Interview: Jim Ryan and Michael Denny discuss PlayStation 4


So, just over a week has passed since our huge PlayStation 4 announcement event in New York. The day after the show, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe President and CEO Jim Ryan and Senior VP of Worldwide Studios Michael Denny sat down with PlayStation Blog to talk over the news and answer a few questions.

While we’re not quite ready to address some of the hot topics you’ve all been discussing – such as price, release date and form factor – hopefully you’ll find plenty of food for thought in Jim and Michael’s insight below.

Jim Ryan Michael Denny
Sony Computer Entertainment Europe President and CEO Jim Ryan (left) and Senior VP of Worldwide Studios Michael Denny (right)

Why did we settle on 20th February 2013 to announce PlayStation 4?

Jim Ryan: Well, we fixed on the launch window – Holiday 2013. Once that decision was made you have to work back from there and really the main factor is the availability of some great games to share with the world. Once it became clear that we had large number of exciting games to share, this window around 20th February became very logical.

It must always be tempting for developers to fixate on the added horsepower that new hardware offers. But how much emphasis do you put on the importance of innovating gameplay, rather than just focusing on visuals and performance?

Michael Denny: As a first party studio, one of our roles is to try and differentiate the platform. It’s great sometimes to look at the big genres – such as Killzone pushing forward the FPS – but we also want to define new genres and do things that are innovative. Now, the tech can help with that as well, by removing constraints and barriers, and giving developers more creative freedom. The two go hand in hand.

We don’t like to be over prescriptive with the teams, though it does generally start with them having a wish to innovate and find new experiences. Then we look at what the system can do to help that.

It was fun to see a new mascot platformer, Knack, announced at the event, in the grand tradition of Crash Bandicoot and Ratchet & Clank. Do you see these sorts of titles as integral to a new console launch?

Michael Denny: With Mark Cerny at the helm, it’s just fantastic to see. I think it shows the intention. Mark put it beautifully when he talked about going back to the joy of play. And when you see these mascot platformers it does bring a smile to your face. When you see how he’s taken Knack from a small creature made up of so many different parts and the physics system that’s going on – you just know that is going to play so well and be so much fun.

I think there’s always a place for a great new character. I look at a game like LittleBigPlanet – there’s the innovation with the Create, Play, Share system, but you forget that at its heart it had a fantastic central character, and it was a great platformer as well. There’s always a place for new character-based games that give us something a little different.

It was nice to see so much European development talent on stage…

Jim Ryan: Yes, it was. I think it was great that there was a lot of European talent, but equally that there was great representation from the Japanese community as well and, of course, some highly revered American developers too. It was a good balance.

Do you think the European game development scene is in good health right now?

Jim Ryan: Yes, certainly with our own studios. We’ve several pillars of strength – Guerrilla, Media Molecule, Evolution and David Cage at Quantic Dream. European development is in great shape and it has a big role to play. There’s huge amount of innovation in Europe at the minute.

Will the indie community have a big part to play in PlayStation 4?

Michael Denny: Yes, absolutely. It’s always been part of our remit to offer different and unexpected experiences, and often the indie community thinks in those sorts of terms.

From a first party perspective we have an external development studio that’s always reaching out to new start-ups and new innovators. People forget Media Molecule were just four guys when they first came to us with an idea. And that goes on all the time – not just in the UK, but throughout Europe as well. There are lots of new teams coming through. We’re always looking for new teams with big ideas and big ambitions.

Europe is a complex continent, with so many linguistic, legal and cultural hurdles to manoeuvre. Do you think we’ll see a more global approach with PlayStation 4 when it comes to software release date parity and service roll-outs?

Jim Ryan: I think we’re getting a lot better and are a lot tighter than at any point in our history in having a coordinated approach across Europe, and also with colleagues in the US and Japan. I think we get a little better with every year that passes, with every major release that passes. We localise into more and more languages, which we see as really important in maintaining the strong market share that we have in continental Europe – which we intend to preserve.

How do you see the PlayStation Plus service evolving over the next couple of years as PlayStation 4 enters the ecosystem?

Jim Ryan: We’re very happy with the service that we’ve been able to offer with PS Plus. It’s been really well received – the value is quite extraordinary and the take-up has trebled over the course of the past year. We definitely see that as a core part of the way forward. We’re not yet in a position to disclose our plans for the future of PlayStation Plus, but there will definitely be a prominent role to play for it in the PlayStation 4 landscape.

Where does the PlayStation 4 announcement leave PlayStation 3?

Jim Ryan: Typically history can help us only so far here. We’re actually still selling PS2s in regions such as the Middle East seven years after we introduced PS3. There are a number of reasons why the transition might be a bit more accelerated this time round, but PS3 is a very important part of our portfolio, certainly in 2013, 2014 and probably beyond that.

I’d point to the software line-up on PS3 that we have coming up – God of War: Ascension next month, The Last of Us, which is looking great, and Beyond later in the year. And there’s other stuff yet to be announced, which is highly significant too. There’s a lot coming on PS3 and it’s going to be very important to us for some time yet.

What was your favourite moment during the show?

Jim Ryan: I think seeing Bungie up there demonstrating a PlayStation project – that was very cool. And to have exclusive features on the PlayStation SKU of Destiny, that’s very exciting for us. It’s something that’s been missing on our platforms and it’s something that we’re really thrilled about.

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Some interesting points here. But on one topic I must voice my disagreement. And that’s about Jim Ryan’s thoughts on localisation and releases in Europe.

It certainly doesn’t strengthen your position if you support more and more languages. Not if this results in more complicated procedures and thus delays. Especially not if more and more gamers are used to speak English anyway.

I also can’t credit SCEE to get really that much better. There are Third Party titles that release globally on other platforms, but not on the PS3 in Europe. To consider cases a CS:GO a misery and mystery seems quite appropriate.
And then we have First and Second Party titles that are released in America months before they appear in Europe.

And what I particularly miss are any thoughts (or questions) regarding age verification or alternative solutions to treat adult customers the way they deserve (especially in Germany).
Or shall I assume that SCEE is satisfied with the status quo?

    Fred Dutton 1 March, 2013 @ 3:35 pm    

    Hey there Golwar.

    Apologies that I wasn’t able to discuss the Germany issue with Jim and Michael. As I hope you can imagine, they’re extremely busy and I had very limited time. Please know that we’re always striving to do as best we can by our players in Germany given the legal challenges. I hope you will be seeing some improvements soon.

    As for your comments re. language, I’m sure all the gamers in currently unsupported regions would be very quick to disagree! Adding additional languages won’t mean a compromised service for those territories that are already catered for.

Immortal-Wolf-- 1 March, 2013 @ 3:39 pm   2

PS4 has some very good remarks in next-gen console but I must voice my disagreement as playstation 4 will not support backward compatibility so games from the PS3, PS2 and older generations will not worn on the playstation 4 also it has no Blu-ray function to play movies or normal dvd / cd.

Sorry i will not be purchasing the playstation 4 for this reason alone.

A_Nonny_Moose 1 March, 2013 @ 3:44 pm   3

An expanded digital import system would be welcome. There are Japanese/American versions of PS1 games available through the EU store, and it would be great if publishers had the option to do this with current releases too, for Vita/PS3/PS4. As long as they’re clearly labeled it would be fine, and great way to test consumer interest in other regions as well as raise funds for a potential localisation, rather than foreign sales getting lost in physical imports.

On a completely unrelated note, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus released today. Is it going to be put on the store later today or will be added on Wednesday?

Witcher70 1 March, 2013 @ 3:45 pm   4

I am pleased that PS plus is here to stay and for the foreseeable future, it was one issue i was concerned about as i have subscribed till 2016.

I don’t understand what’s the point of this interview. Price – no. European date – no. Info on region lock – no. Everything else we already know.

Besides i’d like to know Mr. Ryans opinion on Singstar icon ignorance. I’s he happy about losing customers? Thanks.

Hexahedronaut 1 March, 2013 @ 3:52 pm   6

Hey Fred could you possible give us a clearer idea why cd support was dropped for the ps4? Wondering what they ‘ll do with plus on the ps4 even if it takes awhile hopefully ps4 plus would get the standard it’s at now.

    Fred Dutton 1 March, 2013 @ 3:58 pm    

    Alas, that’s information that I’m not privy too at present. It’s certainly something I can raise next time I’m speaking to the relevant people though.

Thanks Fred. But to tell you the truth is that I’m doubtful about seeing improvements.

It rather seems that SCEE got some misleading legal advise early on and instead to reconsider, they stuck with their initial decision how to treat the german market.
Like a case of “Let’s don’t change anything, it would mean that we’ve done something wrong so far!”.

If Steam, Origin, Nintendo or Microsoft – they all manage to offer adults more.
That Sony changed nothing for years is bad enough. But that it doesn’t hint, discuss or offer anything else to grant us even the slightest hope that we’ll see progress with the PS4 is just … well, I’ll leave that open for you to guess. 🙂

So please, if you have the chance to raise that question with some superiors next time: Ask!
It simply can’t be true that a “child’s console” as Nintendo, manages to sell mature games after 21:00 while Sony simply refuses adults their legal content in general. It is nothing but hilarious.

Immortal-Wolf-- 1 March, 2013 @ 3:54 pm   8

PS4 has some very good remarks in next-gen console but I must voice my disagreement as playstation 4 will not support backward compatibility so games from the PS3, PS2 and older generations will not work on the playstation 4 also it has no Blu-ray function to play movies or normal dvd / cd.

i will not be purchasing the playstation 4 as the gaikai service on ps4 is monthly paying online for ps4 games

Ah, made a mistake there (besides the horrible sentence about telling the truth :P). Nintendo sells 18+ games between 23 and 3am, not after 21 o’clock.
Not that their solution would be brilliant, but at least it’s something.

SetsunaF_Seiei_ 1 March, 2013 @ 4:00 pm   10

PS4 has some very good remarks in next-gen console but I must voice my disagreement as playstation 4 will not support backward compatibility so games from the PS3, PS2 and older generations will not work on the playstation 4 also it has no Blu-ray function to play movies or normal dvd / cd.

i will not be purchasing the playstation 4 as the gaikai service on ps4 is monthly paying online just to play ps4 games

Stonesthrow 1 March, 2013 @ 4:12 pm   11

I am a bit concerned about the whole PSN thing. That’s what I like about tangible software. If I decide to hook up my ps3 in 10 years, I can just pop in a disc and am ready to go, but how about all the digital stuff and dlc I’ve gotten? Will PSN stay live on PS3 as well? I wonder how they’ll deal with this. I never used to care about backwards compatibility because anyone who owns PS1 or PS2 games probably owns the console too. But on the PS3 all those digital purchases come into play, and the uncertainty of PSN staying live on it. I’ve always been wary about purchasing digital content, something that the PSN hack only empowered. Made you realise that all of that content isn’t necessarily available when you need it, or will stay available..

Witcher70 1 March, 2013 @ 4:15 pm   12

Sony is not going to make any real money by adding a monthly sub for Gaikai, remember fred you want people to spend money on games every month so my suggestion would be to include Gaikai in the PS plus sub and increase the price of the yearly sub, that way it won’t harm gamers spending habits…..


Six years of beeing on a system that, even today, is not able to release games globaly like Xbox or steam do is just sad.
The walking death, CS:GO and even first party games like Sly Cooper are horrible current disapointments. Saying you think you are doing much better is ingnoring the frustration of your customer. And thinking you are doing a much better job now is very sad. I for one will not support a system that has the wrong business model and shafts it’s european customer with many, many releases. I’m also sure we will not get the PS4 the same time as the US so there again you ignore your european customers.
Saying it is “difficult” is not a excuse because Steam and Xbox have no problem with it.

Skookie30 1 March, 2013 @ 4:19 pm   14

Very interesting no word if Ps4 will have a global store I think it a miss opportunity, but yes I agree plus into ps4 and plus in general is really pretty good. 🙂

MordecaiHunter 1 March, 2013 @ 4:21 pm   15

“Jim Ryan: I think we’re getting a lot better and are a lot tighter than at any point in our history in having a coordinated approach across Europe,”

@Fred i take it that Mr Ryan does not come on to the blog on wednesday then,

Pralaya 1 March, 2013 @ 4:26 pm   16

I’m very disappointed that PSN games licenses will NOT transfer to “cloud gaming” service, as Yoshida said. I was not expecting backward compatibility, but I demand that my digital purchases will transfer when a new emulated solution will be available, as the “cloud gaming”.
I don’t want to by my games again and again and again.
This is not honest.
Olso I’m concerned about the whole “cloud gaming” experience, because I have 3,5Mb Download and 400Kb Upload and I can’t do anything to improve my situation, except to change district. So as you can see the “cloud” experiece for me is pretty unfeasible.

Attax-4NOTHIN 1 March, 2013 @ 4:33 pm   17

)-: why everyone crying?

dinosauriac 1 March, 2013 @ 4:40 pm   18

Did someone say we can’t play blu ray or DVD movies anymore with PS4? That has to be a load of rubbish.

If it’s true, then I’m gobsmacked that one company could make so many massive mistakes with a single device. No CD? No DVD? No blu ray? No PS1/PS2/PS3/PSN games? Obviously ridiculously expensive controller?

What next? Pay for online?!


sure europe is important market for them…
that’s why we get everything last or never…
release date for ps4 when?2014?
we feel so important here in europe to be the last market 🙂

Voodoo341 1 March, 2013 @ 4:59 pm   20

Jim Ryan might be in right that they’re doing better reducing delays in the EU but they’re still not doing anything near well enough! CS:GO, Closure etc are still missing from Europe. We’ve seen unacceptable delays with The Walking Dead, Dyad and even apps like YouTube. Jim and SCEE can rattle out all the excuses about localisation but the simple fact is Microsoft, Steam and even Nintendo can do it but Sony can’t. Jim your customers judge you against your competitors not your excuses are you’re bottom of the league by some distance.

As for PS4 release date, it’s basically the same issue. A major delay between the EU and the US will have a significant impact on the success of the PS4. Especially if Microsoft release the Nextbox before the PS4 in Europe. Very few people have any loyalty to Sony now. Certainly not in the same numbers Sony used to have. They’ll jump ship with the smallest excuse now.

evilwitch83 1 March, 2013 @ 5:00 pm   21

What about the people who do not want to buy a PS4? Do you find it fair that PS3 and Vita users would then be paying for a service they can’t use?

I wouldn’t care if the Plus subscription price remained the same and we still get the same amount of games we get now, but it is not right to make PS3/Vita owners pay extra for something they can’t even use.

SirTodge 1 March, 2013 @ 5:11 pm   22

Michael managed to control himself a little better when talking about the upcoming PS3 games I see. Not like he did when talking to Silicon Republic!

Witcher70 1 March, 2013 @ 5:18 pm   23


Point taken…..

That’s not crying, it’s criticizing. How well SCEE will handle it’s online store is one essential factor for the chances of the PS4, as digital publishing is the future.

Sony knows that as well, that’s why they introduced PS Plus, bought Gaikai, opened up to indie developers and allow self publishing. So that’s all brilliant.

But despite of years of criticism there is still not even tiniest sign of change or improvement regarding mature content distribution. So if Sony doesn’t register this issue on its own, it’s time to give them whacks left and right, till they come to their senses.

Steambox will allow console gamers the same excellent store experience, as we PC gamers already have. So there is really no excuse for such dumb and unnecessary failures. There are plenty of options on hand, Sony just needs to pick one, instead to keep on ignoring the issue.

SetsunaF_Seiei_ 1 March, 2013 @ 6:07 pm   25

Posted on 1 March, 2013 at 4:56 pm by Fred Dutton

Easy does it! Your PS4 will absolutely play DVDs and Blu-rays.

Fred your wrong Only plays the DVD Blu-Rays. Playstation 4 will not support backward compatibility = NO DVD NO CD NO PS3 NO PS2 NO PS1 GAMES

SetsunaF_Seiei_ 1 March, 2013 @ 6:19 pm   26

Gaikai is the game stealer for Ps4. The PlayStation 4 announcement from Sony brought us more games than I thought but for me Gaikai is totally outrageous making us buy already purchased PSN goods again as all PSN downloads are not backward compatibility for playstation 4 All DLC for PS3 games are useless for PS4 PS3 games won’t download on PS4 Not BACKWARD COMPATIBILITY understand its meaning.

Terarded 1 March, 2013 @ 6:25 pm   27

Where does the PlayStation 4 announcement leave PlayStation 3? –

correct answer: in a deep dark hole as there is no reason to purchase any games whatsoever because they will be rendered obsolete by the end of the year because sony is too focused on repeating past mistakes by leaving out backwards compatbility

LinLeigh 1 March, 2013 @ 6:26 pm   28

Bit sad you didn’t challenge them on the no backwards compatibility. I mean cost is no excuse for the PSN PS1 and PS2 games since they already run as a software emulator.

I also would have liked an answer to the question. Why not have a more expensive model which includes full backwards compatibility?

At the moment the PSN is the only digital content that is completely non backwards compatible.


let me guess the reason for so few question must be because you delete them all like you do 2 any criticizing SCEE.
atleast that means less ppl will buy ps4

TINTINTB303 1 March, 2013 @ 8:14 pm   30

Moan moan moan.

If people don’t like what they see then just don’t buy it. Simples!

I for one will be waiting a year or so after release for a small price drop and for early teething problems to be ironed out.

Not to mention I have a good years (if not more) worth of a backlog of PS3 games to get through plus there are loads of good PS3 games to come this year.

In summary why don’t people just not buy a PS4 if they don’t like what they hear rather than the constant moaning?! It gets pretty dull especialy when people moan about it not playing BluRay and DVDs when it does. *read the offical specs 😉

bitbydeath 1 March, 2013 @ 9:12 pm   31

Hi Fred,

Can we get some confirmation on if the Holiday 2013 release date includes Europe regions?

Shariest 1 March, 2013 @ 9:55 pm   32

I’d like to disagree about the language thingy…
I live in Finland, and feel more outcasted than supported thanks to the ever so wonderful “Finnish”-requirement’s.

My very first experience with the PSN was very complicated, as i didn’t find nearly any DLC’s to my game Disgaea 4. After 3 days of digging i found out that the DLC, avatars and et cetera weren’t published because of language support in Nordic countries.

Despite fans all up to help with needed translation’s NISA decided to be more safe than sorry.(The process needed more money than it would bring)

Feeling beaten and beyond astonished i go back to the Finnish PSN… Which doesn’t allow me to add Disgaea 4 as my favorite game, as doesn’t the UK site. And with buying stuff from other countries PSN’s breaking metric-ton of the rights we agree on account creation i’m left without DLC or the chance to even show i like the game.

After my experience with your service i’m more than glad and willing to go against forced language support.

A game that is in ENGLISH and has no support for FINNISH having forced support is close to the farthest point of bad design.

Juhal_1234 1 March, 2013 @ 10:48 pm   33

Playstation 4 cant be backwards compatible because ps3 uses a core and ps4 doesn’t, in addition you would pay 100 pounds more, ps3 would be supported till 2015

Dont follow sony, i mean what have they done for us?
They give us free online, alot of exclusives, a clean xmb

go to microsoft where we pay 60 pounds a year, to get ads on our dashboards and less exclusive games…

You guys are selfish and ignorant, xbox 720 will not be backwards compatible either…. So?
You go buy xbox with gddr3 ram and also requiring an always online to pay feature or always kinect to use feature or wii u which is failing and cant play blu rays, you dont like the idea of no backwards compatibilty? Tough. Your buying a new console, keep your ps3 or sell it to buy the games via gaikai. End of discussion, ps4 will play dvds and blu ray not sure about cds but im gonna copy music i brought from usb to ps4

the PS3 will still have plenty of life left in it and if Gaikai streaming is the only way to play older games then there’s no reason to sell your PS3, unless you want to waste money and bandwidth streaming games you already have. PS3 only hit it’s stride in 2011, there’s no way people will be abandoning it so soon, the PS2 still had lots of life 2-3 years into the PS3’s cycle.


Sony also didn’t garantie that Gaikai will be rolled out everywhere when the console is beeing sold. Looking at the rate Mobile, Video store and the rest of the services are rolling out it’ll take them years (or probably never) to get it to my country.
I’ll give them a year (still lots to play on my PS3) and check them in the meantime how good their promisses are.

bankai-steve 2 March, 2013 @ 12:06 am   36

Any idea if the PS4 will also launch in Europe this year?

DAYDANNY666 2 March, 2013 @ 12:11 am   37


This is a base 2 number system used by the cpu mainly, what uses different values that can be turned on/off using 1 and 0, if you double 1 until you get to 128 going right to left you will have reach the maximum 8bit value 255, as computers count from 0 so really its 256 like so 1 + 2 + 4 + 8 + 16 + 32 + 64 + 128 = 255.

values 128 64 32 16 8 4 2 1
on/off 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 1
yes=1 No=0
This makes a upper case A in binary, by taking the alt code for A = 65, dose 128 fit in 64 no, dose 64 fit in 65 yes so we now
65 – 64 = 1, dose 32 fit in 1 no, dose 16 fit in 1 no, dose 8 fit in 1 no, dose 4 fit in 1 no, dose 2 fit in 1 no, dose 1 fit in 1 yes.

alt code for upper case letters start at 65 so A =65 B= 66 and so on
alt code for lower case letters start at 97 so a =97 b=98 and so on

DAYDANNY666 2 March, 2013 @ 12:27 am   38

oh am I not on Wikipedia, its just that all the bias comments made it feel 100% like it.

crusher915 2 March, 2013 @ 12:32 am   39

Do you think the DS4 will get official support on other platforms?

SetsunaF_Seiei_ 2 March, 2013 @ 3:37 am   40

Posted on 1 March, 2013 at 8:14 pm by TINTINTB303

especialy when people moan about it not playing BluRay and DVDs when it does. *read the offical specs.

Sorry TINTINTB303 but your wrong as PlayStation 4 Not Backwards Compatible With Retail or Digital Games. A new console brings a new, dedicated ecosystem like GaiKai to re-purchase and re-download your new PS4 goods like PS4 DLC to PS4 games NO PS3 DLC NO PS3 GAME downloads No PSN on PS3 account can transfer to PS4 No DVD or CD can play on PS4 Only Blu-Ray Discs. This is offical statment made by CEO Sony PlayStation.

Dermado 2 March, 2013 @ 5:50 am   41

…Im amazed it will still be able to play CDs (well DVDs >_>) surely thats taking up space that toasters could be inserted and bring the cost down a tad?
Honestly they could have made the big push for Blueray movies.

Id be surprised if there wasnt a “cheaper” (still gotta use the wonderful PSEE store thats ever so cost efficient ;P) model with no disk drive at all.
But then I thought the slimmer PS3’s would have CGC. Both times. Could have sold a tonne of units with that fact alone o_O. Has CGC been confirmed for the PS4? if it didnt ship with a keyboard and headset Id be even more surprised, the 360 did and a cheap crappy single clip and CGC was all they really needed (true the much better customer service helped >_>)
How Gaiki will actually work I have no idea, I mean youd have to have all games digital, then how does it work for ones only on or purchased on disk o_O.

Dermado 2 March, 2013 @ 5:58 am   42

As for the PS3 remaining “supported”, well they arent going to just put it in a corner and let it die. Id be amazed if it didnt have regular games for a few years, possibly multi-plat games (how Diablo 3 will play on both interests me).
But, I can see the already A+++ SCEE support becoming even more nonexistant, with all the robot reply monkies now assuming you mean PS4, and the Blog only posting about how spiffy the PS4 is, and ignoring any questions about the PS3 at all.
Actually, Im hoping that the PS4 will NOT share the same store than the PS3 does. Now I mean literally in two ways. The one we have now is ugly ,slow, bad, hard to navigate, has giant headers, with unsortable download histories.
But it would also mean even less chance of a global store, where we are all charged fair, comparable prices (£60=$25, legit) and get the content at the same time as SCEA.
Sony REALLY needs to spend a lot of time and effort into selling the PS4 to Europe, not America, they have had great experiences this gen, we get tested on and ignored o_o.

Dermado 2 March, 2013 @ 6:00 am   43

EvilWitch is correct (its amusing that despite on what 1.5b or is it b dl speeds she has PS+), forcing Gaiki into PS+ is silly. Now if they had 5 tiers, one for PS3 only, one for Vita, one for both, one for just Gaiki and a deluxe everything? I could see that somewhat working

Also Ferd, you need to turbofy the character limit, and add a “you have X characters left” , changed to the blog shouldnt have to take “months” but then, given the train wreck that is the “new and improved” Ps Store if it happens before we see the PS4 in Europe (still gotta confirm our release date, as always fear the wrath of Europe, if you push us back behind SCEA as is heavily rumoured many of us will jump ship to Microsoft) Id be surprised =/.

transpondster 2 March, 2013 @ 8:21 am   44

PS4 supports both DVD and Blu-Ray movies, PS One games on CDs too


Any chance of putting that PS4 Show on PSN(in 1080p would be cool)? So i can download it & watch it again(trying to watch things online with my Laptop is a nightmare) 😀

TINTINTB303 2 March, 2013 @ 11:19 am   46


LOL!! I NEVER said the PS4 was backwards compatible but here are the OFFICIAL specs once again.
*note the part where it says “Optical Drive” 😉

PlayStation 4
Main Processor
Single-chip custom processor
CPU : x86-64 AMD “Jaguar”, 8 cores
GPU : 1.84 TFLOPS, AMD next-generation Radeon based graphics engine
Hard Disk Drive
Optical Drive (read only)
Super-Speed USB (USB 3.0), AUX
Ethernet (10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T)
IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth 2.1 (EDR)
AV output
Analog-AV out
Digital Output (optical)

I do believe that says “BD” & “DVD” does it not?!?

So yes that means you can play your BluRay films and DVDs

TINTINTB303 2 March, 2013 @ 11:32 am   47

I am buying a PS4 to play new PS4 games. Why some people find that a hard concept to understand is beyond me!!

I shall also be keeping my PS3 to play all my PS3 retail and PSN games.

Quite an easy concept to understand.

New console = New games

Keep my old console to play my old games on.

It is that simple.

Plus the PS4 would have to be quite a bit more pricey if they went ahead and included the ability of [BC] backwards compatability.

No BC = lower production costs for the PS4 = A good thing 😉

TINTINTB303 2 March, 2013 @ 11:47 am   48


I have to admire your persistence!!

You even think the SCEE Blog Manager is wrong. LMAO

Posted on 1 March, 2013 at 4:56 pm by Fred Dutton
Easy does it! Your PS4 will absolutely play DVDs and Blu-rays.

Posted on 1 March, 2013 at 6:07 pm by SetsunaF_Seiei_
Fred your wrong Only plays the DVD Blu-Rays. Playstation 4 will not support backward compatibility = NO DVD NO CD NO PS3 NO PS2 NO PS1 GAMES

Neither Fred or I EVER said the PS4 had backwards compatibility via the optical drive we both just stated a FACT that the PS4 will play both BluRay and DVD disks. Be it of the film variety and not the gaming variety (apart from PS4 BluRay games of course). 😉

tony5176 2 March, 2013 @ 12:22 pm   49

if the ps4 is multi region again like ps3 and i can use my usa account i will buy on release date. if its region locked and im forced back to sony eu store and there rubbish policy of ruining my media bar with there forced icons (singstar) then forget it. so sick and tired of scee there lies, lack of information and blatant disrespect for all there eu customers. no way we can ever trust you again

SetsunaF_Seiei_ 2 March, 2013 @ 5:31 pm   50

@ TINTINTB303 Lets just say you or Fred don’t even own a PlayStation 4 well in fact right now i do so telling my PS4 what it can and can not do is pointless as follows why i had a PS3 1 year before the SCEE and SCEA release dates its called imports im already in the PlayStation Orbis closed beta that = playstation home V2 on PS4.

The list you have there is fake made up by a fan made person playstation 3 store does not cross over to the playstation 4 as PS4 store is new GaiKai (Fact)!!

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