Defiance – Ark Hunter Chronicles: Episode 2

Last week we debuted the first episode of the Ark Hunter Chronicles Series, called “New Freedom“. This series will have seven parts in total and will give future Ark Hunters a look into the world of Defiance – the upcoming massive online shooter from Trion, set to release on PlayStation 3 worldwide on 2nd April.

Today, we’re proud to bring you the second in our series, called “Born to Hunt”. In this episode, we continue to follow our two sharpshooting, fearless Ark Hunters. Again, the tale is narrated by the still-shadowy female who viewers may already recognize from our Live Action Trailer.


This episode not only brings our Ark Hunters closer to the core of the action and their eventual destiny but also shows the frenetic energy and dangerous nature of Arkfalls. As our two Ark Hunters race towards the Arkfall, they are joined by a number of other faces, all headed towards the same shared goal. As in the game, not everyone survives the Arkfall and claims the prizes left after the firefight.


Many of our fans had a number of questions about the characters of the Ark Hunter Chronicles following Episode 1. While Episode 2 may answer some of those questions, it is likely to create just as many as it resolves. Let us know what you think of the series so far, where you think it’s going, and send any questions you may have – you never know, we might just be able to answer one.

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When is the console beta?


Do these episodes have anything to do with the game? Looks great but don’t want the game get ruined. What’s the latest news on the TV show?

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