Resident Evil sale lurches onto PlayStation Store this week


We’re very happy to have teamed up with our friends at Capcom to bring you some horrifyingly good deals on the Resident Evil franchise!

Making its debut in 1996, the Resident Evil franchise has sold over 50 million copies worldwide and is highly regarded amongst gamers across the globe as a must play! So don’t miss out on an opportunity to pick up some of these classic titles at a great price.

These deals will go live as soon as the store updates on Wednesday 13th March and will run until 27th March. Enjoy!

Resident Evil 1, 2 and 3 Bundle Pack (not available in Germany)

Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil CVX (not available in Germany)

Resident Evil Chronicles HD Collection (not available in Germany)
Was €26.99/£21.99/AU$39.95, now €14.99/£11.99/AU$21.95

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City
Was €14.99/£10.99/AU$17.95, now €9.99/£7.99/AU$14.45

Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition
Was €14.99/£10.99/AU$17.95, now €9.99/£7.99/AU$14.45

Resident Evil 6
Was €39.99/£24.99/AU$49.95, now €24.99/£19.99/AU$36.95

Resident Evil Super Bundle (not available in Germany)

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Hey guys, Could you not push for a better deal on Resident Evil 6? It was only £8.99 on the Xbox Market Place last week.


Sorry link we do not determine the pricing

the1free_man 12 March, 2013 @ 11:08

So I can’t buy Code Veronica by itself, only in a bundle? Why, sony/capcom/whoever, why?

Hi Chris what’s in the super bundle?

@link1983 you sure? That’s well cheap?


the super bundle is all the product listed above in one purchase


Whene is the Ratchet Gladiator HD relesea date? Why do you conceal it ?


Nice… Operation Raccoon City will be mine :)


Lol Raccoon City is €9.99.
This just highlights even more how much of a rip off RE4 and Code Veronica HD are even at half price.
Really coming up to the 4 year anniversary of RE5 guys and you are still making it incredibly easy for me to stick by my rule of still not buy ANYTHING from you since then.
Little word of advice, cancel Lost Planet 3 on PS3 right now. We never wanted the 1st game let alone 2 sequels.

Ahh…’Resident Evil 2′ was the 1st demo i played 15 years ago this month :D

teh-trickster 12 March, 2013 @ 11:13

Hi there.

Only bundles? No discount for each game individually?

Thanks in advance.


some of the titles are discounted individually and some are bundles as described above

donniefnwhalberg 12 March, 2013 @ 11:15

Any chance we’ll get the ubi sale that the us is getting next?


no plans for this at the moment for europe


Really good sale for us Germans.

I was waiting ages for Resi 4 to go on sale (19.99 is too much for a PS2 game that is already sitting on my shelf) but only comes with CVX which I don’t want. Damn.

Is the sale for the unfinished swan due soon?


Likely to be at the end of this month but I will let you know more when the details are finalised

Rancid_Undead 12 March, 2013 @ 11:23

That’s a bit rubbish for those of us that own some of the RE games already. I got 1 & 3 last time they were on sale but 2 was unavailable on the Vita at the time. Any chance of having the individual games discounted so that everyone can benefit?

Decent sale for those that want everything though.


Whoops, I thought Capcom actually made this post :(

Are all the PS1 resi games now natively playable on Vita?


Again this is a really expensive sale when compared to recent sales with the same content on XBL and Steak. Not a single PS+ discount either. The US sale even blows this away. Simply not good enough.


Steam not steak…

i think comment 4 wants to know when Ratchet Gladiator HD is coming out and is angry about lack of release date info.

PSN has been having some good sales over the last few weeks.

Some games which it would be nice to include in future sales (or even PS + IGC)

Sine Mora
Virtues Last Reward
Disgaea 3
Earth Defense Force
New Little King Story
Oddworld Stranger Wrath HD

These games would add some variety to most games collections a sale or being part of IGC may encourage people to try games which they may not otherwise


Oddworld Stranglers Wrath has been part of the IGC already back in June 2012 and it was also on sale back in Oct / Nov.

There may be something happening with Virtues and Sine Mora but I can’t confirm at the moment.

Disgaea 3 will not be part of the IGC as its not available in all regions but I will see if we can get a discount sorted on that one.

Huono_peleis 12 March, 2013 @ 11:52

Another useless “sale”.

Hi Chris, Any news on that big PSP sale?

I think that would be a good deal as in Europe the IGC does not usually provide PSP games (as the USA one) so a lot of people could buy PSP games to their VIta without fear of those showing up on IGC…


We are looking into it at the moment, just need to find somewhere to slot it in, we have a pretty stacked lineup of promotions coming up

Madd-Dogg_3000 12 March, 2013 @ 12:01

So I can buy Code Veronica by itself on sale?

Any chance can put the Operation Raccoon City DLC on sale?

I would love to see a big PSP sale. My psvita is hungry :D


Any else think Uncharted Swan won’t be put on sale now in March as promised so many times? It should have been sold right at Christmas.

murphy_in_london 12 March, 2013 @ 12:18

no res Remake or res0? capcom aka cashcom dont deals with those mario lovers,chatting to use first. on anther note 4 the older gamers,look after ur games better then u wont have 2 folk buckets loads.

I wonder if there is exclusivity deals between Capcom and Nintendo to keep REmake and RE Zero on the GC/Wii. But it would be fantastic to get those onto the PS3, so we could have a complete collection of RE games.

Unrelated, but any possibility of trying to get Skullgirls on PS+ Instant Game Collection or at a discount?

This sale is absolutely horrible.

donniefnwhalberg 12 March, 2013 @ 12:26

Cheers for the reply Chris. Really want that Ubi sale for Vita/PSP games haha. Good for Resi fans though

CoolRichy008UK 12 March, 2013 @ 12:27

eddibhoy the unfinished swan ending you meet the king he says you ruined his world with paint thats it

sony removes this il just post this on youtube :D


Any chance of a sale on Sine Mora, Black Knight Sword or The Cave soon? Because that would make me damn happy! :D


Might be some action for PS Plus members on a couple of those titles soon


I’ll support Capcpom as much as they support the Vita. Which means that they can die in a ditch for all I care.

murphy_in_london 12 March, 2013 @ 12:37

capcom backed the wrong runers dreamcast and gamecube. thats y code V got to ps2 sage went bust. one good thing is they told mario that they only have res4 for 18 months to 2 years before sony got there hands on it

Not really into zombies, so I’ll pass this sale, but every sale is a good thing. Hope that people that enjoy these kind of games find some good deals.

Joined Ps Plus the the other week, btw. Loving it.
Holding my thumbs for a JRPG sale or game in the instant collection soon. A western RPG will do as well ;)

Boogalicious 12 March, 2013 @ 12:45

Hi Chris,
Could you please comment the status of Resident Evil 2 being reinstated playable on the PS Vita.

To my understanding initial reports from people were being unable to switch discs, resulting in Sony/Capcom revoking the ability to download Resident Evil 2 directly to the Vita as well as transfer from the PS3.

However the real issue was those affected not knowing how to actually change discs in the first place!

For those who managed to download and transfer the PS1 Classic to their Vita they are still, and always have been able to play until completion.

While the RE1, 2 and 3 bundle is already a great saving on what one would pay for them separately having Resident Evil 2 playable on the Vita alongside the others would enhance its value.

Please refer to your own technical help forums as well as the threads in Capcom-Europe forums.


It is my understanding that this issue has now been resolved and you should be able to download RE2 for VITA. You are correct in thinking that there was a lack of understanding on the consumers side regarding how to switch the disks. Apologies I was not at SCEE at the time so I am not sure what was communicated but this should have been resolved now


Can we have a proper sale instead of bundles? Why have you force us to re purchase games we already own to save a couple of quid?! Do it properly or not at all, this “sale” is stupid!

NoFate-1982-UK 12 March, 2013 @ 13:15

Are the games in HD?

I guess I should be thankful for all those “not available in Germany”. Makes it so much easier for me, to keep my cash for the Walking Dead sale. Not to mention the Sound Shapes sale that I expect anytime soon!

(Yes, I will mention Sound Shapes now at every sale, till we finally see that game in a sale! ;))

Are there additional discounts for Plus?


No acdditional discounts for Plus on this one I am afraid

its a bad sale I might of picked up re4 for around 10 euro,A few weeks ago I asked about if bf3 premium is going to be on sale any word on that,its already been on sale on xbox and pc already in the last month and could you get far cry 2,doom3 bfg edtion on sale and also do you now if bethasda ever plan on releasing the fallout and elder scroll series as degital releases on psn

@silmorat1 (comment 3) there is the evidence. It wasn’t last week but two weeks ago :D

Dosentortellini 12 March, 2013 @ 14:10

WOAH ! so much RE offers im so exited! what? wait Oo “not avaible in germany” ah, ao there is our favorite sentence :D well i think im downloading “hello kitty” then… or something that isnt that brutal!



As this is a “store” post rather than a Capcom one, may I enquire as to what is happening with Lollipop Chainsaw DLC? I would love those extra missing costumes please! I hate it when DLC never surfaces over here for certain titles! Please don’t leave us Lollipop Chainsaw fans dangling.


Heh, soon Resident Evil 6 will be cheaper than Resident Evil 4. And Resident Evil 5 already is.

Chris Howe , u nowh status on terraria ?, Currently going through submission with Sony says 505 games .

i hope sony hq them not taking to long ;) , i want to play .

to res. = not buying res game , more intrested in monsterhunter serie
ore deep down on ps4.



No discount on DLC?

Kurupt_El_Don 12 March, 2013 @ 14:32

i cannot believe how ungrateful most of you are..all i can read here is complains about deals and free games..Chris and his colleagues are working hard trying to get the best deals for us playstation gamers and most of you show no appreciation at all..even when we get free games on plus you all moan bcuz its not the game you want..!!By the way Chris great deals..gonna deffo pick one up.Thanks.

DiscworldDeath 12 March, 2013 @ 14:37

Man, this thread fills me with hope.

Disgaea 3 sale, PSP sale. Can’t wait.


from mi part sony gives 50% of all games ;)

i am happy lots of peopel enjoy , but when u are like me u have want u already want . so i want 1 ting = bring out games i want like terraria
give me more % on new games ore dlc , i not need free games every month ore % on games i am not intrested .( give me some % on jear base i miself can put in games i like )

This sale it great for someone who wants everything Resident Evil and I loved RE 5 when I got it on sale last year after E3.

I was looking forward to getting the second Chronicles (Darkside) in a sale, after I got the Umbrella Chronicles last November and really enjoyed playing with my PSMove. I’m just asking are the bundle prices just the bundles available on the store or is it the bundles and the combined prices of both games contained in the bundles.

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