Holy guns! Nun Attack out for PS Vita next month


Greetings PlayStation Blog. We are proud to bring the beloved gun-wielding nuns from our hit mobile game Nun Attack to PS Vita.

Eons have gone by since the power-thirsty Fallen Nun took over the mortal world, spawning evil all over. In a world where evil is taking over and prayers are no longer answered, there is only one type of divine intervention left, and it’s armed to the teeth!

In this epic tactical action game, intuitive touch-screen controls direct your holy squad through fast-paced combat while they unleash a fury of biblical proportions. Lead Eva the leader, Rosy the slayer, Olga the tank and Mandy the healer to defeat the Fallen Nun and restore balance to the world.


Nun Attack for PS Vita is not a simple port, we’ve adapted the game to provide a great experience on the system. We’ve upgraded the graphics a notch and entirely redesigned the difficulty of the levels since we’ve removed all of the micro-transaction mechanics.

  • Challenging tactical action and reflexive gameplay
  • Rebalanced leveling and weaponry for PS Vita play
  • Improved graphics for PS Vita
  • 40 missions to conquer in multiple stunning environments
  • Four nuns, each with a unique personality and special power
  • A full shop with over 80 guns to equip with various effects (stun, slow, DOT, AoE, Knockback, Fear, Charm)
  • Seven miracles to cast


The game will be available on 3rd April on PlayStation Store.

Connect with the nuns on Facebook for updates, or if you have any question or comments about the game, share them with us in the comment section below. I’ll stick around to chat with you guys!

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Nun Attack coming to PS Vita tomorrow: http://bit.ly/134owUU Choose your class, lock ‘n load, and save the world

and we get it in a month :S


How much will it be Laurent?

Laurent Mercure 18 March, 2013 @ 15:01

Nun Attack Vita will be 2,99$ US and its equivalent in Europe.

Consider me a buyer!

I was just curious; have you had any backlash from Christians / trolls?
Unless I dreamt it, didn’t the Church threaten Sony with legal action over Resistance: Fall of Man?

Anyway, I digress. This looks like pure insane fun. I dunno why it’s the first time I’m hearing about this game, but better late than never!

I am very glad you removed the stupid “micro-transactions” element from the game that alone would have been a big turn off.

Is this a full Vita title or PSM? If its a full Vita title then it will be a day one purchase for me.

Laurent Mercure 18 March, 2013 @ 15:01

Nun Attack will be a full Vita title, not a PSM!

Riko_player44 18 March, 2013 @ 15:03

Have you a release date for Europe ?? i see tomorrow for PS US but nothing for PS EU !!
Thanks !!

Laurent Mercure 18 March, 2013 @ 15:16

Their holy quest begins on April 3rd for Europe.


This looks pretty cool. I’ll be sure to grab it when it hits the store. I’m guessing from the tone of Laurent’s post, that it’s a full Vita release (as in, not PSM)? Can anyone confirm this?

Laurent Mercure 18 March, 2013 @ 15:16

I’ll confirm it myself : ) It’s a full Vita release, not a PSM!

Really love this game on my smartphone but I think it will rock so much harder on vita with physical buttons :) nice cheap price tag sold thank you very much


There was a similar game on my iPod called Battleheart and I played the crap out of it. I’m glad this will have a reasonable price, seems like a day1 purchase to me. Will it have a trial?

Laurent Mercure 18 March, 2013 @ 15:33

Nun Attack on the PlayStation Vita won’t offer a trial version, will you take that leap of faith bLaiSe_HUN?

So just to confirm, can I use sticks and buttons? Thank you :-)

Laurent Mercure 18 March, 2013 @ 15:38

Unfortunately for the sticks and buttons lovers, the nuns will be exclusively touch-controlled except for the circle button that cancels previous commands.


Thank you. you have a sale here :D

Laurent this is off topic but about the vita..

Any idea or information on if we can expect Netflix coming to EU vita store? I’m gonna keep asking this question in the hope someone will say something on it!

Laurent Mercure 18 March, 2013 @ 15:52

I’m real sorry Waseem but we don’t know anymore than you do on that matter. Good luck on your quest!

Hi Laurent. This looks like a fun, well priced PS Vita game! As you have confirmed this to be a full PS Vita game, I was just wondering if there is any news on the trophy list?

supersmith2500 18 March, 2013 @ 16:05

US gets it tomorrow, EU the week after. Well least it’s better than asking when the EU release is coming.

Please keep to topic or contact Netflix. Use the blog recap or twitter for these type of questions.


Brilliant game, brilliant price! Day one for me.
Thanks guys!

Any chance for “A space shooter for 2 bucks!” sequel for the psvita?

supersmith2500 18 March, 2013 @ 17:25

Little question, if the game is coming tommorow for US? Why 2 weeks for Europe?

Laurent Mercure 18 March, 2013 @ 21:41

The process was a little more complex with the PlayStation Europe store, we’re sorry about that. These guys are doing a great job though.

@16 Legal issues, just look what the games title is.

Awesome. I wasn’t excited by the original post but after clicking through I’m really pleased you have done the right thing and removed IAP and will release a full version of the game. Thanks for understanding we arw gamers and not a cow to be milked dry like ios players. If there is an introductory PS+ discount I will pick this up. Do you plan to release further games on Vita if this meets your sales expectations?

Just saw this will be priced at around £2! Consider me a definite buyer. Thanks guys.


Great stuff Laurent. :)

@ Waseem, Laurent works for Frima Studio, who are behind this title and not Sony.

@Supersmith Laurent said that there were delays. They run independently of each other SCEE and SCEA.


Yup I realise that now, kind of him to respond anyway! Will definitely check out their release next month.

spanishstoat 19 March, 2013 @ 18:00

This looks quite good. Any news on a trophy list?

supersmith2500 03 April, 2013 @ 15:18

And it’s not released today so what’s going on??

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