PlayStation Home update: Football is coming to Home

PS Home will briefly be offline from 8.00am GMT on Wednesday 6th March for routine maintenance. Here’s what to expect after the update…

Football uniforms and locomotions (Granzella)
Cool football player uniforms and locomotion items to enjoy the action of football are also available! Tops, bottoms, and shoes are each available in 9 colours. Choose any combination to make a kit of your own! The Locomotion items have a dynamic dribbling action and a brilliant juggling action. With cool ball handling like this, you’re sure to brag to your friends. Well, let’s play some football!

Cosmic Corner and Carla’s Coffee Shop

A piece of this planet has broken away and is now floating between the Earth and the Moon. With stunning views (and a stunning price) of both it could be a perfect getaway to chill out amongst the stars.

Carla’s Coffee Shop is located in the heart of the City and is the perfect place to catch up with old friends. The Classic bundle comes with 19 classic nDreams products to help decorate your new apartment. The Premium bundle coms with 9 more recent nDreams products.

Meet The Spunners!
The Spunners – the weird and wonderful inhabitants of Spunland – are now available as Companions. There are seven Spunland Spunner companions available: Lumino,  Flusho, Sonic, Robo, Constructo, Rabbit and Fruit! Also available in this release are a selection of Spunland clothes, full body Spun Suit and T-Shirts to further Spun-style your avatar.

See and for more details.


Glow Earrings
Light up your life and your friends’ lives too – a huge range of glow earrings are coming to the Lockwood store and Gift Machine! Adorn your ears with a bunny or an alien, or if the idea of glowing ears is already unusual enough for you, go for the simpler choice of hoops, spikes or spirals.

glow earings

Plush Ponies LMOs
These cute ponies can be ridden through PlayStation Home and will make everyone say “aww” as you go.

Anti Gravity Boots
Leap and bound around PlayStation Home in slow motion with these amazing anti-gravity boots that also come with a back flip emote.

Don’t miss the beautiful new “Dreamin On – Black” dress for women and the “Komplete Boardshorts – Mariner” shorts for men. The “Allison – Cheetah – Bundle” and “Kellie – Ivory – Bundle” continue the new Billabong range of gorgeous two-part bikini bundles.


Bramblenook Farmyard Bundle
Start your own farm with the Chicken Coop, Pigsty and Sheepfold active items, which release baby animals that wander around your space. You also get companion versions of all the animals, so you can take your prize pets with you wherever you go!

Gothic Lolita series
Following the sale of the Chic Goth Loli Set, this is the second release in the Gothic Lolita series. These new clothing sets have a sweet, pretty, girlish design. Available in pink (Sweet) and navy (Goth), these six-piece sets comes with a unique hairstyle and perfect for the Gothic Lolita look is the locomotion Parasol.

The Casino Gift Terminal
The Casino’s Gift Terminal has now been around for a week and Digital Leisure thanks everyone who participated in its debut. Digital Leisure is also extending their 10% chip bonus promotion however it now has a slight tweak. To receive the 10% chip bonus for gifting, you must gift someone who has never been gifted before, or to someone who has never bought chips before. This promotion won’t last forever so get those free chips while you can, head over to The Casino and deal yourself and your friend in!

Home Tycoon
Hellfire Games announces their March Moneysaver Sale in Home Tycoon! This week, save 50% on all New City purchases, and get 40% off the sleek TransUtopian Arcology through March 10. There’s never been a better time to grow your real estate before the next big game expansion!

home tycoon

FUBAR update
This week sees an update to FUBAR that will fix issues that some players have been having when reaching 50 Exploration mission. As well as other tweaks we are pleased to announce that if you own the FUBAR Apartment you will receive Double Points for base defense, earned points and exploration missions meaning you will rise up the ranks quicker!

That’s all for now. See you in PlayStation Home!

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Legendary_Vicki 05 March, 2013 @ 17:07

Nice update :) looking forward to the Granzella content.

supersmith2500 05 March, 2013 @ 17:12

Nothing special. Another boring/weak update. = (


Any chance we can get an option to block out people from friends list from joining on me?

Would be nice to have an option say join by permission. I have a very big friend list of people that goes on PS home and every time I’m on, they all join on me. It get’s too crowed and would be rude to tell them to leave. Too many bubble chats with different convos gets annoying and confusing. Would be nice if we we where able to have settings that allows us to get permission to join the same server as a friend rather than just join. Don’t want to delete anyone like but sometimes I need my space

I don’t like football, but at this, I like football :)

carla’s cafe could be nice…

CoolRichy008UK 05 March, 2013 @ 18:04

IrishDude2 that int gonna happen just tell them to leave you alone for a while i do that when my freinds try and join me

now tell your freinds your sorry and kiss them DO IT

I wonder if my Kitten is still alive in HOME :D (i need to visit soon)

+ wouldn’t it be cool if HOME was on PS4 & always be ready when you switch on your PS4??? :P + You could visit HOME via Remote Play on a PSVita??? How COOL would that be SONY???(Hint, Hint) :D

Just can’t get into this HOME stuff. Hope it’ll be dropped completely on PS4.


I know what you mean. I always like to PM folk and ask them first if I’m intruding before I join, or ask them is it a good time to join. I refuse to and have not taken offence the couple of time I was told not a good time. Sometimes I’ve thought about having a secret button that blinds your in-Home presence to those whom you choose as I have groups of friends whom are not a good mix together. It is hard spreading the balm on wounded (and fragile) egos when you feel you might have overstepped the bounds of convention.
Also Sony, the amount of “beefing” and fools in the shop centre looking to deliberately beef is bringing the service boorishly down at times. You know who you are whom are doing this fool behaviour, if you can read this then if you wake up on the wrong side of life of a morning, then please don’t bring the bad attitude into Home to infect others. Come back when you feel like contributing socialy and constructively. Better for all hey…

xThe_Heartless 06 March, 2013 @ 10:41

@Hymeleon That would be really stupid, just because you don’t play it doesn’t mean other people don’t.

Also Home is a pretty big money maker for Sony so taking it out wouldn’t really benefit them.


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