Introducing Thomas Was Alone, coming soon to PS3 and PS Vita

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The first console I ever bought for myself was a PlayStation 2. I remember digesting every single game on the packaged demo disk in fevered anticipation, while saving up the money to buy Metal Gear Solid 2 to go with it. For the record, I always thought Raiden was cool.

Now I’ve wowed you with my PlayStation fanboy credentials, I hope you’ll understand the excitement I feel at uttering the following words: This Spring, Thomas Was Alone is coming to PlayStation 3 and PS Vita (with cross buy).

Which is, if we’re honest, ridiculous. I made a game about rectangles and friendship in my free time. I was lucky enough to find some incredible collaborators who made my script sound good, and my environments sound far more awesome than their humble rectangular graphics. I was shocked when a community formed and people actually played it. According to the internet, they liked it too.

And, thanks to the cool people at Bossa, Curve and Sony, that game is coming to a console near you, very, very soon.


Thomas Was Alone is a platformer where the goal is simple – get all the characters to their exit portals. You’ll find that becomes increasingly harder than it sounds. Use their skills in tandem, be it flotation, anti-gravity, bounciness or, well, jumping slightly higher.

Along the way, you’ll hear an awesome story narrated by Danny Wallace (Assassin’s Creed) and scored by the epically talented David Housden. On PS Vita, you can use the touchscreens to select characters, or to control the camera.


We’ve made a new creator’s commentary for the main game itself, and there’s a new timed exclusive DLC prologue about a square who is given a jetpack. I’m pretty chuffed with it. As I said. Ridiculous. But awesome.

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Looking forward to play this
Thanks :)


YES! That’s god damn brilliant news. No longer alone on Steam!

So excited to hear this is coming to PSN. So many great Indie games are coming this year across PS3/Vita it is an exciting time.

A fun game, this one!


Awesome! I almost bought this on steam and really enjoyed the demo! I will certainly check this out for vita and ps3. Thanks for incorporating crosd buy. Also Mr Danny Wallace is a very funny narator so I shall look forward to this game!

This is ridiculously good news, and proves to me (on the day MS and EA announce an obviously mega-bucks deal) the future of real gaming invention is on Playstation (as well as PC, obviously).

First thing I did, was google a vid for it, and here is a great one: Reviewer seems to be perfect for the game :-)

Sounds like a really interesting game. Looking forward to it!

“This fellow has created a game in a genre I usually despise , that I actually intrigued to go forward in, because I want to hear the rest of the narration.”

Well Mike, you have a winner! :-)


whoop! Thanks :)

Unless you can guarantee a PS4 version day one, I can’t buy the game. I’m only investing in PS+ because I can’t transfer my content :(


Thanks for the kind words folks :) Super exciting!

Just saw a video for this game and it is amazing!! Screenshots and the description don’t do the game justice. I urge anyone with the slightest interest in this to look for a gameplay video with sound :)

Ah, saw this on TV, a few weeks ago. The reviewer seemed to like this game a lot so I’ll take a look at it in the future!


oooh, where was it on?

Great news! I’ll definitely be getting this, have been holding out on the Steam version, and turns out to have been a good thing.

Wow! Really excited to play TWA (not the defunct airline firm, obviously) on my Vita. The fact that it’s cross-buy supported is a very welcome bonus!

Really can not wait to play this on my Vita. Another great day for the Vita.
Thank you Mike.


Aw, I just got this on Steam the other day as well. Might just have to double dip. The crossplay/crossbuy sounds really tempting along with some juicy commentary to boot!

Thomas Was Alone is a wonderfully made little game. When the only complaint I have is wishing it lasted longer, I know I’ve played a masterpiece.

This looks like a cool and quirky game and perfect for the Vita. The cross buy is a bonus, does that mean it’ll support cross save too?
Either way its looking like a day one purchase, any idea on a price?

It’s great to see these indie games coming to Vita. It seems a perfect platform for them!


yup, cross saves are in I think :)

@Mike Bithell

Actually went to check it up:

It was aired on a morning show on SVT (Sweden’s biggest TV channel) 19th Dec last year, where the game reviewer listed his 5 favorite games of 2012. Thomas was alone was ranked #5 He said he thought it was charming and appreciated the humor in it.


awesome! Thanks :)

What’s with all these Steam games coming to PSN? O_o

Top stuff Mike – have heard great things about this game from a mate who played it on PC, but prefer my gaming on console where possible – will be all over this one – thanks heaps for bringing it over. Keep up the great game design/creation work :D.

Great news to see this coming PSN.
By far the game i enjoyed most during my mass buy-in from the steam Winter Sale and will look forward to following Thomas his story once more. :)


I always found Riaden cool too, lol :)

This look like a hella fun! Exacty the kind of thing I’d play in short bursts on the Vita whenever I’ve got chance. Nice to read something from a developer who’s very humble about his work too.

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