Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag announced!


After an incredible demonstration of support from our community, sharing the news of our newest Assassin’s Creed title, we are finally prepared to unveil our new Assassin, Captain Edward Kenway, and the new setting for Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag.

You’ll get a chance to dive into Edward’s adventure on PS3 on 31st October (and also on PS4, but we’ll announce the release date later), but right now we have something we are truly proud to show off. Watch the new CGI trailer below and we’ll meet back up to make sure you caught all the glorious details.

The first thing you’re likely to notice is the narrator of this trailer is none other than one of the most notorious pirates of all time: Edward “Blackbeard” Teach. But, surprisingly, Blackbeard is not the focus of this trailer, no sir (or madam). That would be our newest Assassin, Captain Edward Kenway, and you can already see that he’s a perfect fit for the life of plunder, adventure and debauchery lead by some individuals during the Golden Age of Pirates which spanned a short but pivotal period in the early 1700s.

Edward Kenway is a captain, among a great many other things, and as such, will command a mighty ship. In the dangerous waters of the West Indies, he’ll need to be heavily strapped with multiple pistols and twin wicked cutlasses that positively sing in his hands.

But it’s not all about raiding the rich, treasure-laden galleons that bumble about the Atlantic, Edward is always up for some… extracurricular activities. Did you see him dive into the ocean and swim underwater? That’s not in the trailer by accident ;)

Now, if you’d like get to know Captain Kenway even better (and check out even more examples of his lethal lifestyle), you can view the next video. Our “Edward Kenway, A Pirate Trained by Assassins” trailer captures Edward’s fierce and relentless fighting style in frozen snippets of time! Take a look and see why even Blackbeard doesn’t dare cross Captain Edward Kenway!

You might think you know a lot about pirates, but like any true Assassin’s Creed game, be prepared for a great many surprises as we uncover the true Golden Age of Pirates!

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Nightmare966 04 March, 2013 @ 11:40

Well, I’m glad to see the game is turning out to be better than expected. Although I’d still want to see a single game more with Connor to flesh out the Brotherhood’s expansion in the New World, plus his own persona reach a better ending than just “hey, I’ve done it all, there you go”.

Let’s see what the future brings us, to both PS3 and PS4 :D

Artemisthemp 04 March, 2013 @ 11:47

Hope the PS4 edition will get a Special Edition

Really interested in buying it at PS4 launch. I hope you (Ubisoft) will confirm all this PS4 support.


Although the pirate story could be quite interesting i cant help but feel thay series is getting worse, one thing i dont like is they keep making guns a bigger part of the games. hes meant to be an assassin and what assassin would use a gun back then? Assassins are meant to be silent. they should bring the games further into the past, feudal china or japan would be great.

Getting it for PS4!


I hope you created an interesting story and vast world. Focus on single player please.
Fifteen men on the dead man’s chest–
…Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!
Drink and the devil had done for the rest–
…Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!

Dr-abdulelah 04 March, 2013 @ 12:13

we will see new Assassin’s Creed for ps vita ?

rayman legends will come to ps vita ?

i hope your answer is yes

It can’t be any worse than AC3. I just hope that MP has had a major revamp, and there’s no more silly requirements to get %100 synch

Artemisthemp 04 March, 2013 @ 12:26

#7 There should come a Vita Assasin’s Creed or at less, what I have ppl say.

#8 We all wish for a Trophy list like AC2.

4 episodes, 6 games (on the main console franchise) and still not what most of the gamers are expecting. Assassin’s Creed is clearly a ninja game (climbing to walls, steal kill…) and still, no memory from the hero’s past was in Japan? This is frustrating.
Hope they do it in Japan for the next Vita episode, then…


I was a massive fan of the AC franchise, but after the awful so so awful turn 3 took i just can’t get as excited about the series as i used to. Please make it better than 3, Give me a decent plot, some actual fun locations to explore, a character that isn’t a goddamn static robot with no personality! and fix the crap mechanics you had, the new syste of just one button does all running made it awful!

I havent bothered with assassins creed since brotherhood as i havent bothered with call of duty since black ops assassins creed 2 was my favourite because ezio was a proper assassin
There was no cannons there was jus a crappy pistol that wasnt worth using sorry but i wont be buying this bag of crap but im sure itll do well


No thanks. If this franchise started out as a freshly picked grape, it is now a dried and moldy old raisin. Give it a break for a few years and create some some new IP. Fatigue has set in long time ago with this one.

Coody-Baroody 04 March, 2013 @ 12:45

Thanks alot for basically RUINING the ending of AC3 for all of us still to play it. Ever heard of Spoilers?


@14 There is nothing really spoilery about that post at all?
And why would you want to play 3, it’s beyond awful.

Coody-Baroody 04 March, 2013 @ 12:48

*update* sorry @1, my apologies, i stopped reading when i saw you mention Connors AC3 ending but ive just read it and its not as bad as i thought but still…..

My point still stands


I didn’t get AC3 yet they announce a new one :(

dark_angel69 04 March, 2013 @ 12:51

I cant wait for this. Should be very interesting to play. In AC3 I found the ship missions getting a bit boring at times so I hope this game doesn’t be all about the ships most of the time. I found a glitch the other day by accident in AC3. The ship went inside a rock and was stuck and there was no way out so I hope this game doesn’t do things like that too.

What I really hope for is that this game doesn’t get many bugs and glitched trophies cos these days they seem to get more and more. I would rather the game get delayed until 2014 than have a game released the same time every year with bugs so maybe that’s something to think about

Excellent news! Can’t wait for some swashbuckling action!

Coody-Baroody 04 March, 2013 @ 12:55

@ Jamesyp00 15

I was typing an update before you entered your post. Come on, “BEYOND awful?” It might not have met your expectations but thats going a bit far dont you think? AC3 got higher ratings than AC3 Liberation and i thought AC3 Liberation was a good game.

AC3 will no doubt be not as good as earlier ACs but ill approach it like i do all games, with no expectations.


@ Coody-Baroody

It is beyond awful though, the game doesn’t have a good plot, it doesn’t have a good protagonist, It doesn’t have a good setting and the new control scheme makes it more frustrating rather than streamlined. I’ll give you naval battles though that’s what im happy about returning in IV and being more flushed out.

I can’t wait to see what the PS4 version looks like :P (Sorry PS3 i still love you tho) :D


YYEEEESSSSS!!!! and for ps4 as well!!! i am a true fanboy!

European_Gamer 04 March, 2013 @ 13:45

The cinematic trailer is looking good, but I would like to know how the game is connected to our present day Assassins and what the difference is between the PS3 and PS4 version og the game.

European_Gamer 04 March, 2013 @ 13:47

*of the game

Nightmare966 04 March, 2013 @ 15:13

@Coody-Baroody: Worry not for there are no spoilers there, I assure you. I only meant that they did another AC2 with Connor — you’re left wondering “And now what?”


Haters gonna hate.. The game still looks stunning and the new engine was a big improvement over the old one. I’ll get this dlc on pricecut since I already uninstalled my gamedata.


But yea the naval missions aren’t my thing either, none of those sidemissions with different gameplay in any of the AC’s for that matter.

Can’t wait for new AC game but new look like Edward Kenway worst than Conner.

I hope the PS4 version will have the 1h extra gameplay the PS3 version has. Also I hope Ubisoft makes as much extra use of the Wii U GamePad as possible… which will be later on included in Vita Cross Control! I want to get the best of all worlds :) PS4 graphics, PS3 extra content and Wii U controls on my Vita ;) That would really be next gen :)


@ Stonesthrow 27

Just pointing out to ya that this isn’t DLC, this is a brand new game to get.

I hope the Pirate Booty Edition or whatever it is called gets released on the PS4.

Any confirmation of a Vita spin off version? Considering how well AC3 sold on Vita despite being of not great quality they will surely release a new version for the popular handheld

PENALTYDAGR8 05 March, 2013 @ 15:41

This will be a huge pile of cow dung…Ac3 has really turned me off of the franchise. Now its one of those games like Cod where its the same [DELETED] over and over again with a little adjustment each time. The story is what made this series interesting and now that has been tarnished with westernized stupidity.

ArmanAssassin3 06 March, 2013 @ 01:37

i want the assassins creed 4 because of the weaponry 4 guns 2 swords 2 hidden blades oviously

brayan-torres123 07 March, 2013 @ 02:10

que buen video me gusta

ll_CORE-_-PRIDE_ 11 March, 2013 @ 17:59

i think is cool game

mike2011qwerty 13 March, 2013 @ 08:37

Nice combo Assassin’s Creed + Pirates = Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag


This game will be epic, 4 pistols, 2 swords

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