Puppeteer: New trailer, box art and a release date – oh my!

puppeteer box

I’m just back from the wonderful city of San Francisco and the 2013 Game Developers Conference. Whilst I was there I met with some members of the press to give them an exclusive look at the first two acts in Puppeteer, and also share an exciting gameplay feature reveal… Hero Heads!

As Kutaro, you’ll find all sorts of amazing heads to act as your noggin as you journey to get your real head back from Moon Bear King. Be careful to collect and keep the right ones, as some have the power to change and shape the world around you, while others unlock bonus stages – adding even more adventure and hilarity to this dark and fantastical tale!

But I’m excited to finally let the cat out of the bag (no, not Ying-Yang… I mean a metaphorical cat) about four very special heads that Kutaro will encounter on his journey and aid him in his quest. Each Hero Head possesses a power that once belonged to one of the four legendary “Moon Heroes” who fought valiantly to protect the Moon Goddess from being overthrown by the evil Moon Bear King. Alas, their powers were no match for Moon Bear King’s 12 generals who ultimately defeated the heroes, but what if someone were brave enough to attain all four of those powers and use them together? Hmmm…

At GDC we officially unveiled the first two Moon Heroes and their powers: the Shield Power of the Moon Knight, and the Bomb Power of the Moon Ninja! When Kutaro collects these Hero Heads, it adds some truly game-transforming mechanics to Puppeteer that hopefully you didn’t even see coming!



I’m also very excited to share with you our final packfront and let you know that Puppeteer will be available at your favourite local retailer from 11th September 2013 for only €39.99!

I couldn’t just drop by with all of this awesome news without bringing you something extra, so check out our brand new story trailer that offers a deeper insight into the dark happenings on the Moon.

So, that does leave two more Moon Heroes and their game-changing powers for Kutaro to journey after, doesn’t it? You’ll want to check back here in a few weeks for more on the strange tale of a boy named Kutaro!

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XzSlLENTSNIPERzX 02 April, 2013 @ 17:09

I really like it! Is this coming to the Vita and if not, are there any remote-play functionalities planned?


So glad this is getting a boxed retail release, i thought it was just a PSN thing but i guess the game is bigger then that.

I was looking forward to this game, then I saw the price on the US site and looked here and it’s dollar=euro price. Fail!
No buy from me.
Have your curency calculator checked!

RockLobster2074 02 April, 2013 @ 17:17

Really cool move to start pricing some games a little lower. Downloaded Sly 4 on launch day for €30 and it felt good, man.

I really like it that some more “kiddy” games (like LittleBigPlanet and, of course, Puppeteer!) get released on PS3. The lower announced pricing is good too! It’s mad to have games cost €60, or even €70. I am looking forward to this game!!!

Sony i love you!
Please keep these types of games coming.

Sly and now Puppeteer and then Knack, this is the year of platforming on PlayStation

Thank you

Drip feeding the details but it matters not. I was convinced this game’s for me from the day it was announced.

I can’t wait. This game will look great in 3D!

ja myśle rze ps vita jest super


Would I be correct in guessing that it’ll be £24.99 to £29.99 in the UK then? I believe Sly 4 was priced around that.


We’ll confirm UK details soon, but yes, that’s a fair assumption.

I’m sold!


I’m sold. Looking forward to this game.

this looks like a real good game

to bad its just befor the ps4 release so i wont buy this game


Ah, you’ll be missing out! The game plays beautifully, and has a really unique atmosphere. It’s worth saving your pennies for, you have my word!

@ VaVeTi

Why does it matter its just before PS4 release?

You’ll still keep your PS3 right? A good game is a good game, on PS3 or PS4… I really don’t get that logic.

It would be great if this was a PS3/PSVita cross buy like Sly 4 indeed. Fingers crossed


Looks good can’t wait :)

A shame this isn’t coming to Vita (confirmed on the US Blog).

alice_push_lara2 03 April, 2013 @ 09:30

no vita version, no purchase


you realize there is like 14 vita owners in the whole world and it does not pay off to develop for vita?! its a dying system sadly even tho the hardware is great.

@fred thanks for the info on this game, i am buying. please dead island riptide psn day 1? sometimes the animal in one wants mindless arcade action.

CoolRichy008UK 03 April, 2013 @ 11:28

GTA 5 september and everyone is gonna get it and il be glad wen stupid vita fails


Looking forward to this game! :-)

butterflyes5 04 April, 2013 @ 23:51

wow! I cant wait! :D finally something else then shoot n football!! am really really looking forwards to this, hope it cab be at least equally good as LBP :D

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