

Gallanti-Oh 22 February, 2013 @ 5:40 pm   26

The PS4 reveal was magnificent and ps4 itself is great, I liked most of the features, especially the Gaikai part and I would love to play games on the cloud. As for the games nothing really caught my eyes, but I think Knack was ok and I’m especially hyped for capcom’s Deep down, the demo was excellent.

Splutterbug 22 February, 2013 @ 5:40 pm   27

Part of me was really hoping for someone to take the stage and talk about “Move 2” for 5 minutes then reveal they are just messing with us, here’s the new console:-)

Very impressed with what I’ve seen, shame about the way backwards compatibility was talked about (Gakai), but if you could announce concrete plans for this, just see your digital sales of full release games sky rocket. Apple has this just right, tie your audience in to their eco-system and you have a huge advantage over your competitors imagine day 1 of PS4 and your entire PS3 instant game collection on plus is playable.

Very happy to see remote play and the Vita talked about, I’ve played so many more games since getting a Vita, the battle for the living room TV is getting more and more heated and this would be a great solution. The App for ios and Android! That I did not see coming, great that Sony are embracing other technology not fighting it, it’s really what Nintendo should have done instead of that very expensive game pad.

It’s very hard for people to “Want” something they are still yet to see. If you can launch this at £299 it will fly off the shelves.

8GB GDDR5 unified system memory – enough said 🙂


The best way to describe the event is classy and well-executed. The music, the trailers, the presentation itself…everything just got me pumped!! What I love most about Sony is they make you feel proud to be a gamer. That’ War against reality’ ad is a perfect example! Unlikne most adverts it’s not an over-exaggeration (think of those ‘WOOO!! LOOK HOW MUCH FUN IM HAVING DRINKING PEPSI’ ads), gaming really is crazy cool fun :).

IMHO it doesn’t matter that we didn’t see the actual ps4 (would’ve been nice though). What matters is Sony has a vision and after that event I wanna be part of that vision. Long. Live. Play

Now give me When Vikings Attack 😀

OrhuN__06 22 February, 2013 @ 5:52 pm   30

i moslty like the idea of playing the game for someone who is stuck when you are not even at his house. just everything was amazing Sony did a very good job. some people are furius abaout the fact that the console it self wasn’t showed but hey, what else should they have on E3. and the Fact it is a BIG pc in a LITTLE box is amazing, loved all the specs. 8GB unified memory WAUUW !!!

Gilgamesh29 22 February, 2013 @ 5:53 pm   31

The technical specifications appeared far better then I had thought would’ve been the case which is great (8GB of GDDR5! – awesome).

I do need to see more games before final judgement but the fact that the 3rd party support list looks quite extensive should be a very positive thing.

Whilst I do like the idea of the social aspects of the console, I would prefer to keep a kind of barrier between myself in real life and virtual me – so my biggest reservation would be if I was forced to use my real name on the PS4.

OrhuN__06 22 February, 2013 @ 5:55 pm   32

i cant wait for inFAMOUS as a BIG fan of suckerpunch 😀 😀 😀


During the presentation, on the screen showing the services expected to hit PS4 such as Netflix etc, I saw the PS+ logo. I wondered before the show whether or not PS+ would make a return seeing as backwards compatibility isn’t included and there most definitely isn’t going to be free PS4 games. So when I saw the logo it made me think in what possible way PS+ could be implemented. Maybe expanded to include films and TV shows on the video side of things but personally the absolute dream is Gaikai support. The talk of instant demos and such is hugely exciting and if it’s included as part of an already fantastic service it’s a clear day one purchase for me.

On a more moany note, I’m very concerned with the release. The PS3 hitting European shops a good six months or so after everyone else was such a kick in the teeth after all the hype. Obviously there are plethora of legal obstructions stopping a near simultaneous release but I think getting the console out in as many territories as possible by Christmas makes good business sense as well as a fantastic service to the potential fanbase. Other than that the whole thing looks absolutely fab and if the price is right you can definitely consider me a week one purchaser. Buzzing!


personally i think they have made many mistakes with the ps4 already.
dont get me wrong im pressed and cant wait to own it but they have made to many mistakes such as:
no backwards compatibility – i mean there is literally no point in buying games for the rest of the year as they will be rendered obsolete by the end of the year. im not some ten year old who has his mummy buy all his games for him, and if im going to buy a game i wont insurance that im going to be able to play it for many years to come. i thought sony would learn from their mistakes with the ps3, but instead they decided to make them the same. i mean at least offer some sort of add on device to unlock backwards compatibility or have an available special order ps4 that can play both.
focusing on sharing – this opens up the possibilities for the end of gaming. i can already see this becoming like facebook games with notifications constantly being spammed to share things and such.

Opt1mus76 22 February, 2013 @ 6:00 pm   35

I’m excited. Very excited. Here’s why –
Surprised with the no-show for the actual console. As long as its not in the shape of a phallic symbol and/or in some garish colour. Technically it looks very capable but my concerns with it being PC based components are that PC’s will be far more powerful sooner within the consoles lifetime than if custom chipsets were used.
The controller, whilst not a radical departure in shape from the Dual Shock 3, looks interesting. The concave sticks, chunky d-pad and lower triggers that don’t curve inwards all make the controller look more comfortable. I like the idea of the Share button (so I can show friends how I died for the thousandth time on first chapter of Dark Souls 3 perhaps) and the touchpad and Move light have potential but its really down to developers to prove they can be integral to a game. A headset jack may not be original but the included headset will be good for co-op games.
The new PS Eye looks good and its included which is good news. I’ve long felt that the current one is too low resolution and outdated so I’m hopeful this one will be huge improvement. It looks like a 3D camera too so that could be useful and the Move compatibility is good news.
(part 1 of 2)


fred = lol
i tink
i am not convinced jet but already 50%
i like =
new controler
8gb of gddr5 ram

not like = 0 psn games on ps4 = no way ( online = future = lol )
i realy hope terraria i stil want to play + saves i keep
also option to put ps3/ps4 saves on vita ( like back up )
folowing questions =
1- make u own inteface ????
2-ps+ gone be rename but i want more versions ( i need more % of games 3 gb cloud save )

3= psn store needs better digital price + al eurozone inportant
( lounch service to al contry )
4= never put tings on ore console i not need = singspam

also option we can put of al media chare nonsens ( i not want )

last but not least good price 499€ max biggest hd version + great games
+ have more fichting spirit against ms. + more interaction on blog
nowh = almoast altime no coment .


First half an hour I would cut to 5 minutes to present the most important details of the ps4.
Try to avoid words, we industry leader, we’re the best, etc. Personally you’re the best to me and the first party games are the most enjoyable games since ps2 (my first console). There is million of games who thinks that Microsoft or Nintendo are the best and might get this statement offensive.
Love Killzone demo, would be nice if they improve characters animation (urgently – walking down the stairs). Drive Club looked stunning, I wish the was infamous gameplay. All the new features are welcome.
The biggest surprise 8GB RAM.
I understand why we didn’t see anything from ND and Santa Monica, hopefully at the E3.
Show us finally some The Last Guardian gameplay.
Lastly Square Enix last year demo was a joke. Just let the wacht the show as a spectators next time.

Well i’m excited about the games, DriveClub sounds awesome just hope they have a Mazda Rx-8 in there because that would make it awesome, Knack looks interesting, and the controller features like the touch and the move light thingy on the controller seems awesome for future creative games, but i have few question marks hanging over my head?
1. No start and select buttons? i guess the option is equivalent of start but no select?
2. I don’t need the disc BC on PS4 but i need the PSN store games BC just like the Vita has with PSP, so will that be there?
3.I wonder about the price i hope it’s not over 600 pounds cos that will cross it off for me … for few months at least.
4. Will the PS store be worldwide in terms of content? Because i’m tired of hearing about an awesome game (psone classics and some other re-release) and then hearing that it’s only on the Japanese PS store or only on the American store.

MordecaiHunter 22 February, 2013 @ 6:11 pm   39

what the show missed was all the stuff that will make me buy one i.e

is the online gaming free still

what happens to psn purchases bought already

why they added a pointless touch pad on the controller

what happens to stacked plus subs

has it got singstar malware on the new xmb

do trophies cross over

etc etc

There are many more questions that need to be answered before i make my mind up on the ps4 even tho the games did look amazing even through a live stream,

woodypride 22 February, 2013 @ 6:14 pm   40

I enjoyed the conference !

• The games look pretty and very detailed. FPS is not my favorite type of game but Killzone 4 looks awesome.
• Watch Dogs is my favorite game for the moment on PS4. It would be interesting to compare the PS3/PS4 versions.
• The UI looks nice and user-friendly. I hope we can still change the theme/background.
• Share options should be very useful (I just hope we can use Youtube, Flickr and not only Facebook)
• I like very much the Dualshock 4 and I want to know more what that touchpad can do.

We need more informations about the online (will it be free or a subscription or do we need the PS+ ?) and of course the price of the controller, the new PS Eye and the PS4 itself.
And what’s the size of the HDD ?

I hope to see a lot of PS4 games announcements at the E3 (or before).
I also hope the PS4 won’t be delayed in Europe.
Anyway the PS4 should be powerful enough to make awesome games and have lots of fun ! 🙂


I liked the fact it had 8gb ram as thats always been a problem with consoles (a lack of ram)
The Controller seemed interesting especially the share button, and may make me start making my own videos on youtube. (Dont know about the Move built into it though as it may drain battery faster.)

In terms of games im not so impressed, there was only 1 Big game as gameplay and that was Killzone, but even then the Video Quality was pretty bad so never got to see it leaps over the ps3 versions.

Overall I think I will stick to my ps3 a whole while longer 🙂


touch pad on the controller = like mouse !!!!
= great in store + also strategie games ore fast movement in hotbarmenu

tekst whith stylus pens instant in gameplay ???

dark_angel69 22 February, 2013 @ 6:18 pm   43

Been a wonderful night watching the show. I think that new controller looked amazing. At first I thought it was weird and wasn’t so into it but the more I look at it, the more I like it. Would die just to hold one and see what it feels like in my hand.

What I’m really looking forward to checking out is the share button and the touchpad as they look exciting and there’s nothing better than seeing something new especially on a controller.

For the games, obviously I’m very excited for Killzone 4 and Infamous second son as the previous games has been one of my favorites. But I’m looking forward to trying out the new games Knack and Driveclub. Would need more time to find out more about Destiny and Deep Down before I can judge them but from what was shown, they looked impressive.

The camera also looks impressive so I’m excited to checking it out too but would put it to the bottom of the list. The cloud gaming is a great idea to play the older games but then again have questions to ask about this and need to know if my internet is even good enough for it.

Will most likely be buying my PS4 on day one but until then I hope all questions will be answered. Cant wait for E3!


I wish ps4 much brighter future than ps3 .
Ps3 era started with awesome, decisive ,as some would say, blue ray standard win over hd dvd and continued wiht global crysis . Cell processor was so cool then, but now we have super 🙂 smartphones and amazingly cool tablets while crysis is being forced to be over.
Do not underestimate the power of playstation .

mr-blue1978 22 February, 2013 @ 6:22 pm   45

For me it was a disappointment.Why? It seems to soon, there’s still life in PS3!

It puts PS3 users in a bad mood, I have 2 PS3 and I’m a plus subscriber and it doesn’t look good to ear about PS4 coming now. What is going to happen to PS3 that still has a lot to give?
So PS4?! Ok, new remotes, functions, etc… I like retro-compatibility (nice) but the rest lacks the power to make me excited. What about the current controls, move controls, this was not mentioned so i said that ps3 owners are not pleased, well i’m not…

And where is the price?! What about what everybody already spent in PS3 with controllers, move packs, singstar mics and cameras?! What about this? A lot remains to clarify…

Sony created a big show for this, but in my opinion it should launch it in full power in late 2014 or early 2015, not while PS3 still is what it is.

(part 1 of 2)

mr-blue1978 22 February, 2013 @ 6:23 pm   46

(part 2 of 2)

I just bought a PS3 Superslim 500GB (new model) in January 2013… so i’m not going to buy the PS4 in a near future, because it will be too expensive and it won’t be perfect… And coming so soon, it probably won’t attract me vey much, i’ll probably wait a few years after launch so that Sony can improve the PS4 because for me the first models will have a few problems…

I started with the PS1 (still working), moved to PS2 (still working and used with buzz junior games) and now i currently use PS3, so for me its way too soon for PS4. 2015 would be the year for it, it would have been the perfect announcement for me, so that we could wait eagerly for it and plan to acquire it.

Excited with the announcement?! Sorry, but no,i feel like an PS3 orphan that doesn’t know if its going to be put aside…


What stood out to me had to be the plethora of games that I’m now anticipating. They all look so good! inFAMOUS: Second Son, Watch Dogs, Killzone: Shadowfall, Media Molecule’s… Thing! It looks like all of the developers are already starting to push the system to it’s limits. However, if it sets the standard for the new generation of gaming goods then I say they should work it until it’s on the brink of destruction.

But what I really can’t wait for is the share button on the Dualshock 4. Livestreaming games? Taking screenshots at any time? Saving videos of gameplay? It just seems like the kind of thing gamers have been waiting for forever. At the touch of a button, instead of telling our friends about our adventures in Skyrim (I’ll be getting Dawnguard the week coming) we’ll be able to SHOW them directly as they happen! Didn’t have a camera when that embarassing glitch happened? Not a problem, it’ll be on Youtube within the hour you find it anyway! Want to show everybody some live creating sessions in LittleBigPlanet? Just click the back of the controller!

It all seems like a dream. And now I’m going to be wasting my summer away waiting for Christmas to fall around.

Opt1mus76 22 February, 2013 @ 6:24 pm   48

(part 2 of 2)
Now the games.
To be honest I never really enjoyed Killzone when it was released on PS2 but I loved KZ2 and KZ3. I had been getting excited about Mercenary on Vita but Shadow Fall has just blown me away. Not only does it look stunning but the environments were alive. More often than not the only people you see in shooters are the enemy or teammates but there seemed to be civilians littered about which makes me wonder if we’ll have to pick our shots more carefully than normal.
Drive Club looked ok but not as good as perhaps I expected. Evolution hasn’t disappointed before so I’ll keep an eye on it anyway. Then again it wasn’t gameplay footage. Neither were Knack or Infamous which doesn’t really help spark my interest either. Both Destiny and Watch Dogs looked awesome and really interesting.
Disappointed at the lack of announcement for GT6 or new Uncharted but its early days. Would have liked to hear if this years NFS or CoD will make it to PS4 for launch seeings as they launch Q4 too but alas nothing.
Anyway, that pretty much covers it I think and I’ve pre-ordered mine. All I need now is an UK release date (simultaneous worldwide release please) and a price (£350 would put it in line with Wii-U Premium)

WilliamBirkin 22 February, 2013 @ 6:28 pm   49

Enjoyed the show, now we shall see if sony can keep their specs unlikely ps3 where they nerfed the final no 4gb for final product sony. keep the 8gb.

Why even show footage (tech demo) from Epic Games? They do not support sony playstation products despite sony have tech demos (from epic games) for events. (ps: Unreal4 tech demo looks hidious – rushed much?).

I welcome Diablo 3 thou. Always wanted that for our beloved console.

Ill be getting the ps4 day one it releases as i did with the ps3.

sandystrachan 22 February, 2013 @ 6:28 pm   50

I was excited about the console,The games shown didnt really do anything for me . They didnt really seem to push out the box enough .
The down side to the console for me , This whole social aspect to gaming( linking to facebook etc ) its not what I want from a console. I dont want to store to pre-empt what I will buy because my buying doesnt stay constant.
Its a huge shame I wont be able to transfer this gens PSN games to next gen,being a plus sub I have a huge list of games I would like to play on it . Yes I know I can just keep my PS3 , but buying a new console I would rather have the ability to play them on there .
Especially since the launch lineup for me isnt special so non will be purchased .
I dont want to clutter my TV unit with both PS3 and a PS4.
Also ps+ wont be very good during the start of PS4 as there wont be much content to share . Be good to know how ps+ will work withPS3/PS4&PSVita though,.

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