New Diggs Nightcrawler video: Who bumped Humpty?

Hello again everyone, and time for another update on our murder mystery.

In this diary we introduce our hero, Diggs Nightcrawler, a bookworm private detective from Library City. Diggs is a stoic, dyed-in-the-wool character whose external cool is challenged mere moments after you open the book and arrive in his office.

He’s always worked alone, and that’s done him just fine… until now. Throughout the course of the adventure, circumstances conspire against Diggs and he’ll rely more and more on your help. With Diggs’ trust earned, together you can solve the mystery of who bumped Humpty and restore harmony to Library City.

Creating a truly narrative-driven game presented some unique challenges. The story, characters and world were crafted specifically with Wonderbook in mind. We knew from day one that we could use the PlayStation Eye camera to put the player into the same physical space as the game characters, and that the player would then have control over the game world by manipulating the Wonderbook. This yielded a natural division of special skills between Diggs and the player, which we used as a foundation for gameplay – Diggs and the player working together to progress.

As an autonomous character, our golden rule was that the player would never directly control Diggs. Likewise, we avoided any interaction that would undermine Diggs’ character – after all he’s a great detective and the player (at least at the start of the game) is new to the business!

2003_Diggs screenshot 03

With these rules in mind, the story and gameplay were developed in tandem. The starting point was the key story beats, for example ‘Diggs meets player’, ‘Diggs chases villain’, ‘Diggs gets framed for Humpty’s murder’ and so on. In each case we then challenged the beat for gameplay potential, asking what the player could do, what Diggs could do, where it would take place and how the environment could be constructed on the Wonderbook.

Often we’d reject story beats which gave little gameplay opportunity or gameplay ideas which conflicted with the story or characters. In the end the story and gameplay are tightly interwoven such that there are no inconsequential interactions, and everything that the player does drives the story forwards.

If you’ve ever wanted a starring role alongside a great detective (your Watson to Diggs’ Holmes), keep your eyes peeled for more Diggs Nightcrawler updates to come!

Diggs Nightcrawler will be released from 29th May 2013, exclusively on Wonderbook for PlayStation 3.

1784_Diggs character sheets humpty

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Looking forward to playing this. :)

P.S Watch out for the onslaught of spammers moaning about the SingStar Icon. Doesn’t bother me, it’s just an icon like any other.

Awh man stop putting out news on this I wanna play it :( but can’t justify buying all the extra crap for my ps for one game…



It’s not extra c**p. It’s essential equipment that enhances the player experience and will also carry over to PS4.

@MaxDiehard The software and camera are for sure not carried over to PS4. You get a new camera with the system. Maybe the current move is usable with the PS4 but we don’t know for sure and we also don’t know if you have to buy a new book.

The game looks fun but how replayeble will it be?

Nathan Baseley 30 April, 2013 @ 15:58

Hi OttoT. Glad you’re liking how the game looks. Regarding replayability, there’s a lot to see with repeated plays, with lots of detail you’ll miss first time and a twist or two that will change the way you see things. But specifically in terms of gameplay, on second playthrough you’ll have access to something we call ‘Point-n-Sleuth’, a cool detective camera that works with the PlayStation Move motion controller. There are specific challenges to complete as well as a freeform photo and video capture mode.



I’m aware the PS4 has a new dual camera.

The current Move ‘is’ being carried over as seen with Media Molecule’s tech demo. But the book will remain as the AR Symbol tracking wouldn’t be any different were they to make a new one.

As far as we’re aware, there is no backwards compatability with disks, but nothing has been said on digital content. There is a chance it will still be playable on PS4 through Gaikai streaming.

We’ll just have to wait until E3 to find out full details.

@MaxDiehard how is the camera and move essential equipment?? This is the first and only game on the ps3 that uses them that I wouldn’t mind playing but shelling out for a controller, camera and book on top of the game price just seems stupid. And to be very honest if the ps4 makes the eye and move etc “essential”… well that’s another in the “con” column for me.

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