Soul Sacrifice demo out tomorrow, saves transfer to full game

Soul Sacrifice 02

I hope you’re ready for Soul Sacrifice – the demo will be available tomorrow afternoon on PSN!

Your first reaction to the demo might be, “Holy moly, this is a LOT of demo!” … and you’d be right! The entire first chapter of the full game is included, all of which is playable with up to three other friends via online or ad-hoc multiplayer. Inafune-san made it a special point for the demo to be quite substantial, as you can read in his comments below:

“The number one reason for the Soul Sacrifice demo to have a lot of content was to show the users the full attraction of Soul Sacrifice. We knew that cutting out a small section of the game and saying, ‘Isn’t this part fun?’ would not show the users the full potential of the game. We figured that it wouldn’t make sense if the users could not have the ‘I want to play more’ feeling.

“So, we decided we want to provide, at the very least, this amount of the game for the users. That is why, if you compare it to a standard demo, this became such a substantial piece. But we are confident that this will not become something negative where the users will feel like, ‘We played enough.’

“After we released the demo version in Japan we received many voices, saying ‘I want to play more’ and ‘I want to get more hooked on this game.’ That is why we believe making this demo with this amount of volume and detail was a success.”

Soul Sacrifice is a long adventure, with dozens of hours of gameplay. The demo is not only a great way to sample the full experience, but also to let you get a head start on that adventure before the game releases. To that end – this part is important, pay attention! – the save data will carry over to the full game! Not only that, if you do carry over demo save data to the full game, you will receive an exclusive bonus item: “Spirits’ Heart”! It summons a powerful stone golem that will fight for you!

Trying the demo and carrying over your save data is the ONLY way to get “Spirits’ Heart,” so why not give it a shot if you’re already interested in the game?

Soul Sacrifice 03

The Soul Sacrifice demo offers a single player mode AND a multi-player mode. Multi-player can be played via both ad-hoc and online, but please be aware that multi-player and all online features for the demo will be terminated and will no longer be available from 1st May 2013. After this date, you will still be able to play the demo offline and ad-hoc. Of course, that’s not a problem, since you’ll all be picking up the full game when it launches on 1st May, right? *wink*

Finally, don’t forget to pre-order! Not only do you get three exclusive Magic Offerings and two exclusive costumes, but you’ll also get the Japanese voice-over audio pack at no additional cost.

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FIRST!!! :D :P

i already have my pre-order ready for this game and i will try out the demo tomorrow :D

Awesome!! I seriously can’t wait for the demo. This game looks boss. And thanks for the save transferring to the full game! Awesome, great job guys. This is without a doubt a must buy for me. I know that the game is already awesome!

(mh637099) Congratulations, so your point was to comment “first” on the article than saying something useful about it?


I cant wait for this, can tomorrow come now?

DiscworldDeath 16 April, 2013 @ 16:09

Demo download size?

@Nazar_Ops I said that because it was posted 5 seconds before I posted the comment.


I still can’t fathom out why the first commenter always has to jump in exclaiming ‘first’ without anything adding anything of value!? Why?? With the big four-o right around the corner, perhaps I’m just a forty year old moody git! Yup, that’ll be it.

Anyways, I’ve been really looking forward to Soul Sacrifice ever since it was first announced (who hasn’t right!!), but I’m not sure whether or not to grab the demo tomorrow – I really want to soak it up and make the very most of the full game when my pre-order arrives! What to do, what to do?

Mmm, iIf there’s any new Vita downloads tomorrow, I leave it. If there’s nothing else for Vita, I will. With the exception of Guacamelee last week, it’s been pretty dry for new Vita content recently. I know the US got Dragon Fantasy today (yet another game they get months before us), but does anyone know what’s out tomorrow? Machinarium? Nun Attack? Anything?


Agreed! No more ‘Firsts!’ please!

It is a quiet week for Vita releases this week – a good chance to dive into this, I’d say.


Fantastic! Can’t wait to start playing tomorrow. SS is my most anticipated title this year and that’s saying a lot.


i am now /quitting this blog because its 99% vita news or complaints in comments about lack of vita news. one of these. 99% of people have a ps3 only but this blog completely lacks any benefit for ps3 owners. Also the store, i mean i click whats new this week and it shows me vita games and themes. Does Sony not care about the ps3 anymore?!

And when the ps4 comes I am definately not checking out this blog either, or visit the store. I will just buy the games I want and not let you spam me anymore with movie, music, vita and other BS stuff nobody cares about.

/rant off :)

Will any earned trophies carry over and unlock i nthe ful lgame that we earn in the demo?


I cannot wait for this game to launch, just looks brilliant!

Artemisthemp 16 April, 2013 @ 16:34

What about UK PPL?
To my information is Soul Sacrifice first been released in UK on May 3, 2013.


UK have been getting a lot of goods from Sony. So i think it’s all fair :P (Sorry UK people, but yeah. You got Video Store, PSM etc…)


This isn’t really my type of game in terms of theme. But I will certainly give it a try. :)



It’s released in the EU on 1st of May, but in the UK all new releases always come out on a Friday, so it would be the 3rd.

supersmith2500 16 April, 2013 @ 16:40

Getting this day one. This should be excellent.


The Dark Souls meets Monster Hunter game of my dreams.

Just perfect for a game of this type, I’m really impressed by the pre-order incentives! I also never knew it was a feature length demo, that’s a rare thing, however a good demo can make a world of difference. Just take the Burnout Paradise Demo way back, the reason I got to into that game on release.

For all this to be on a portable device! The PSVita has done nothing but impress me so far, really is a powerful peace of kit!

I would like to know how big the demo will be? as it would be good to prepre my vita for this.


Pre-ordered :D :D :D

dark_angel69 16 April, 2013 @ 16:53

So excited to try this. ^^ My Vita arrived this morning. WOOHOO!! Love my little machine already!! Sadly my memory card hasn’t arrived yet so all my downloads must wait until then. :( Should arrive tomorrow just in time I’d say. That Assassin’s creed game took up that 4GB card.

i have preorderd on psn ( hope no mistakes when dowloading , very please )

great save data to ful game + extra golem when u play = +100

launches on 1st May, right? *wink* lol u funy .

in Belgium also on friday buth them are changing to al day nowh ( sony need to update store also on dayli base ) .

nice to see 1 ting good tommoro ( hope to see terraria to , but wil be not again :( )

supersmith2500 16 April, 2013 @ 16:59

@Fred Dutton:
So no Vita games this week except the SS demo?



We’ll just have to wait till tomorrow when they officially release the details for this week’s content.

What size will the demo be?

21# I will be [CENSORED] off if they don’t have Dragon Fantasy 1 on the store tomorrow.

We still don’t have Nun attack and Machinarium and Quite alot of Ps3 PSN GAMES.

Can it be confirmed which UK retailer/s are offering similar pre-order bonus DLC, to what is being offered in North America via Amazon. With only about two weeks until launch this should really be sorted by now.

“Says on
“Soul Sacrifice Pre-order Bonus
Pre-order Soul Sacrifice and get bonus in-game content. Bundle includes two costumes to customize your character and Spirits’ Flamepike, Blightstone, and Fulgurwood magic items. The bundle also allows you to enhance your Soul Sacrifice experience with the original Japanese voiceover pack.”


If i get the demo and buy the retail version of the game will the game save carry on the retail version and how will i delete the demo to keep the save data?

“It’s a quiet week for Vita releases this week”

Isn’t that the case every week?

This game looks great, wish I still had my Vita for it.

extermin8or_ 16 April, 2013 @ 17:35

Can’t wait to see what this is like and try it- however what I REALLY want to know is where is Ratchet and Clank: Q Force for ps Vita…. been waiting for ever…


Already pre-ordered. Can’t wait to dig into the demo until the real deal arrives.

supersmith2500 16 April, 2013 @ 17:53

I don’t know, this could be a sign there is no Vita games this week except for the SS demo. Besides, look what how many games US has got for the Vita this month compared to Europe.

Also, since you can transfer saves from the demo. I might give it a try and get this game day one. Hope trophies will get unlocked once you start the game. Also, Day one purchase for me.

“It is a quiet week for Vita releases this week”.

It is always quiet for Vita. Quiet in the sales, quiet for releases….


Just a little, question. Can you give us a time for the release of the demo? Just want to make sure it’s useful to wake a little earlier to download it or not. (Going to work really early)


I guess I will have to download the demo to FINALLY find out if the online is going to be region locked. If I can’t play with my American friends, I’m cancelling my pre-order immediately.

I’m worried about the trophies. we won’t get any trophies from demo but what will happen when the demo save data transfers to the main game? Will we miss some of the earlier stories’ trophies or something like that?

Otherwise, can’t wait for the demo. Been looking for another multiplayer Vita game to play hours with my friend.


us playstation is died, go to check SS page! If you guys can open it

its not out yet.
is it going to be available at all countries associated with the EUR SEN/PSN?

The game can now be pre-ordered via PSN!!! Great price and it includes all pre-order exklusives.(1760MB)!/en-se/games/soul-sacrifice/cid=EP9000-PCSF00178_00-SOULSACDIGPREORD


I have it pre-ordered, but since you can carry over the save and get the Spirits’ Heart item I might as well try the demo while waiting for the game to arrive :)

can you DL the demo? bought the pre-order but can’t find it in the vita :'(

Artemisthemp 17 April, 2013 @ 09:55

#40 PSN will first around 16:00 GMT + 1 (Danish Time).
We may be lucky to have the Vita store update around 12:00 like it did with Atelier Totori Plus

wew. finally. time to download the demo.
thx #42 for sharing the link

btw, when i checked earlier in the morning SEN was under maintenance, its just that EUR SEN just finished it maintenance earlier than US SEN that’s why maintenance is prolly ongoing.

The demo is awesome, but MY GOD!! Do you need to change the voice actor of the Librom. This voice is just AWFUL!! Totally destroys the ambience of the game. You really need to give it a darker voice. Please fix this by adding a second voice option in a patch, cause this voice is just so annoying that I can barely stand it.

All in all, can’t wait to get the game, but I really hope you fix this isssue.


Do you always get the japanese voice-pack, no matter where you preorder it?

You Europeans should check out the U.S. Blog’s version of this post, there are over 7800 comments and still counting.

Maybe I’ll actually get a PlayStation rep to reply to me over here, the U.S. Blog folks don’t hardly give anybody the time of day, even when there is a small number of comments. Anyway, here goes nothing:

Please talk to your bosses about getting the Soul Sacrifice Vita Bundle de-regionalized so that other territories (NA, Europe, Australia, SA, ME) besides Japan can have them without the pain of importing.

Even if only one person from each territory bought one (which wouldn’t remotely come close to being the case, these things would sell like hotcakes), you just increased your market share by that many, and where one goes more will eventually follow, eagerly waiting for the next cool thing you release. Come on guys, this is simple economics 101 stuff I’m teaching you. ;)

Thanks for your time.

Demo is excellent!!
Although, I don’t understand why Merlin’s name changed to Magusar in the localised version.
Isn’t there going to be discrepancies if you buy the Japanese Audio pack??
I mean, you’ll be hearing “Merlin”, but the text would read “Magusar”.
Also, the ultimate forbidden spell “Excalibur” doesn’t have links to the name Magusar. The background lore seems a bit weaker because of this.

Lord_Gremlin 19 April, 2013 @ 21:21

I wish you’d clarified that preorder bonus situation. I want a physical copy, so I’ve preordered from one of well established local retailers (a while ago), but there’s still no info on preorder bonuses on physical edition in my country (Russia) at all. So, what is it? First print edition comes with DLC? Or only select retailers in select countries get it and all others are stuck with essentially botched edition? Will those preorder bonuses be available for purchase? I’m getting more and more sick of it really. I’m always willing to pay top money for games I like but this tendency of getting botched versions of games half the time because I’m not buying from a bloody UK retailers is really grinding my gears.
It’s first party, sure, but come to think of it GoW Ascension launch was ruined in Russia. Because SCEE shipped like 2 copies of collectors edition.

all i’m going to say is download this demo ! I’ve been playing it for nearly 20 hours ,so so hooked … bring on the full game can’t wait! Thanks Sony

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