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20th February marked a landmark day in the history of the PlayStation family with the announcement of the PlayStation 4. Of course, this has ignited a lot of discussion over in the Official PlayStation Community and we have now created a new home for all of the next generation speculation and chatter! Want to get involved? Then head over to PlayStation®4 General Discussion!


Our community event, SSX Uber Tuesday will be celebrating its first anniversary on 5th March and what a year it’s been! We were even joined for a few events last year by Todd Batty and Connor Dougan (Creative Director and Design Lead of SSX). You never know when they might turn up again so slap on those snowboards and join the fun here!


Crysis 3 hit the shelves a few weeks back and we already have a thriving event set up for the game! Every Wednesday at 8.00pm you can come and squad up in the multiplayer mode and get involved in the games Hunter mode where you can be the hunter of become the hunted! Sign up for the fun right here!


Last week saw the awesome news about Uncharted 3’s multiplayer going free to play. If you are yet to dip your toe into the realms of Uncharted Online, then why not come and give our weekly Uncharted online event a try! You can register your interest in this thread!

Until next time!

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Great to see the Ps4 section – all that awesome news/rumours under one roof :)

Plenty of fun events to get involved in as well.


Indeed Matt! There’s so much excitement for the PlayStation®4 in our community (me included!)

why cant i use psn but im aloud to sign to send message

HOME on PS4? If yes I hope it gets improved alot as the current version feels outdated but I still enjoy it. If not im buying a PC


@Hammy287 PlayStation network is under maintenance at the moment. It will be back tomorrow hopefully.

I have been waiting for this day. For the ps3

And BTW The new ps3(playstation3) where it opens from the top is epic

I have a question how can i cancel an account on a playstation3 because my old ps3 is broken because it got the Yellow Light Of Death so i can’t buy or download barely anything Please help me.


You can deactivate the faulty console here:

Select ‘Manage Account’
Sign In
Select ‘Account’ tab
Select ‘Media & Devices’

And you should see the option to deactivate all consoles.


Any new when we might see the actual ps4 console? I hope aliens vs predator comes to the ps store, aliens colonial marines is fun but the acid damage in AvP was MUCH better and the marines story in AvP was better than ACM. GAME OVER MAN!, GAME OVER

First of all, it’s great to have a sub-forum for the PS4 this early on. To be honest, it’s more buzzing in there than the PS3 forum now!

Secondly, and most importantly, it’s nice to have a sub-forum for our console of choice without any ‘Whenz are we gunna get X-game chat?’threads…. though I’m sure a few bored randoms from the dark side will continue to moan about lack of backwards compatibility even though NOTHING has been written in stone.

Muppets. 8-)


Speculation is a wonderful thing!

I hate gaming forums :D but had a look at the PS4 one & it looked cool. I might even comment on one soon… ;)


Good man :D


Nice to see a forum dedicated to the PS4, i wasn’t really looking forward to the PS4 until i watched the trailer for watch dogs and now i have pre-ordered them both and i can’t wait until they are both out.

xX-BlackHeron-Xx 05 March, 2013 @ 20:53

Can you give us a date for God Of War Ascension digital release? I hope it will be in time with day 1! Please.


hi pp. is the new PS4 going to be realeased world wide or europe has to wait after u.s and japan. i´m from Portugal


i hope not:)



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