PlayStation Home update: Beware Killer Plants!

PS Home will briefly be offline from 8.00am GMT on Wednesday 8th May for routine maintenance. Here’s what to expect after the update…

Killer Plants from Outer Space
From the creators of Savage Moon comes Killer Plants from Outer Space: a new reverse tower defense strategy game for Playstation Home. Take on the role of Professor Fred Jean, bio-mechanical engineer extraordinaire, to overcome the hordes of killer plants skilfully created by Ginger, your enemy and wife. You have one advantage over Ginger; you can spawn up to 18 different creature combinations, each with special abilities and functions. Issued with your very own flying saucer; the Scout Ship, you take on five terrifying plant species scattered across 10 alien landscapes.

VEEMEE 3D Printer
Bring your personal space bang up to date with the laser-driven technical marvel that is the VEEMEE 3D Printer. No more (virtual) trips to the (virtual) mall for (the virtual) you. Instead you can stay at home and manufacture a wide variety of (virtual) items in the comfort of any personal space. Hologram Chair, Beast Companion, Ninja Throwing Stars, Seagull Hat or… Feet for Hands..? All these and more can be printed out in a few seconds for you and your friends.

Keep coming back to your 3D Printer to see if anyone has bought gifts for you, and to check out the regular updates and promotions. Visit Home Square to be rewarded your very own free 3D Printer with 50 free vouchers and get printing today.

Character outfits from “Kanazawa Independence Front” are here – a Military Science Fiction work set in the city of Kanazawa currently being developed by Granzella. Wrap yourself up in the KIF outfits and become Lieutenant Suzumiya and Colonel Kurahashi!

The blazer-type school uniform has arrived. Dress stylishly and a youthful mood will blossom from within! Let’s enjoy the school life while dressed in colourful student clothes!

Wear the Beach Sandals of your choice and enjoy the sandy beach! If you’re worried about the sunlight, be sure to bring a Straw Hat too!

Hellfire Games
Unlock Home Tycoon’s biggest expansion pack ever for 35% off this week in PS Home! Now through May 12, the “Big Science” expansion pack is available for 35% off, plus all New City purchases are half price! Hurry, this sale will be gone at the end of the week.

Atom Republic
Zoom around PS Home at top speed with Atom Republic’s Minikarts: you’ll be spoilt for choice with 9 colours to choose from! The exhausts smoke, the engine roars, and flames come out as you boost…

Perform timeless classics from around the world with Atom Republic’s Traditional Dance Moves: featuring Line-dancing, Belly-dancing, Indian dance, Hawaiian Hula, Capoeira and the Cossak jumpstyle!

Vertigo Apartment
Those who have played Xi: Continuum will tell you how great the Vertigo Apartment looks. The fully unlocked apartment is now available for anyone to purchase and enjoy. For only a small amount extra, purchase the “Xi: Continuum – Axiom Agent Pack” in the nDreams shop and obtain the game version of this apartment and access to Xi: Continuum, the exciting PlayStation Home adventure game featuring an evolving story, playable missions, and rewards.

Original Xi Hoverbike Locomotions
There will be quite a few of you who remembered playing Maximum Tilt during the original Xi and have the Hover Bike ornaments. We hope you remember how to ride because the Xi Hoverbikes are coming to PS Home as Locomotions this week.

New clothing hits the Threads store with Hipster, Rockabilly, Hip Hop and Emo themed sets for men. For women, there’s a stylish cocktail dress, a blazer and skirt, plus new tops, purses and hairstyles.

More amazing Wrangler clothes this week. An all-new range of shirts, shorts, tops, jackets, jeans, and dresses including the classic men’s Leather Bomber Jacket and the Spencer Rinsewash denims. Ladies, don’t miss the Loretta dungarees and the Authentic Jacket & Louisiana Tank top combo. Check out these items and more in the Wrangler Store, there are many items to choose from so you can always find what you need to create your own style.

peakvox labs
This week OTWO allow you to take your experiments on the move with some fetching new long coats and a variety of items to lend you a hand in the fiendish peakvox labs games!

That’s all for now. See you in PlayStation Home!

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CoolRichy007UK 07 May, 2013 @ 17:46

only 2 things that intrest me

1 the printer & the race cars :D

yorkypud1976 07 May, 2013 @ 20:52

How many spaces will the printer take up? hopefully not as many as the aquarium which is WAY too many btw


Will we be seeing any new Pottermore content soon?

CoolRichy007UK 08 May, 2013 @ 00:48

yorkypud1976 best name ever :D

i think each 3D printed item might be 5 6 slots or less but some items are clothes ;)

CoolRichy008UK 09 May, 2013 @ 11:44

well as long as ps home will be on ps4 with everything we bought me and other people will be happy if it isnt prepair for loads of moaning people sony about 30 million of them :D

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