Table Mini Golf tees off today for PS Vita


Time to grab your putter and head for the green, today see’s the release of the latest exciting AR Play game, Table Mini Golf – priced at €1.99.

This isn’t like any ordinary golf game, with the power of the PlayStation Vita, using the AR Play Cards, transform any flat surface into a crazy golf course. Watch as the world changes before your eyes using augmented reality; your table will morph into a series of themed golf courses, adding sloping hills, perilous drops, pits, hazards and much more.

Take up the challenge, competing on two themed courses that are waiting for you to tee off on. Both the Horror and Pirate courses have 18 holes that are split up into nine Rookie and nine Pro, you must test your putting skills to unlock holes, level up your golfer, achieve challenges and obtain in-game mementos and PlayStation trophies.


Both themed courses feature loads of unique obstacles and hazards. The Horror course sees you encounter the haunted woods; full of ghosts, graveyards and fiery pits, you should be afraid, very afraid. If you think you are brave enough to walk the plank then the Pirate course is for you. Put your skills to the test as you navigate around the sandy shores filled with treasure chests, trapdoors and sea creatures, this won’t be plain sailing.

The awesome thing about Table Mini Golf is the fact that you can play your shots from any angle, move the PS Vita to line up the best shots, apply the direction and power of the swing and go for that all important ‘Par’ score.


There are two game modes, ‘Free Play’ and ‘Elimination Tournament’. ‘Free play’ is a single player mode that allows you to unlock a series of holes, level up your golfer, completed hole challenges and gain mementos. The ‘Elimination Tournament’ is pass’n’play using a single PS Vita and has you compete against three other players made up of friends or AI based opponents, if you don’t make the cut then it’s tournament over!

So, all you need to do is select any of the three unique characters and head out to the tee. Also remember the more stylish the shot the bigger the points and score multipliers will be added, always good to show off on the course online leader boards, announcing to everyone you are a top golfer.

If that isn’t enough, the ‘Toy Land Course Pack’ is also available in-game or via the PlayStation Store, priced at €0.99. This adds a further 18 holes of madness based around a toy theme… spinning tops, tanks, magic hats will all add to the fun and games.

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Pre-ordered it so it have probably already autodowladed so will give it a try later today.

Pre-ordered, and downloaded it to my Vita Last night….

Amped to give it a shot when i get home!

DavidHolliss 10 April, 2013 @ 14:45

I pre-ordered and downloaded last night, had a real quick go once it was activated first thing this morning, looked pretty promising. Needs a well lit area to play in I did notice.

I did a quick game play of this AR game on my YouTube Channel.
Feel free to check it out, it’ll help me out a bunch :D


Mark O'Connor 11 April, 2013 @ 10:49

Awesome to see that you have got Table Mini Golf and you are already playing….now you have unlock the holes and complete the challenges to prove you are a top golfer.

Mark O'Connor 11 April, 2013 @ 10:46

At #1,2&3.

Great to see you have pre-ordered Table Mini Golf, this gives you the extra course as a bonus…..hope you enjoy it!!!

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