Episodic adventure Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery coming soon to PS Vita

Greetings PlayStation Blog. Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery is an episodic adventure brimming with weird and wonderful characters and a host of brain teasing puzzles. We’re delighted to show you some screens from the game, and give you some insight into the world of Jacob Jones.

So firstly, the polite thing to do would be to introduce you to our hero, although he’s a slightly younger hero than you may be used to. Without further ado, meet Jacob Jones, the latest arrival at Camp Eagle Feather, the newest and best Summer Camp.


Now Jacob isn’t one to mix with other kids – he prefers the great outdoors and the company of his parents, so spending his summer with a load of weird kids at Summer Camp isn’t exactly his idea of fun. However, when he stumbles upon the mysterious Bigfoot, his summer takes on a whole new twist.


Developed using the powerful Unreal Engine 3, it has a charming visual style and an artistically unique world which is inhabited by vinyl toy characters. Coupled with this we have all of the technical bells and whistles you would expect to find on a cutting edge PlayStation Vita title.


Since the PS Vita system was announced we firmly believed that developing a casual and accessible title, whilst using the latest technology, would allow us to create beautifully imagined worlds that sit perfectly on the PS Vita system’s gorgeous screen.

By working with some of the world’s best puzzle creators, as well as the BAFTA nominated writer George Poles, we feel that we have surrounded the talented team at Lucid with true experts in their field, and created a truly beautiful and unique world for you to explore.


Look out for more from Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery in the coming weeks as we delve deeper into the background of the main characters, reveal a little about what’s going on at Camp Eagle Feather, and also reveal how some of the fiendish puzzles were constructed. Stay tuned!

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Game looks great, loving the style! Is this planned for a summer release?


Sooner than the summer (not that we get much of a summer in the UK) Not sure I’m allowed to give a specific date, I’ll check and see..


I think I’m ok to say it will be out in May…

Finally something new!! I’m tired of reading about rereleases of old games (not that it’s a bad thing, but it’s been too much lately). Can’t wait to hear more about this game :-)


me parece bien que salgan nuevas ips y juegos nuevos para vita seguid asin sony ;) abeis sacais todos los hd tambien eso estaria puafff


My Spanish isn’t great, but the game is translated to Spanish so hope you enjoy!

It looks gorgeous, I love the art style. Already looks like a day one purchase.


thanks, that’s great to hear!


Gorgeous art style, puzzle based adventure, and looks unique – Young JJ has our interest, lets hope that the guys at Lucid can keep it? Definite potential here!


We’ll do our best to keep you’re interest levels up, check out our facebok and twitter pages for more info @jacobandbiggie and https://www.facebook.com/JacobJonesAndTheBigfootMystery

Is the game touch only? Or will it have suport for buttons aswell?


it is touch only, but it’s been designed that way from the outset so hopefully you’ll get along with it just fine!

I’m already sold on the art style alone. Can’t wait to find out more about this title.

Looks really nice, I’m just concerned about the use of Unreal Engine 3 because all the Vita games using it so far except maybe ‘Smart as…’ look super rough.

If that 960×544 “Help Jacob Explore” shot is indeed a native Vita capture, you’ve done a much better job than everyone else.



The quality of games on Unreal Engine is up to the skills of the developers. The reason most games aren’t up to the standard of AAA Unreal games is because;

a) They don’t want to put effort into it other than release a game.
b) The developers aren’t as knowledgeable in utilising UE3’s full capabilities.

I know because I’m a developer using UE3/UDK myself.


The game looks good, but the last image gives the impression that the puzzles are Professor Layton-style. In other words, that they have no relationship to the storyline at all. I’d like it to be more like a classic adventure, not just puzzles with cutscenes between them.


All of the puzzles are tied completely into the story, with plenty of exploring for you to do in-between…


Wait Lucid games, lol I thought I was going to see a racer when I read “Posted on 26 April by Nick Davies – Co-founder, Lucid Games”

Dont have PSV so wont be getting this game,but it looks interesting.


Well there’s more to come from Lucid this year :-)



Can we expect to see your games released on psn ?

Great art style!

Please answer, will the game have 3d graphics?


Yep it’s a full 3D adventure!



Hopefully someday. I develop for iOS at the moment.


Vita is great to develop for, loads of great indie games too, you should give it a go..



Brilliant ! Good luck with that :)

And Nick you have a sale here ! Game looks brilliant can’t wait to try it.


Thanks a lot, hope you enjoy it!



Thanks :)

Nick, can’t wait to play this. makes a nice change of pace among all the other games available.


Thanks, we think it feels right at home on the Vita…


You mentioned it’s touch only. Are you referring to the puzzles only or the whole game? I was hoping/thinking it would have 3D adventure elements that are controlled in a traditional analog stick-button fashion.


@Nick Davies Thanks for the reply. If it does have a good balance of puzzles and exploration it’ll be great. It’ll be a day one purchase for me, my Vita needs moar new games that aren’t just ports :D

Looks nice and cool… will keep an eye on this one and hope the price is right!?
Any chance of a demo?


I see this game is also coming to ios as well will pick up that version too. Will the ios version have GameCenter support ?


Since playing The Walking Dead I really see how Episodic gaming can work, it was fantastic and actually felt like a number of stand alone episodes as opposed to just splitting up a larger game to cash in. How is the episodic structure going to work here in terms of the length of each episode, how many in total, How often will they be released, is Season pass available?

Looks great by the way can’t wait

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