PlayStation Home update: Doctor Who arrives in Home

PS Home will briefly be offline from 8.00am GMT on Wednesday 27th March for routine maintenance. Here’s what to expect after the update:

Doctor Who
BBC Worldwide is bringing their iconic series, Doctor Who, to PlayStation®Home this week! In Wave One fans have the Eleventh Doctor, River Song, Silent, and Silurian costumes to choose from, plus a TARDIS private estate and clubhouse. Included with both TARDIS spaces is the LOOT Active Camera to capture all of your fantastic adventures! Are you ready to be a Time Lord? This is one interstellar adventure you don’t want to miss out on! Geronimo!

Get your green-fingers ready for Grow Home
Grow your own plant from seed to fully mature specimen by watering, feeding and pruning daily. Once fully grown take cuttings from your plant to give as gifts to visitors to your apartment. Keep your plant healthy and happy and give away as many cuttings as you like.

With the new locomotion bicycles, there is a bike for everyone! Check out the BMX, Mountain Bike, Hot Rod, Road Bicycle and Penny Farthing. VEEMEE also have a selection of cycling gear including Jackets, Trousers, Helmets and Full Face BMX Bike Helmets.

In this week’s update there are ten new items in the Wrangler store, including a new range of shirts, jeans, and jackets.

Aurora 1.7
Players can now reach level 120 with new rewards every five levels. Rewards include two locomotions, an active item for your apartment and for the true Aurora veterans that make it to the top, the Aurora Showcase Apartment. For more details please visit AlphaZone4.

The Complex Modular Apartment
If you visit Aurora or Home Square from the 27th March you will be rewarded with The Complex HUB Personal Space, which is a new modular apartment that has four additional sections available for purchase.

Enjoy the spring dressed in a cardigan set! For women this 3 piece set includes the Bowler Hat, Long Cardigan Outfit, and Open Toe Pumps. For men the set includes the Felt Hat, Cardigan & Dress Shirt, Zipper-Pocket Chinos, and the Fold-Down High Cut Trainers, available in 3 colours.

Home Tycoon
It’s Home Improvement Week! The Hellfire Games team has DOUBLED the Worker regeneration rate from March 24 to March 31 in honour of AlphaZone4’s fourth anniversary. Mayors can now build more and collect revenue faster than ever before. Visit Home Tycoon to take advantage of this promotion while it lasts!

You look like the kind of person who loves POWER! Lockwood’s LMO Motorbikes pack that power. Their horsepower is so powerful, it HOOFS horses out of the way to make room for UNICORNS. That’s right, Lockwood’s Motorbike engines run on UNICORN POWER. You want to see the unicorns? WELL YOU CAN’T. They’re tiny and they live in the engine and make the bike VROOM!

Delirious Squid Gothic
The Squid shies away from the mainstream, preferring to lay its suckers on unique outsiders and intriguing misfits. That’s why it’s turned its attentions to Gothic Victoriana this week, with a range for those with sombre yet stylish sensibilities.

Easter Egg Heads
Are you wondering how you are going to eggs-press yourself in style this Easter? Well JAM Games has eggs-actly what you need! We have eggs-pertly combined two symbols of the season! We bring you our bunny-eared Easter Egg Heads!

Tier 7 rewards are being added to every game at the Casino! We are rewarding you a Censor Bar in Poker, or class up the place with either a gorgeous Evening Gown or a Three-Piece Suit from the Roulette tables! Slots will be rewarding a Tacky Bride outfit, and Craps is giving a Banana Outfit… and many more!

Raver line huge update this week! Show off by dressing head-to-toe in these awesome glowing items!

That’s all for now. See you in PlayStation Home!

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supersmith2500 26 March, 2013 @ 18:14

Hello Mia, I know you might not reply this but not to be rude when is Europe ever going to get those Atari/Intellvision cabinets since the US has them and PS Home Arcade has them and not home?

Carnivius_Prime 26 March, 2013 @ 19:18

I’m likely buying some of the Doctor Who stuff. I like Home but I haven’t bought anything on it for ages as nothing much has appealed to me enough. But this be Doctor Who… so I have to.

I’d rather see the resources used pumping this out redirected and used to bring games like CS:GO and Terraria to the EU PSN at the same time as everyone else on the planet.


I think you’ve made your point (many, many times over). Any more posts like this will be treated as spam.

yorkypud1976 26 March, 2013 @ 19:59

sorry but im a bit annoyed at the complex modular apartment, its just a rehash of a clubhouse already available in home with some extra bits added on. if i got it it means i’ll have virtually the same place twice! also when will u sort out the wardrobe and furniture menus as stuff i put in storage keeps reappearing whenever i log on and its getting annoying now. Thanx

CoolRichy007UK 26 March, 2013 @ 21:20

yet again Voodoo341 the girlpants is trying to get sony to remove ps home

IT INT GONNA HAPPEN SONNY BOI their are 31million users of ps home and the money that sony makes on ps home items and especialy the up coming harry potter items they use that to make more items we buy them they make more etc

HAS playstation HOME hurt you verbally NO
has ps home bullied you NO
are you a pain in the pixels YES

you will never win the battle of 30 million users VS you at ps home so stop boring people everyday tryin to make sony look bad because it wont work

all these years i been on ps3 i really thought i was the bad egg but it turns out you are so quit your moaning if you dont like ps3 home stop driveling on about it every week when the ps home gets new items

yes i used to hate ps3 home but i decided to go back playing it sony have spent time and money to fianlly bring good content to home im sure some ppl will agreee with me

CoolRichy007UK 26 March, 2013 @ 21:24

yes i know i was a pain in the butt in the past but i hearby apologuise to everyone i ever bored upset hurt anoyed etc etc and someone who i talked to told me to use constructive critasisum and i learnt that if you cant think of anything good to say be quiet and keep your thoughts to your self

think about that ok Voodoo341 im sure ur a nice guy deep down but you will have to chill out and stop trying to smack ps home between the legs yes we all get you hate it and sayin money needs to be used on other stuff but at end of the day thats your opinion

have a great week everyone and Voodoo341 try and chillout ok being angry all the time about ps home int helping anyone trust me i know i been their went thru that stupidness

laters R



Sony doesn’t control release dates for third-party games. Here’s a hint…third-party.

You have no valid reason whatsoever on why Home is affecting you or your dislike for things that a majority of people enjoy.

Why don’t you just go and play those games on a system that currently has them available? Go ahead. It’s peole like you that give honest gamers a bad name. We won’t miss you.


If you go to lengths to create a username called Singspam and post the same message on every blog post that pops up you are in fact spamming yourself, therefore your statement is invalid.

I have noticed a spike in the amount of fragile egos meeting up in the shopping centre west and picking on anyone that they deem as different or and females that do not wish to put up with their sexist potty-mouthed behaviour. yes we know you can “beef” and we know that you would not pull this rubbish in real life where the world can see you are the stunted emotionally child that you are where some immediate comback cann be dealt your way for acting antisociably.
Fred i’m asking you to ask the Home mod team to please keep an eye out on this first shopping Centre area. i have been congregating there for a long time but it is only the last few months that these smaall minded(amongst other things, prob part of their prob)wannabees have been deliberately ruining peoples home experiences. thanks

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