Video Store update: Skyfall, Rise of the Guardians

Hello PlayStation Blog. This week, I would like to share with you four new Video Store releases.

Rise of the Guardians

Rise of the Guardians
DreamWorks’ newest animated adventure has captured the imagination of audiences worldwide with a fun-filled and magical story about the legendary guardians – Jack Frost, the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy and Sandman – together for the first time. When the evil Pitch threatens to take over the world, it’s up to our beloved heroes to protect the hopes and dreams of children everywhere.

Available now in the UK to rent or buy, priced from £3.49/£11.99. Available early April in Australia.


Bond’s loyalty to M is tested as her past comes back to haunt her. As MI6 comes under attack, 007 must track down and destroy the threat, no matter how personal the cost.

Available from 27th March in Australia to rent or buy, priced from AU$5.99/AU$24.99. Available now in the UK from £3.49/£11.99

Lake Placid The Final Chapter (Unrated)

Lake Placid: The Final Chapter
The crocs are back… and they’re bigger, badder and more brutal than ever. Sealed away in a nature preserve, they’ve been growing to record size, awaiting their next chance to feast on human flesh. Now, when a high school swim team takes a wrong turn directly into the crocs hunting grounds… dinner is served.

Available now in the UK to rent or buy, priced from £3.99/£11.99, and in Australia from AU$5.99/AU$19.99.

All titles are available from PlayStation Store in glorious 1080p HD! Enjoy!

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Datastream1974 25 March, 2013 @ 13:17

Thnx Laure for the movies. When are they for the netherlands?

Zou eens tijd worden.:-)

Couldn’t agree more, you need to expand the amount of country’s you support, you promised us you’d bring it to other countries in Europe throughout the year 2010 (3 years ago) the only country that got a release after that was Australia, which isn’t even an European country.

I don’t care if you brake your promises or not, but as of how it looks now, Apple already got their movies store up and running here, and the longer you wait! The bigger the gap between you two will be.

In most cases, the guy to finish first is considered the winner. (except for cycle racing, where the one who finished first is the one who probably used doping)


Rise of the Guardians is an awesome film, especially if you have little ones it is very much worth a watch.

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