Primal Carnage: Genesis announced for PlayStation 4

At some point, everyone has wondered about what it was like to walk among the dinosaurs. We were wondering that for ourselves not too long ago, so we set out to develop Primal Carnage: Genesis. What better way is there to realise that dream than by harnessing a new generation of PlayStation hardware to drive an incredible immersive experience?

From towering behemoths like the brachiosaurus and the tyrannosaurus rex, to smaller creatures like the raptor and the dilophosaurus, there is no doubt that there is something magical about them. In order to capture that magic in real time, we used Unreal Engine 4 as our software platform of choice.

As the gameplay itself will feature a mix of linear gameplay and open world exploration from a first person human perspective, next-generation rendering is key to selling the lush island environment and suspending the disbelief that these dinosaurs aren’t actually, well, real.

Primal Carnage Genesis on PS4

In the early stages of development, it became clear that we wanted Primal Carnage: Genesis to champion an immersive story driven experience. How do we tell that story? We looked into several different storytelling methods and happened upon the episodic approach. It was a difficult decision for us, given the relative newness of episodic storytelling.

Ultimately, the episodic method ended up being the clear victor due to the versatile nature of creating a story episode by episode. It allows us a lot of wiggle room, one very unique advantage of the episodic model is the ability for player feedback from the first episode to affect the development of the following episodes. Do players want to see more of a certain mechanic? Maybe people didn’t like playing a certain segment of the game, thus steering our focus elsewhere.

Primal Carnage Genesis on PS4Primal Carnage Genesis on PS4

We hope you enjoyed getting a sneak peak of Primal Carnage: Genesis. We’d love to hear what you think, so drop us a comment below! Keep an eye out on the PlayStation Blog for more updates from us. We will have a lot more to talk about in the future as development continues.

Dinosaurs are back.

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Sony you are beast, im hyped for ps4 ,keep em comin , im ready.

Sony you are beast, im hyped for ps4 ,keep em comin, im ready.

Well, that was unexpected. In a good way. Like when someone knocks on your door and gives you a couple hundred pound.

Episodic however? Intriguing but, I can’t imagine how an open world environment would fair in an episodic game. Is it too early to predict the time lapse between episode releases?

Glad you’ve downsized the raptors though!

What type of game are we looking at here (Genre wise) – survival horror could fit, or action / adventure. Even sci-fi.

All in all, this looks like a visually spectacular game. With dinosaurs. DINOSAURS.



DINOSAURS are the new zombies.

waiting for more info.

Looking good, keep the updates coming!

DEATHWISH2478 26 March, 2013 @ 08:03

Please To The Love Of God If You Are Making This Open World Do Not Make It Episodic As That Will Ruin The Game. Open World Is The Way To Go With A Dinosaur Game. Jurassic Park For Instance Would Have Been A Great Game If Done Properly And Not Episodic Or Side Scroller Game.

This Was The Only Thing To Have Ruined The Game From Telltale And If I Did Not Get The Game Free With A Year Of PlayStation Plus Subscription, I Highly Doubt I Would Have Brought The Game. (Even tho Jurassic Park 1 & 2 movies were good)

From Preview It Looks Awesome Hope My Fantasy Is Not Ruined With Episodic Or A Side Scroller.

I hope you will make a online/offline multiplayer mode too ! (with splitscreen)
Or, I dream I know, a splitscreen coop campaign. :D

nice looking foward to a decent dino game since turok all those years ago will this be a 2013 realse i hope so super excited :D

Nice. Keep them coming.

So thats what happened to the T-Rex from the PS1 demo.

Very curious about this, looking forward to seeing more on this game.

It could be brilliant if they get it right :P + Soooooooooo much PlayStation games incoming on the PS3 & PS4(like this) is hard to keep up!!! :D Keep it up SONY;)



Cross-Play? Multiplayer? Looking forward to more info!

dark_angel69 26 March, 2013 @ 10:26

This looks amazing. Did not expect something like this. Really look forward to hearing more about this and seeing some gameplay. Could you tell us what type of game this will be? A survival with/without guns? Would it be anything like Jurassic Park?


I’m hoping to get Ashton on the Blog to answer some questions, though he’s pretty busy at GDC this week!


It’s great seeing all these nee PS4 games but the big question is will the service from $CEE going to improve as well? Are you showing us games we will be playing months after everyone else? Or in the case of CS:GO never at all! Make a solid commitment to improve and these games might impress more. For now it’s just all hype and lies.


Will the game have multiplayer mode from PC? Liked the beta.


Just watched the trailer… Couldn’t You make him do the roar like in Jurassic Park?


Oh Voodoo, you really are a little ray of sunshine and joy in an an otherwise, gloomy, miserable world…

Always looking for the positive in things. I bet you’re the real life and soul at parties?! ;-)

Please make this third person. We need a good third person modern dinosaur game. First person is over done and means some gamers miss out due to motion sickness.

SamTheSkater 29 March, 2013 @ 00:13

I love dinosaur games and I’ve always wanted Primal Carnage to come to PlayStation. And I prefer singleplayer over multiplayer so all looks great so far. I hope it takes place in jungles as well. And a PS Vita version would be awesome!

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