Ingenious AR puzzler OPEN ME! coming soon to PS Vita

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The creative minds at PlayStation C.A.M.P! have created an entirely original puzzle game and it has been creating a strong buzz ever since its debut at the Tokyo Game Show in 2012. Today we’re excited to announce that OPEN ME! – an addictive AR puzzle game for PS Vita – is coming to Europe later this year!

The goal in OPEN ME! is simple – open the box and collect items inside. This may sound easy but boxes are full of traps and players will need to look at them from every angle to find the slightest hint.

By using the camera on the PS Vita and Smart AR, it takes seconds to make the box appear on the screen. Touch the screen to open the box but be careful, the lids of some boxes are razor sharp and they will shut tight if you fail! Boxes range from a simple wooden design to more complicated and sophisticated structures made of metal and thinking outside the box is a requirement.

OPEN ME! will also feature multiplayer mode, where communication skills between players and speed are also key in opening these boxes. Multiplayer will require two PS Vitas loaded with OPEN ME!. Like single player, each challenge requires something different for each puzzle such as angling lasers at a fellow player to light up sensors or synchronising button pressing. More details on both single and multiplayer gameplay will be shared at a later date.

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OPEN ME! will be featured at the upcoming Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco later this month. In the meantime, we thought we would share the Japanese launch trailer for OPEN ME! I hope you enjoy it! More information will be coming soon to the EU blog, so make sure you stay tuned for further updates on the game.

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I would like o have the calender app that Japan have please.

Saw this trailer last year and was hoping to see the game make it to Europe so this is great.

Will multiplayer be ad-hoc only or also online?

Ah, somebody from London studios already. So Mr Roberts, isn’t a time to end this hideous Singstar icon madness? Make Singstar icon optional like in US, please. Don’t make me think your company is totally stupid and deaf to any complaints.


This looks quite interesting. However, one has to wonder: Why is this AR? Couldn’t this be a simple on-streen only game?

That said, the game looks mighty interesting indeed…

Nice to see an new concept.

DiscworldDeath 20 March, 2013 @ 18:05


Looks intriguing.


I love AR games. Certainly going to get this. :)


Looks like fun!

Oh and could you please help and end the ‘Singstar Icon Madness’ we have to wade through on countless threads from people who should have gotten over it by now!

I for one really don’t mind the icon being there, but still I tend to play from disc though :-)

Keep up the good work.

intresting concept

Podyman = i am tired to ask if them want to remove ore make optional.

i refuse to buy singstar ore dance + eny future game of the genre ( not giving u € = hurts moast )


*fingers crossed for a Lemarchand’s box DLC*


Don’t have PSV but I’ve always liked the idea of AR. For example using Sony’s HMD prototype that had a camera. I can see a future were they’ll overlay a GT games dashboard over my G25 steering whee.

I do have a question, what happened with the Magnet AR? I’m sure it used better tech than Smart AR.
That looked awesome and would work for the GT example.


now that this is confirmed any word on whether or not friend network and the eReader app will be making their way west wards?

Yay, really looking forward to this one. Hope it’s not too long in coming.

Only Sony is able to produce a 3min video of a game where you have to crack open a box, while trying to make it look super fun with all them crazy effects…

Reminds me of that silly Vita ad where people are floating around pretending to drive a car or just stupid stuff…. Sony your marketing has been very poor recently =|

Bring back the PS9 ads

Hmm, the puzzle box from the Hellraiser movies would make a nice addition ;)

Cool idea, finally I’ll try to use those AR cards.

Please remove SingStar from XMB or dump it into Music section.

What is your pleasure? I have such sights to show you

residentSteve 21 March, 2013 @ 10:26

Never saw the point of Ar I threw my cards away when I got my vita.

Looks good

Terrible advert.

Happy to see new games that support the Vita hardware.

Get rid of SingStar.

Does this come with a summoneable dimension with Pinhead & Co. inside?

Please answer! I’m on a little urge here.


There is no good, Monroe. There is no evil. There is only flesh.

VictorAnalogy 21 March, 2013 @ 14:07

This is the AR that doesn’t use AR cards right? If so. V cool and will deffo pick up.

bestheelever 22 March, 2013 @ 00:02

It’ll tear your Soul APART!!!!!

………OR it will be another AR game that will be tried by the few people who didn’t throw away the AR cards and reviews will be either “Wooohoooo” OR “This Sucks” :)

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