Guacamelee! picks a fight on PS3 and PS Vita tomorrow

Guacamelee key art

Hey, all! I’m extra excited to announce that Guacamelee! comes out tomorrow on PS3 and PS Vita via PlayStation Store. €12.99/£9.99 will get you both the PS3 and PS Vita versions, though PlayStation Plus members can claim a 20% discount for two weeks from launch. Take a look…

Still here? Then allow me to add that Guacamelee! is a ‘Metroidvania’ style brawler that supports Cross-Buy, Cross-Save, Cross-Control, has a precious Platinum trophy, and comes complete with rapid punching action.

Punch, punch, punch! Speaking of which, you may now be saying, “Hey guy, what’s up with all of the punch talk?”

Guacamelee 3Guacamelee 4

Well, when we started making Guacamelee! we knew we wanted to include punching, but not just ordinary punching. We built a proof-of-concept demo, a video of which I have included below for your approval.

As you can see, we had blocking, we had holds, and we had charge-up moves. You’ll be interested to know that we now have none of those things! Why, you ask? Turns out that stuff slows down the pace of exploring an open world game, and like my wife always says, pacing is everything! But now I’ve disappointed you, so let me tell you what we do have:

  • We have punching and kicking… and posing!!!
  • We have throws! You can even buy more powerful throws as you progress.
  • We have rolling! If you’re overwhelmed or just feeling fancy, you can roll through enemies and parry their attacks.
  • We have overlapping worlds! Enemies can exist in different parallel dimensions, and if you’re not in the same dimension they are invincible. It’s just that simple.
  • We have special moves! They are extra powerful, and some enemies have aura-shields that can only be broken using specific attacks.

Guacamelee 1Guacamelee 2

Add that all up (punching, rolling, throwing, overlapping worlds, special moves and aura-shields) and I hope you’ll agree that Guacamelee! is the #1 Mexican-themed co-op multiplayer dimension-swapping Metroidvania beat ’em up platformer of the season. Hmmm?

Guacamelee 5

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Looks good and nice cross buy! 20% discount, I may just get this 2moro!

Gamesgbkiller 09 April, 2013 @ 19:06

Bought your first game .. it was fantastic .
I have 10$ .. which is not enough :(
But still going to buy this :)

no i put mony asite to buy terraria ( stil not in europe = tanks scee )
-soul sacrefice .
but nice to see other type of games

Awesome.. Been waiting for this for ages and great to see these cross buy games with the added extra plus discount.
It’s a day one but for me…. What’s the Vita file size??


I’ve seen enough of this game to make me interested, but knowing this is from the same team that made Mutant Blobs Attack on VITA makes this a MUST BUY!

As soon as the store updates tomorrow you will have my money!
I know you deserve it.
Cross-Buy, Cross-Save, and even Cross-Control… you guys went out of your way to please us gamers, so supporting you is the least we can do.

adaggerthrough 09 April, 2013 @ 19:15

I’ve been waiting for this for AGES. The PS+ discount makes it sweeter.

I’d purchase like 10 copies if I could.

It sounds great !
Offline coop multiplayer, or online ?

20% discount for PS+ users ftw! Certain buy now

Positronic_Brain 09 April, 2013 @ 19:30

20% off? Thanks! Now this is a sure day one purchase.

I too would like to know the filesize – I need to start making room for this in my Vita ;)


This was already a day 1, but with 20% off too? oh wait….

So excited for this. Good luck with the game guys, our review is here is anyone is interested.

Hexahedronaut 09 April, 2013 @ 19:47

“Tomorrow” riiight ill believe it when I see it tbh.


This is gonna be awesome! Can’t wait!


I’m playing it right now – awesome game!

To tell the truth, the videos don’t make me all that excited, but as I’ve played Mutant Blobs thanks to PS+ and totally loved that game, I’m going to give the devs credit and buy the game. The 20% discount makes it a day one purchase – there is no reason to wait.
I hope it sells well and they continue to make Vita games!

What is the file size? Any US players confirm this?

SolidPlatapus 09 April, 2013 @ 20:33

Definitely getting this tomorrow. Looks amazing!

Looks great, hopefully gonna pick it up for the vita. Whats the file size for the vita version & I know the ps3 version runs at 60fps, is this the case of he vita version?


@zedmayer, About 300 mb


Can’t wait for this game :)

bradigor1981 09 April, 2013 @ 21:53

Been playing all day and I am blown away by just how fun this is. I had work to do for my day job, but a quick session on this made me lose my lunch break and another hour. I was only interrupted when I got a call from my boss asking for an update on my work.

I need to find the right words for my review, but it will be gushing with praise.

Simply stunning.


Those horrible “memes” in the background automatically make the game a pass for me, Maybe in a sale down the line.


I just renewed my PS Plus subscription and i wasn’t thinking in buying any more games this month, however this 20% off + the great reviews that Guacamelee got make it a day one purchase! Sony is hurting my wallet =(


Certainly a must buy after your excellent Mutant Blobs Attack. Congratulations on the excellent reviews!

QUAD_Ouroboros 10 April, 2013 @ 01:17

METROIDvania? Heh. I know that’s the proper name of this genre but still, it brings smile to my face when i find this name thrown here. Anyway… seems like a sweet game. I’ll definitely pick it up later.


I’ll grab this later today. It looks like lots of fun.


I was just wondering if we were going to get a ps plus discount since SCEA did. I am definitely getting this once the store updates later today.


The reviews are through the roof, grats guys! Gonna pick this game up as soon as I’m home! :D


Looks very cool and @PMurphy1978 great site I’ll be checking it out regularly

20% off a game that will be given away for free on PS+ in six weeks? You must be joking right?

You’re paying £10 for the privilege of playing it early, that’s all.

It looks good and I’ll enjoy playing it. But I’ve been burnt too many times buying digital games on the PS3, and I always end up paying for them twice (original purchase and PS+ subscription).

Never again.

(Mr Smith, when Sony ask you to join the PS+ release program and perhaps mention the slow sales of Guacamele, ask yourself why they were so bad to begin with).

StefNighthawk 10 April, 2013 @ 11:00

buying the game because the developer had the courage to implement cross-controller functions and because of “metroidvania”

MrChilliBeer 10 April, 2013 @ 11:01

@PMurphy1978 I didn’t realize you we’re at the Vita Lounge, it’s a small world! I’ve been beating your Wipeout 2048 scores recently, read em and weep :)

I will probably pick up this game tonight, looks like buckets of fun.

I’ll definitely pick this up but will have to wait until I get paid next Friday. I hope this does well and we see your future games on Vita too.

Retro_Gamer_ 10 April, 2013 @ 14:18

Why both versions has the same price? but it’s not cross-buy? don’t make sense.


Loving this game on the vita, its like outland! Great review pmurphy1978. Thanks for making this crossbuy and the 20% off made this a day 1 purchase for me.

killer_skull86 11 April, 2013 @ 07:29

Does this have online multiplayer? Also if it doesn’t will it soon?

MrChilliBeer 11 April, 2013 @ 09:13

This game is fantastic, picked it up yesterday and have spent about an hour playing it. Love the meme references!

I absolutely fell in love with this game. It has one fatal flaw though: the post-hit invulnerability is shorter than standing up animation, which can lead to deadly chain reaction.

Guys, would you kindly release the soundtrack for this game? Some of the tunes are so groovy I want to be able to listen to them outside of the game.

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