MLB 13 The Show swings for the fences on PS3 and PS Vita today

lead image MLB13 PS3 Cabrera

Hey everyone, this is Chris Cutliff from San Diego Studios.

For those of you across the pond that enjoy baseball or even wondered what the game is all about, now’s your chance to experience one of our very best sport franchises.

I’m really excited to tell you that MLB 13 The Show releases on PAL PSN Store today for both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita! This is the first time that the PS3 game has made it to European shores so I hope you enjoy what we think is our best MLB game yet….


Even better for those that pick up both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita versions, we’ve further enhanced the experience with cross-platform features. In addition to being able to save your season on one device and continuing it on the other, you can also now play online against competitors on either platform.

For a closer look, check out the footage below.

By the way, we’ve given Fred a few codes for the game to giveaway so make sure you look out for those later this week! Otherwise you can pick up the game on PlayStation 3 for £39.99/€49.99 or on PlayStation Vita for £23.99/€29.99

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Have the Vita reviews been embargoed for a reason? Ie to make us buy the game which will score poorly compared to the ps3 version?

I regret not having bought MLB12 for 13€ :/

Hell yeah, MLB goes PAL at last. Awesome !

I got MLB12 while I was in the states last summer and quite enjoyed it, although I didn’t find it as accessible for a newcomer as I would have hoped. Still a fair price so I may consider picking up the update. Or you could put it on plus to try and attract more to the sport ;-)


Video is private ;)


Eek, fixing that now!


So greaaat thank so much ;)

but it’s only digital or we can buy it on Blu-Ray version ?


I believe it’s only a digital release in EU.


thanks for the reply , i stay to buy it maybe i can win one this week-end with you :D

I hear they had to make cuts to the Vita version, not because of the capabilities of the system but because of Sony’s mega-dumb decision to limit Vita games to roughly 3.7 GB max.

Because of that insanely stupid decision we already have games that needlessly suffer from texture quality issues, sound compression and ugly video compression.

Why does Sony mess up their otherwise fantastic handheld in this way? It’s like they can’t do anything right with this system…

i know it’s sounds pretty greedy but i will ask it anyway, any chance that there are some reviewer spare code?

i’ll admit it, sport games are not the first on my list, but i think it’s worth checking out a bit…


You don’t ask, you don’t get, right? ;) Alas, I’m afraid you’re out of luck today.

supersmith2500 06 March, 2013 @ 14:23

So this means it’s only getting a digital release once again just like Ragnarok Oddyseey? *sigh*.

The Vita needs more retail releases badly or it’s going to sell very poorly. Not everyone buys digitally you know. =\


Well, please bear in mind that baseball is a really niche sport in Europe. It has a dedicated following, but it might not be quite big enough to sustain the investment required for a full physical release.


Sorry to not be on topic but did you manage to find anything out regarding the zen issue I’m having? Any update you have if any is much appreciated.

Sorry and thanks :)


Sorry, not yet. I’ve put in a request for info, but it’s a third party title so these things can take a bit longer. Hopefully I’ll have something for you soon.

Right, let’s get back on topic!


It’s a pity that we couldn’t have had some warning, although I understand that this decision came together quite late, as I decided to import it already (my PS3 copy is probably mid-flight over the Atlantic today).

That said, seeing as the Vita version got released on the store last year, perhaps I should have waited to see what would happen this year and it’s good to see the game getting a EU release, even if it is only digital.

I’ve heard nothing but great things about the series and as I’m late to the PS3 this will also be the first chance I’ve had to give the franchise a look.

bradigor1981 06 March, 2013 @ 14:28

Loved MLB 12 on the Vita and was happy with an earlier import version. However to finally be able to get the game properly in the UK is great news.


Any deals coming for both versions together?


No, I’m afraid not this time.

Thank you, after importing this every year
I can now go to the store and buy it for a decent price.
Btw thank you also for the first time in sony history not to use the
1$=1€ rate

Is there nothing to complain?
Remote play
Or crossbuy :)

bradigor1981 06 March, 2013 @ 14:35

Also, I must ask. With the potential competition for codes. Will that be done somewhere on its own? Or will it be part of this blog post?


I’ll likely offer these in the Weekend Debate on Friday

snow_hawk_88 06 March, 2013 @ 14:37

Thank you for finally releasing the greatest sports game ever in the UK. I love Baseball and this game is awesome!!


The codes are prob going to be the prize in this weekends debate post.

Come back Friday for the debate question

bradigor1981 06 March, 2013 @ 14:39




Thanks for the info sorry for the hijack


Oh yeah, thank the gods for digital downloads the EU would never have seen MLB The Show otherwise, will get the Vita version now and the PS3 when I have some spare cash, money is tight at the moment.

Wow a 44 dollar game with dlc available on day one. It looks to be the usual “pay to advance faster” crap. Just greedy. So greedy

Pete_The_Miller 06 March, 2013 @ 15:16

Really enjoyed MLB 12 on Vita. was one of the first games I bought (albeit a retail copy while in the states). The only dissapointment for me was that the code to allow online play wouldn’t work. Might get this one.

@Fred, when they do cross play, I’ll be buying it every year!!

Speaking of niche UK sports, can we please get EA to release NHL on Vita and while they’re doing that, add the British Teams to the game too!

Ive had a look on IGN and a few others and it rates very highly on the PS3 and ive seen one Vita review on metacritic and thats a 9/10 !
Id like to save seen a demo and a package price or PS Plus discount – Im a baseball fan but its still a lot of money for a digital release.


Wow ! I love baseball but never wanted to import the game from the US. The Show is a lot better than the 2K game. Digital distribution has its advantages ! :)

While I am happy MLB 13 is getting a digital release for Vita in Europe, I am sure its a +3gb file, if not closer to 4gb, actually, and a memory card space killer. I was so looking forward to this but now won’t be getting it until I upgrade my 1gb memory card to a 32gb..




I’ve been mentioning doing this for years on this blog. But guess what, because I wont buy PSN games because no BC on PS4, I cant buy it :(

I hope you do this with the next gen version, because if I continue with PS it’s a game I would buy.


Thanks Fred for the minimal time of answering me, even if its not what I hoped for, still greatful for it.
I don’t really know where to ask so please, I asked here about this specific game, my question is where I can ask about other game codes to help me expend my review experience?… Sorry if it’s too direct or something.

Interested if there a charecters and teams creation options, could we upload those teams, or avatars?

lukethegreat20 06 March, 2013 @ 20:38

Will we be getting baseball team avatars?


Damn it! Ive had a physical copy since monday… wish id known this sooner and I wouldnt have imported.

@Fred – any chance of releasing the online pass? as I may decide to sell my copy and it would suck if the buyer couldnt get one.


@ Crouger86
am not really into this show, but about asking Fred about online pass, wouldn’t the person need a US store pass ?. as i believed different regions games need that regions dlc’s/online passes.. may not be every game but a good amount do. it’s all bs imo, regions i mean, why they make different english language games for doesn’t make sense. sooner psn/ps3 products get released global the better, Then they can work on any difficult translation and patch it in, IF people wanted it.


@solarwind12, this year along with the digital release they also added the dlc packs to buy. My friend bought the digital game and got a downloadable online pass from the EU store. The digital game is still the US version. So thats kinda why im asking cos it would suck buying it used on ebay and then not have a pass… when tecnically the pass is on the EU store but not to buy.


In reply to my first comment #15, if there are no deals for double dippers then this effectively ends my interest in this game and I’m sure many other people too.

OPIE_W1NST0N 07 March, 2013 @ 01:08

brilliant.. i love baseball, have missed abit of base running since returning to the uk.. sadly £40 is a tad too much for my liking… bills come first im afraid 8/.


Damn. Wish I hadn’t ordered an import copy

Thank You, Thank you, Thank you…. Finally bringing the best baseball game and one of the best sports sims period to Europe at last.


I imported this, like I have done every year since 2006 from Canada, but managed to get both PS3 and Vita for £60 with free shipping. I’d love Sony to do something regarding the online pass, can’t use it on either with an EU account, but considering it’s been released in Europe now, there should really be a way to do this. Can someone please give me a decent answer to this. I’d love to use to cross save feature for Franchise and RTTS, but seeing as I can’t put a US account on my Vita without formatting my EU one (have PS+ on it, so thats a no go) i’m stuck. There’s no reason I can’t go online now its released in Europe?

OPIE_W1NST0N 12 March, 2013 @ 01:38

hi fred i hate to be a pain but i was wondering if you guys have passed out the prizes for the weekend debate yet? ive been eagerly scouring the forums ,checking both posts .(hey a man can dream …right?)

OPIE_W1NST0N 12 March, 2013 @ 17:26

Thank you for linking the review buddy . Really good read and only heightens my desire to play this gem..this is what I find amazing about playstation compared to the other platform choices.. They seem to really care about the games they develop and the experiences it provides for the end user,to not just ‘update rosters’.

imported mlb 11&12 and was stunned today by seeing mlb 13 available in euro store.
does this mean euros can actually play online games now?
i tried mlb 12 import on a us account and it was impossible due to the lag.

anyone in europe tried this yet? do you get matched up against US players or european players when playing online?
tomorrow’s payday and definitely getting it regardless.

OPIE_W1NST0N 15 March, 2013 @ 02:29

think i might try pick up an mlb 12 on ebay,.stay a year out of date ,lol

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