God of War: Ascension – new update enhances multiplayer, fixes audio issues


First off, I wanted to thank everyone who has taken the time to run their Cronos Blade’s through my poor little champion’s skull every night. After a long day of work, there is definitely something to be said about gutting and impaling people into the wee hours of the morning!

One of the primary reasons we’ve been relatively quiet in the last week regarding support and DLC updates is because we’ve been heads down and knee-deep in working on a 1.04 update which expands our God of War Ascension multiplayer experience and addresses some key issues our community has helped us identify and diagnose.

There’s a lot of exciting gameplay developments coming down the pipeline, and today I’m happy to share some of the stuff that is all but wrapped up development, and moved into our final testing and tuning phase.

Elite Levels – going beyond lv. 30
One of the biggest enhancements in our upcoming 1.04 patch will be increasing the allegiance level cap from 30 to 40. With the addition of 10 levels for every God allegiance — we are introducing a new item, two new relics, and an ultimate magic for every allegiance. For our Champions who have ascended to the highest levels, and for those on their way, now you have a new goal to reach. It will not be an easy journey.

We’ll have more info on Elite Levels and specifics surrounding the new abilities as we lead up to 1.04’s release at our official site, www.godofwar.com. It was important to us to let you know what’s coming up, and that this is just the beginning. We haven’t stopped working since Ascension’s launch, and we’re more excited than ever to keep improving Multiplayer with new features and gameplay enhancements such as this.


Champion Stats
We want you to show off! You will now be able to access your accomplishments in battles from the main menu. In addition to displaying your prowess in competitive combat, from death/kill ratios to win percentages, we want to see how you are faring in Trial of the Gods.

Our team hasn’t just been focusing on adding new content; we’re also working tirelessly to address prominent bugs and other issues denoted by the community.

Audio issues
We are very aware of the audio drop issues many have been experiencing. This was a critical fix for patch 1.04, as a powerful and immersive audio mix is such a tremendous part of the God of War experience.. We apologize again for those impacted and hope you can now better enjoy our sound team’s painstaking efforts.


Matchmaking optimisation
Our work in addressing this and getting players into matches as quick as possible is non-stop. We have already made numerous improvements based on your feedback at our boards and social channels, and have recently bolstered our ranks internally to make further improvements. You should be seeing marked improvements daily, please continue leaving any feedback at our message boards here.

Shard and unlock requirement fixes
We are addressing the shard issue preventing players from attaining the Spear of Destiny and Barbarian Hammer in 1.04 (and potentially sooner), and have made additional tuning changes, namely on weapon shard drops for some of the rarer weapons, as well as unlock requirements for certain armor pieces, weapon stats, and magics.

Patch 1.04 doesn’t stop there. We will share our full change-list closer to its release later this month. We are also on the cusp of our first DLC pack announcements. We’ve got some brutal new toys coming to assist you on the battlefield!

Keep following us @SonySantaMonica and our official website www.godofwar.com for the latest updates on when 1.04 will be dropping. Thanks. Do well, Champion… Ascend!

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will there be a patch fix an issue in trials of the gods? basically when it comes down to the last enemy on the map and the time has less than 6 seconds on it and you start the QTE you run out of time but during the black screen with the 2 player stats it will say the round that was next


Sounds good, the slow matchmaking and constant disconnects were what made me stop playing this game. Might give it another shot now.

the1free_man 04 April, 2013 @ 17:43

Boy, did you make a mistake with this game…


God Bless u SSM for ur hardwork,u have dedication to ur games like no other dev

PiccoroDaimaoh 04 April, 2013 @ 18:02

Thank you for the patch, SSM!

Bring on the DLC, my money is ready! :)

SadeghZoMBiE 04 April, 2013 @ 18:03

Great update, i hope this patch fix matchmaking cuz it keeps kicking me out of lobby

well im loving the MP part. any trophys coming for this? “hoping for a kz3 like platinum”. it really deserves it.

sad to se you cave for the masses.. thinking about the “we make hard easy for all, cuz you cant play on easy for some reason…”. the trails of archimedes was fine on hard – it was a challenge – but as all GoW puzzles/battles – when you find the right tactic, its easy.

rick_dangerous3 04 April, 2013 @ 22:12

hoping someone from SSM reads this : you’ve been the one that made me bought a ps3 with GoW3. Genius coders. Thumbs up for your work. Hope a new IP from you guys ^^. On ps4 of course ^^

Hi! Thanks for the updates.

Btw, can you comment on when will we be able to get that QA with the developer, from those questions we submitted and the prize winners?

fearlessjammy 06 April, 2013 @ 09:18

Dose that Audio patch has also fixed the sound problem with the single player because it’s very frustrating to see my most loved game to have such issues… Especially when I am showing off the game to someone.


After the latest update MP is unplayable, i get constant friendly fire harrasment with actual dmg(tethers and ability friendly fire) and fight confusion…allegiance switching is essentialy useless since i got exp only for hades after three different matches for different gods…spear of destiny is still unreachable even though i especialy go for a treasure hunt and open five or more white chests per round in team favour and at least one in every other mode… new additions to accessories are nice but new pieces of armor or weapons are nowhere to be seen or unlocked, nor has the lvl 30 armor gained any possibility to lvl further at least one lvl till lvl 40……i love the mp and i have been a fan & a participant since the first beta testing but this is quite a blow below the belt because even the first stability bugs and blocking bugs werent as annoying as these i mentioned

I am so disappointed to see (well, hear) multiple audio issues even after the 1.04 got applied, in the single player part of the game. It’s my first run, and sadly the experience is plagued with audio bugs (cut or no music, SFX level, etc.). That’s ruining such a great game…

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