Soul Sacrifice pre-order extras showcased in new trailer

Hello, PlayStation friends! We hope you’re enjoying the recently released Soul Sacrifice demo! Please remember that online multiplayer support for the demo will end when the game launches, so if you’ve been curious to see how the infrastructure online handles, check it out sooner rather than later.

Just as importantly: your save files carry over to the finished game, and doing so is the only way to get your hands on a special magical Offering, so why not give the demo a try if you haven’t yet?

The full game will be out in a week, but there’s still time left to pre-order! Instead of yet again writing about all the goodies set aside for folks who reserve their copies, we decided to make a video showing off what’s included. Enjoy!

We’ve got plenty more to share, including the second and final part of our special sit-down with designer Keiji Inafune, so keep checking PlayStation Blog as release day approaches!

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Lord_Gremlin 24 April, 2013 @ 19:30

What I must say… Renaming Merlin and Nimue (Magusar and Sortiara? Who’s to blame for this crime?), Librum English voice is just broken – where’s female part? You just made some botch job in sound editor, you cheap… Generally censoring Arthurian themes… Holy Grail renamed Chalice or what?
Horrible. Still buying it, because thanks to your online passes asian copies won’t work online on our EU accounts. I hope later on there will be a complete edition with everything on cart, online pass included. Asian one. For now digital EU copy will do.
But really, dumb censorship is dumb and ruined voice is ruined. At least Japanese VO is included.

will the save data from the demo carry on to the full game if i buy the full game on disk instead of digital?
and will the japanese voice over code be a separate code than the weapons because the japanese voice over will just take up space?

Lord_Gremlin 24 April, 2013 @ 19:39

Speaking of weapon codes, word is – those exclusive offerings, how to say it better, are useless. Just how strong are they? 3-star gold? Silver? Basic? Can you farm then anywhere to boost or they’re, like, basic offerings that can not be boosted (therefore useless and after playing the demo doubly so).
I mean, you can farm enough in the demo to get gold level stuff 30 seconds into full game. Basic exclusive offerings are sort of insulting.


I have to agree with lord_gremlin on the renaming I don’t understand why ruin a dark retelling of Arthurian legend by coming up with some random no-names? Even weirder that if you get the Japanese voice pack that the names will still be Merlin, Nimue etc….

Artemisthemp 24 April, 2013 @ 21:06

#2 Yes Demo will transfer over into Full game on Cartridge.
Just don’t delete the demo.

If I pre-order a physical copy through any online retailer like Amazon, will the pre-order bonuses work?
Or are they specific only to some retailers / only for PSN / official Soul Sacrifice website pre-order?

Help, Please.
No matter where I looked, I can’t find a place to Pre-Order a European boxed-version of the game (That comes with the detailed Extras).
A specific link would be nice.

dark_angel69 25 April, 2013 @ 00:41

Have a question that goes round in my mind. Why is it that this game is set at £30 and yet it is a very long game and is very popular while all the bad reviewed games which are loads shorter happen to be more expensive?

Is a UK site ok for you?

great game + great price

only date = 1st may in belgium i tink .


I am looking forward to the final game after playing the great demo.

But… Chris Brown, can you comment on why you (Sony) butchered the character names and Arthurian themes? I find it quite interesting to hear why you deliberately destroyed the original creative work. I don’t understand the thought process behind this, at all. Please elaborate.

FalleN-AnJeL 25 April, 2013 @ 09:21

Do you have any plan to online pre-oredr the game from PSN? I hope you put the game on PSN next week and it has a digital version

Pre-ordered this game from ShopTo. I think they are the only ones offering pre-order bonuses for the physical copy in EU. Also a 25% discount. Forget about Amazon in this case. The digital version is slightly cheaper, but I prefer the boxed version with reversible cover (and to save some memory card space).


Thanks to all the ShopTo recommenders! You really saved me here.
I just Hope that ’cause I don’t live in the UK, that my game will get later.

Thanks for the ShopTo link! MaxiM_82: any idea on how long does it take to ship to Poland and is it realiable? I’ve only used amazon so far, shipped free through DHL in about 4-5days to Poland. Thanks!
Cannot wait for the game by the way!


Ok, I have criticized SCEE for good reasons before but this time I have to congratulate them in regards to Soul Sacrifice.
The game, published by SCEJ, is very reasonably priced in all currencies for once and I applaud you for that.

Moreover, this is the first game that interests me whose digital price is actually lower than it’s retail counterpart, at least, where I live.

The pre-order bonuses are meaningful for once and I’m talking about the Japanese voice-overs, not the shallow costume thing that plagues the industry recently.

All in all, good job. I have pre-ordered the game but please don’t mess this up with the release date. I expect to be able to play it on May 1st.

u can pre download the game nowh from u download list ( key to play on day i tink )
but why , soul sacrefice pre order entitelment u have mesage can not download tru vita ( in the download list)?

japanese voice pack u have option buton to download on day of lounch

on ps3 soul sacrefice pre order entitelment do have also option to dowload on lounch day

( only warning u , u have time to fix ;) )


Can’t wait for this game. I’ll get it on 29th or 30th because May 1st is a red-letter day here in Hungary. :)
I wonder when we’ll get a boss DLC for this. Japanese gamers have had a few free bosses now, but they got the first nearly a month after the release. I hope we won’t have to wait that long. :)

I’m gathering friends for the full game (and for the demo of course) so if anyone wants to team up for some hacking add me on PSN. ;)

Default-Gamedude 25 April, 2013 @ 16:17

Just pre-orderd the game yesterday, can’t wait until it releases! I played the demo for about ten hours now. I love this game :)

Just pre-ordered the game yesterday, awesome demo… one of the games was waiting since i bought vita. Ill gona sacrifice you all haha !!!

I loved the demo and already pre-ordered the game :) Gonna start downloading on the 1st :D Hope Sony starts to market Soul Sacrifice in the West soon. The demo could only convince people who own Vita to the game (it sold it on me), but this game can actually move a few Vitas if you market it to other people. Hope Sony didn’t hire that new marketing team only with PS4 in mind and Vita will also get some clever advertising, cause it needs it badly.

dark_angel69 27 April, 2013 @ 22:35

Not after I sacrifice you first. :P

Loving the demo more and more each day. It is quite an addictive game. Have my game pre-ordered and cant wait for it :D

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