PlayStation Home update: Bramblenook Farm

PS Home will briefly be offline from 8.00am GMT on Wednesday 27th February for routine maintenance. Here’s what to expect after the update…

Bramblenook Farm
This week, Juggernaut Games releases the Bramblenook Farm personal space. Relax and get back to nature in this charming country farm! You can raise plants and animals to improve your farming skills. Chop wood and level your woodworking skills to create furnishings for yourself or to gift to a guest. You can also place crafted furniture items in Bramblenook Farm for no furniture cost!


Dream Central

Dream Central is the gateway to your dreams. A portal to all your favourite apartments and stunning locations across the Dream Universe, it also provides previews of forthcoming spaces in its purpose built cinema. For favoured Figment followers, there’s a hint of more to come…

LMO Superpowers!

Most superheroes are struck by stray asteroids, or contaminated with radiation to get their powers. Sounds painful and dangerous! It doesn’t have to be that way. Lockwood can make you even more Super with their new range of LMOs!

The Lightning Rider not only gives you a heroic walk and stance, it also monkeys around with your DNA turning you into a crackling ball of lightning energy! The Master of Rock gives you dominion over everything stony, from the tiny pebble to the mighty boulder. Flame Flight and the Cape of Flight are two approaches to the same superpower. For mavericks, set your hands ablaze and soar through the skies like a jet engine. The traditionalists out there will probably prefer a fluttering cape that also looks pretty cool when just standing around.

nDreams Animation & Gesture Packs
nDreams took a trip to the world famous Pinewood Studios and recorded some new dances and gestures in one of their state of the art motion capture suites. The quality of these moves is better than anything else in Home right now. With four dance packs and four gesture packs there are plenty of new ways to show off in Home.

Chameleo Mannequin & Chameleo Tee
Always wear something fresh and new with the new Chameleo Clothing range. The Chameleo Mannequin is a full body outfit with a suit that rotates through five fashionable patterns. There are also three Chameleo Tees that cycle through 10 patterns each.

Digital Leisure
Digital Leisure is adding a new decoration pack to the aquariums! The Lost at Sea pack includes a sunken battleship, a sunken pirate ship, a sunken cannon, and a treasure chest.


Looking for the perfect gift for that special poker player in your life? Visit the terminal in the upper area of the Casino, select your friend and the amount of chips you want to gift, and boom, your friend can now join you in your favourite casino games. For the first week only, when you purchase a gift of chips you will receive an additional 10% back in chips in return.


Home Tycoon

Add a touch of colour to your city with the Ocean Breeze Building Pack! This new pack unlocks four residential buildings: the Sea Shell Cottages, Blue Mist Lodges, Oceanview Condos, and Wave Break Estate. Spruce up your beachfront property in Home Tycoon today!


Konami is back with another update to their popular Raver line. Buy a multitude of clothing pieces for gogo dancing. Impress the rest with your dance moves while you wear these appealing clothing items.


Ten new items have arrived in the Wrangler store. A new range of shirts, jeans, and jackets will be available, including the “Stonewash Denim Jacket” for men and the ladies “Bonnie Raincoat and Jessie Shirt.


peakvox ninja
Are you bored of staring at bare wood floors and paper walls? Is your secret ninja lair missing that certain something? Well worry no longer, as this week O-Two brings you the traditional Japanese room divider and ninja furniture sets! Available from the Peakvox Ninja lounge and the Furniture store.


Transform into a cute and sexy Cat Lady! This 5 piece set includes a tube top with a collar, mini skirt with a tail, long gloves, ruffle tights with high heels, and cat ears. Available in black, white, red, pink, and leopard print. You’re sure to be quite charming wearing these cute ears and tail.

Wishing for the happiness and health of girls, seven plush dolls have arrived. It’s time to decorate for March 3rd, Girls’ Festival. Decorate with these full-fledged dolls and bring spring into your personal space!

With a soft silhouette, the Knit One-Piece is available in blossom pink, chic gray, and black and white argyle. The boots, with a ribbon emphasising the ankle, are available in beige, pink, and blue grey.
Fashionable women adding these incredible items to their fashion arsenals will be a step ahead, for sure!

11 new colour variations have been added to the Minibike locomotion series. So choose your colour and hit the road for a ride!

That’s all for now. See you in PlayStation Home!

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supersmith2500 26 February, 2013 @ 18:11

I wish there’s more public spaces. All it is nothing but pay to play and personal spaces now. =(

bring out farmvile/ new sim city on vita = more intreting then home .

home = to many loading times + prices of virtuel renting objects are to expensif .

Not sure any purchases are worth it at the moment as the last patch broke the storage for clothing and furniture so it’s a pain to do anything.

Anything sent to storage basically get mixed up it’s a mess.

Not seen a reply on the forum when this issue will be fixed, do you care ?

I think you will find there is well over 100 public spaces in Home.

CoolRichy008UK 26 February, 2013 @ 19:13

chillout iSabreman you girl

i phoned sony otherday about 2 missing items they know about the not saving to storage wardrobe etc and are working on a fix ok :)

@chloe it will be 101 spaces tomorrow :D im deffo gonna pick this weeks update next week and the only reason i came back to ps home is the ps plus choose your own haircolour and people you has to get the dream hidaway its very huge :D

You claim you have to be 16 to use PS home but yet you create content for 3yr old girls .

Island Bungalow Clubhouse!?! Desert Haven Clubhouse? Crystal Seashores Clubhouse? Plum Tree Pavilion Clubhouse? Clubhouse..


This all looks very dull.

AmorousBadger1 27 February, 2013 @ 06:57

Can wait to see how they update Home for the PS4!

ShadowSolaris7 27 February, 2013 @ 10:00

If there even is a PS home for PS4.


Hope there is no home on ps4 Sony have not announced it so hopefully it won’t happen.

CoolRichy008UK 27 February, 2013 @ 13:30

residentSteve ps home will be on ps4 some makers of ps3 home stuff supporting ps4 and playstation home will be on playstation 4 END OFF

and all the stuff people has bought from ps home will be transfered over to ps4 if ps home not on ps4 loads of people will be angry and sony will be adding ps HOME to ps4

i just hate it when users dont know nothing

PS HOME WILL BE ON PS4 or il blame you lot if its not on ps4

supersmith2500 27 February, 2013 @ 14:25

The home team is starting to let me down. It’s still offline. =(

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