Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut launches on PS3 next week

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The development of Deadly Premonition is sort of like finishing a full-length marathon… several times over. In other words, Deadly Premonition is my hobby, my business, my study, and my motivation in life – it’s an all-encompassing journey and adventure.

Especially to me, it has been a very vital tool to connect with people around the world. It’s a feeling that I equate with romance or marriage; like somebody I love dearly, or like a kid who will never listen to his parents. But I don’t have any kids though. Haha! It has been a wonderful journey, and one that I hope will continue to always live on.

I have always been surprised and humbled by the feedback that fans and press have given Deadly Premonition, and by the adornment and cult following that it has garnered. Personally, I would like to think that Deadly Premonition has received the status that it has because there weren’t really any games out at the time that were quite like it.

Fans who enjoyed the original will look to seek out another game that will provide them with a similar level of interest and excitement, but perhaps it’s that they are unable to find that same experience in other games… so they will then dub Deadly Premoniton a “cult” title, and will want to share their experience with somebody else; be it their friends, colleagues, or classmates.

It is because of the support we’ve received from fans who have emailed in, posted on forums, shared on social community sites, created fan stories and fan art, and generally helped spread the word, that Deadly Premonition was able to achieve this cult status. It is attributed to their movement, and I can proudly attest to that.

Of course, I don’t think the original version of Deadly Premonition was super-perfect. Still, I consider myself to be very fortunate and thankful to the fans that supported the original and had the sense that there was something more to Deadly Premonition (I call them “perceptive-sensory people”). Thanks to them, Deadly Premonition was able to avoid the disappearing in videogame history unnoticed.

We were actually working on the PS3 version while we were developing the original Deadly Premonition, but wound up facing several difficulties that lead to an indefinite postponement on the PS3 version’s release. And at the time, we very saddened to think that PS3 owners had ultimately lost the chance to play such a unique title like Deadly Premonition.

A few years later, my producer, Tomio Kanazawa, proposed that we develop a Director’s Cut of the game. Immediately, it made perfect sense for us to develop and release this game exclusively on the PS3. We saw it as a prime opportunity to share this open-world horror-mystery experience with those who previously did not have a chance or a way to play Deadly Premonition.

So, when Rising Star Games gave us an opportunity to make the Director’s Cut a reality, I started thinking about ways that I could captivate both old fans and interest new fans alike. It was once again time to return to Greenvale. It felt fresh, but at the same time familiar, as it was completely the same thinking process I had going into development back in 2010.
I feel that the Director’s Cut is really going to please both old and new fans alike.

I really hope as many people as possible enjoy this unique experience when it is released in Europe on 1st May. I invite you all to visit for more information. I love you all!

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Sorry to say this but…. it looks awful…


I can’t wait for it!

whiteboy38rams 23 April, 2013 @ 19:27

Dont be sad as i think your right :(

gamefreak666 23 April, 2013 @ 19:36

For those of you who think Deadly Premonition looks awful, yes you’re right. But when looking at artwork do people look at a Picasso and say “it’s not realistic enough so it’s terrible”? Do games like pac-man and tetris suddenly become bad games because the graphics are dated?
I have this for the 360 already and I’ve got it preordered for the PS3. ‘Flawed genius’ is how I would describe Deadly Premonition.

brother-arms 23 April, 2013 @ 19:38

I’m looking forward to this. I have been for a good while now. The gameplay aspect that you can wander the woodlen town, eat, sleep, run out of gas in your car, have to meet certain people at certain times and has this horror but quirky story to it. Its what i’ve been waiting for and unique to its kind.

A game that has some silent hill but heavily Twin Peaks charm added to it. I read past reviews and seen some videos and I taken by it.

Pre ordered and look forward to playing it :)

Pre ordered in 2012.

Whats up with PSN preorders? i have it orderd and according to my list i cant download until the 30th, four days after its out whats going on

I’m so tremendously glad that this is happening. I never got to play the original but I’m a huge Twin Peaks fan and was always sad that I never got the chance to play this. The amount of Lynch within it was palpable in random videos I saw and just as much how people would react to it going, what the hell is this? Haha, Can’t wait!


I Pre Ordered this on PSN this morning also. Its out on the 26th but says I cant download it till the 30th, What Gives? Im hoping the date will change in tomorrows store update

What is new in the director’s cut?

Got the game pre-ordered, never played the original game for the 360, so I’m really looking forward to it :)


I’m pre-ordering this as soon as I get paid this week. I loved the game on 360.

redalertrules 23 April, 2013 @ 23:47

Hi there cant find this game on any New Zealand retailer listings or for pre order on psn. Please can you tell me it will be on psn for us as love these types of games and want to support and play.


This looks fantastic!

Like a game from the golden age.

I appreciate the effort and time you and your team have put into this. I hope you get much success, we need completely new and unique games like this. Ever since Silent Hill collapsed with the disbanding of Team Silent (imo the biggest tragedy to gaming in some time as they were an unbelievably talented team) and the American sell out on Konami’s part, that kind of game or experience has all but gone.
I’m not expecting Silent Hill, but you’re half way there with the Lynch influence. This looks like a whole new experience!

I absolutely look forward to picking this up.

I have to wonder, what would a big budget Deadly Premonition look like…? Then again, maybe that would erase it’s charm.

oh man can’t wait for this.

I have been looking forward to this one for a while.

My pre order is already on it’s way, can’t wait to play :D


This game does have awful graphics and dodgy controls (on 360 at least) but is honestly the best game ever. Imagine GTA mixed with Silent Hill with a heavy Twin Peaks influence and inspiration. Equally surreal, deep and brilliant. I’ve also had this on preorder since 2012 even though I’ve finished the 360 version 3 times.

Yes it looked like a PS2 era game and the yes the controls were a bit dodgy (but hey auto-aim went straight for the groin (a bit understandable when you see what you are shooting) Who knew the dead could limbo?

Fantastic game and just received confirmation my pre-order has been shipped. Can’t wait to see what extras are in this version. Glad I was able to constrain myself and not order the Japanese version Red Seeds Profile.

Graphics aren’t everything, this and Earth Defence Force 2017 are two of my favourite games from this gen. Neither had great graphics but both games were so much fun

As others have said this now says it won’t be playable till the 1st of May but when I pre ordered it it said the 26th,any info on why this has changed?

supersmith2500 26 April, 2013 @ 16:54

Why next wednesday?

Silver-Seraphim 01 May, 2013 @ 11:31

Has this been delayed again? My auto download had been changed to the 3/5 but I thought it was meant to be out today. I can’t download it from the store either. Plus Sony has already taken the money.

LethargicFrenzy 01 May, 2013 @ 16:21

Same here. Delayed again and money taken! I didn’t mind the first delay too much, at least they emailed and informed us, but mainly it was cool because they didn’t take the money. Now I have been charged, despite it being delayed AGAIN. Or is it…..? Its a total mess. The ‘coming soon’ section of the store still has the preorder available, the ‘new this week’ section has DP:DC listed but it cannot be downloaded. The release date in the preorder section says today (1st May) but my auto download says 3rd, playable on 4th. I don’t understand, why did they charge people if they knew they were delaying it? Seems very odd.

Tempted to get a refund (if I can) and buy the disc version. One things for sure, I won’t be preordering via psn again.

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