Table Mini Golf tees up on PS Vita soon

Table Mini Golf 1

Hi everyone. Today I’m excited to reveal that you can now pre-order the latest SCEE AR Play title, Table Mini Golf for the PS Vita – due out 10th April, priced at €1.99.

Get in there quick and pre-order – not only will you be the first to enjoy the world of crazy golf, transforming your table with the power of augmented reality, we’ll also give you additional content in the shape of an extra themed course for FREE. Play an extra round of 18 holes on us.

For those who don’t know, Four Door Lemon Ltd, the team behind previous AR Play titles such as Table Football and Table Ice Hockey has now created a crazy golf course that springs to life before your eyes.

While it may be slower paced than its other AR Play colleagues, Table Mini Golf has more than its fair share of madness and over the coming weeks we will be showing you more of why Table Mini Golf is the most fun you can have with a golf ball without leaving your house.

The game comes with four courses spread over two themes, complete with tournaments and an infinite number of challenges and objectives to complete as you move through it. There’s plenty to keep you entertained without actually owning a set of clubs.

Table Mini Golf 2Table Mini Golf 3

Why worry about the ball getting stuck in a bunker when you should be more concerned about the zombie hand that could grab it and throw it towards the creepy crypt or into the haunted woods. This is Augmented Reality, where nothing is as it seems. Each theme has dozens of animated objects that will help or hinder you (or in some cases, both) as you try to max out your scorecard, hit bonuses and achieve par.

But until then, here are some screenshots showing off how Table Mini Golf will transform your table into the most bizarre golf courses of all time.


  •  36 fully themed holes (with a further 18 holes available via DLC)
  •  Limitless challenges
  •  Three trophy rooms to show off your achievements
  •  Up to four players multiplayer
  •  13 PlayStation Trophies
  •  Three unique golf characters

While you are waiting for the game release, look out for a caption competition and see if you can come up with funny comments based on screenshots taken from the game. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

In the meantime, why don’t you check out the other AR Play titles available via the Playstation Store: Table Top Tanks and Table Ice Hockey.

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Bargain price! Pre-ordered :). I saw that you linked a bundle of all the AR games on the US blog. Could you give a link for the eu store aswell?

Mark O'Connor 28 March, 2013 @ 23:08

That’s great to see, hope you enjoy being one of the first to play a round of Table Mini Golf. Keep checking the EU store as we’ll have further announcements soon.


Your AR games are very interesting indeed, and this adds nicely to your -ant my- collection! Great price too!

And, since I love to play the caption contest on the OPC ( for those interested), I’m eager to find out what contest pics you’ve come up with :-) Where will we be able to find them?

Mark O'Connor 28 March, 2013 @ 23:16

Table Mini Golf is a great use of the AR functionality on the PSVita, it really does transform your table into a mini golf course. As for the caption contest, stay tuned and we’ll update everyone shortly.


Looks interesting. I would like a fun casual Minigolf game. What about the trophies? Are they achievable solo or do you need someone to play ad-hoc?


I know my comment wasn’t that important, just saying the game looks good and I pre-ordered.. but I can’t help but notice my comment is gone? O.o What? lol looking forward to it anyway, another fun AR game incoming :) I’m glad there are still AR games being made and not just forgotten about.

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