CounterSpy prepares to infiltrate PS3 and PS Vita

CounterSpy on PS3 and PS Vita

Hello, PlayStation.Blog compadres! I’m one of the co-founders of Dynamighty, a small independent studio situated in lovely San Francisco. We’re a squad of ten, founded by a core team with prior experience at LucasArts and Pixar.

When Sony asked us to write a quick post to tell you a bit about our game, we met the request with excitement (“YES! We get to start talking about our game!”) and terror (“CRIPES! Now we’ve got to deliver…”) – a range of emotions that’s par for the course for devs during a production timeline.

Truthfully, we ARE super-excited to finally be able to start talking about our labour of love, our very first game: CounterSpy (working title), a side-scrolling action game being developed for PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and mobile platforms.

As an elite member of C.O.U.N.T.E.R., your goal is to infiltrate, sabotage, and strike at the very heart of two opposing Super Powers embroiled in a frenetic Arms Race that threatens the existence of humanity. You are countering the insane plans of these Cold War foes, raiding their seemingly impregnable bases and undermining their sinister machinations, all before they can launch their ever more diabolical weapons of mass destruction against each other.

In fact, one of the levels we’ve been working on this month has you going behind the Iron Curtain to penetrate a secret military base that is preparing a deadly new rocket for launch. As the countdown to launch ticks away, you’ll fight through hordes of well-armed representatives of the card-carrying oligarchy that object to your presence.

Get to the rocket in time and you can sabotage the guidance system, causing a launch day explosion and getting you a nice fat bonus from C.O.U.N.T.E.R. HQ. It sounds like a tall order, but fret not: you’ve got a broad arsenal at your disposal, including a cool selection of prototype weapons that you will unlock as you steal collections of blueprints.

CounterSpy on PS3 and PS Vita

At Dynamighty, we are huge fans of side-scrollers. CounterSpy is our love letter to the genre. Just thinking about some of the classic games that shaped our childhood – Flashback, Out of this World, Impossible Mission, Metroid — we’re inspired to deliver something that brings our own voice to the genre.

The ’50s/’60s Cold War aesthetic of CounterSpy is borne of our love for classic espionage movies and television shows, side-scrolling action games, and the strong graphic styling of the ’60s. The setting was driven by a fundamental part of our vision at Dynamighty, which is to build games around themes and settings that we love and have inspired us across movies, TV, music or literature.

In this case, there is SO much rich inspiration to geek over from that era: the Bond movies, the classic Mission Impossible TV show, the graphic designs of Saul Bass, the cool mid-century architecture of that era… We love it all and we believe it is important that the games we make have a really distinctive, strong visual style.

Although it’s primarily a single player game, we are working on some interesting ways to let you compete with friends that go a little beyond traditional high scores. We are also very eager to talk about more about our cross-platform plans, including how the PS3 and PS Vita versions can work with the extended gameplay you can get from also downloading and playing on a mobile device. You know, the device you use to post Instagram photos of your cat, tweet your awesome lunch plans, or play those free games that don’t seem to ‘quite’ give you enough gems to get to level 4. It’s OK; we do those things, too!

From all of us at Dynamighty, thank you for reading! We hope you’ve enjoyed this small taste of what we’ve been working on. We’ll be sharing more as we go, including some of the cool stuff we have planned for the social side of the game. Until we meet again!

CounterSpy on PS3 and PS Vita

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Asthetically, this looks beautiful – i cant wait to see gameplay!

I think Vita will be my choice to play this game. Looking forward to seeing more soon.


looks great. Someone at SCEE opened the flood gates on announcing new PS4/PS3/PSVita indies games to be revealed. Hat’s off to doing this as it’s nice to get these games some media coverage before the inevitable E3 hype train arrives. :)

The art direction is beautiful. Really stunning work. Well done. I look forward to seeing and hearing more of the game :D

Indeed, this looks marvelous. It instantly reminded me of Another World.

I was puzzled that Flashback (also a master piece) was mentioned, but not Another World then. Till I reminded myself that you Yankees called it Out of this world. ;)

Will your CounterSpy be equally hard as those classics or is it “user friendly” (aka cakewalk), as most games are in these days?


finally! a flashback x project firestart game.
Thank you!!!!

CoolRichy007UK 08 May, 2013 @ 00:55

WOOHOOO another indy game YESSSS keep them coming sony and pleaze give laods of indy games to arron soilder to shut him up lol

TW1STEDH34T 08 May, 2013 @ 01:24

I am intrigued. I can’t wait to see more of it. :D

Impossible Mission on C64 brings back good memories!
It said “Another visitor, stay a while, stay forever” over and over again. It was the first game that I had heard that had a voice sample in it lol. God I’m getting old.
Can’t wait what you guys are making, looks very promising!


The stylization is certainly captivating. Lookin’ great!

dogwalker4000 08 May, 2013 @ 09:21

Loving the style and like the idea that your games will have distinctive themes, keeps things fresh and unique. Not sure if I’m completely sold on this just yet though but I will certainly keep my eye on it :)

Good luck.

KnightTemplar_D 08 May, 2013 @ 10:01

No AAA games, no system-sellers. You should tell us that PS Vita will be indie-games console at the launch, and do not lie about PS3 games experience on the go.

Almost all of the internal studios are working for PS4 games and thinking about development for Vita as a punishment. Third-party are not interested in Vita with such sales, so only small indie games we can count on.

Take a look at the this year announcements – small indie games, trash from mobile phones with extra price and thats all.

Great job! Very nice hardware and poor support from Sony. So why did you create PS Vita then?

Looks interesting, certainly something I will keep an eye out for.

Splutterbug 08 May, 2013 @ 11:27

Love the art style, can’t wait to see more


What about Counterstrike and will these games come to EU PSN last?

this looks like the art work was heavily inspired by constructivist artists and BRUTE (Aidan Hughes). Very nice, think the art style alone sells this title ^_^

AaronSOLDIER 08 May, 2013 @ 15:21

@12 I’m saying nothing lol

roalvarez1979 08 May, 2013 @ 17:00

looks beautiful!


art is cool, im wondering if NATO has a different art then USSR, must buy

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