BioShock Infinite reaches for the skies on PS3 this week

Well, it’s pencils down time at Irrational Games.

Our goal has always been to make the player a participant in our games. The worlds of Rapture and Columbia are dripping with detail and story. Combat is full of player-driven options.

We don’t want you to observe Booker DeWitt as he fights his way through BioShock Infinite. We want you to be him.

BioShock Infinite’s city of Columbia is a place of mystery, danger and action. And after nearly five years of building it, I’m proud to tell you it no longer belongs to Irrational Games. It belongs to gamers.

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dark_angel69 26 March, 2013 @ 14:12

The video looks amazing. I’m just sitting here bored out of my mind waiting for my game to come. Have my fingers crossed it arrives in the post the day but it most likely wont until tomorrow or the day after. :( In the meantime I’m downloading Bioshock 1 which I got from the pre-order. Would love to start it but would rather play Infinite first.

Will there be a sale on Bioshock 2 DLC this week?

This is my number 1 most anticipated game of 2013!!
I love the franchise and counted every day that passed in March waiting for it :)
sadly though its passover so every store is closed and I will only get it tomorrow T_T

congrats on all the amazing reviews it has gotten lately (so many 10/10s!!!)

can’t wait :D

dogwalker4000 26 March, 2013 @ 14:31

This game has been getting unbelievable reviews. Hopefully be picking my copy up at the weekend, Argos has it at £35 :D

Hexahedronaut 26 March, 2013 @ 14:45

The game is awe inspiring, I’m about 2 hrs in and it’s my GOTY! Well done, your finest work yet!.


yeah its great, am playing it in 1999 mode. worked fine today (had pre-loaded it from PSN).

anyone not playing this in 1999 mode is doing a terrible mistake IMO.

hasnt this been out for like a month now? its been all ovre ebay and whatnot.

makingdamage 26 March, 2013 @ 18:23


Bioshock 1 is suppose to be included on my bluray disc (the website of the shop says so). How do you start that game? Do you have to finish Bioshock Infinite first? Or can you play Bioshock 1 before you play Infinite?

I cant even find any info on the cover of the game that says that Bioshock 1 is included. Why is that?

Did they forget to include the game or what!?

Happy easter all rabbits out there!



It only got released today!!

It’s been available on pre-order everywhere but not for sale… until today ;-)


Picked up my copy earlier the skyhook :) Best Bioshock yet!! Keep up the good work guys!!


I am about 2 and a half hours in now and so far I have had nothing but the best possible experience. It is a breath of fresh air in the FPS market (Just like the original). It is proof that a good game takes 2 years to make a great game takes a console generation to make. @Ken Levine (not that he would see this) If your pencils are down it bloody well better be because you have finished the DLC too. I bought my Season pass ages ago now.


The game is so beautiful. Also intrigued by how they use sound and music in this, truly a breath of fresh air and an experience I’m going to enjoy to the fullest.

Is the DLC singleplayer content? Might get the Pass then.


This game is alright, but it doesn’t hold a candle to bioshock 1. I was pretty disappointed at the end product though.

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