‘Heads-up’ PlayStation Store update, 15th May 2013

First up this week, the much applauded Terraria makes its way to PlayStation 3. Dig, fight, explore and build your way through its enormous sandbox environments. The world is your canvas – make it your own!


Also well worth your time, Jacob Jones And The Bigfoot Mystery on PS Vita. Something strange is going on at Camp Eagle Feather, so it’s up to Jacob and Biggie to get to the bottom of it all. Explore a 3D world full of twists, turns and ingenious puzzles as you meet a cast of weird and wonderful characters in a truly original and unforgettable tale.

Check out other exciting content such as online shooter DUST 514, atmospheric FPS Metro: Last Light, a demo for Resident Evil Revelations, brilliant indie shoot ’em up Velocity Ultra for PS Plus, and something that I’m super-excited about – Blade Wolf DLC for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. All this and plenty more await…

New PlayStation Network content

Content may be added or removed, or move dates – please stay tuned to your weekly Store Update for the most up to date listings. Listed savings are approximate, based on SRP excluding Special Offer pricing and should be considered as a guide only.

PlayStation Plus

Velocity Ultra (PS Vita) – 100% off

PS3 pre-order

FUSE – Fusion Pack pre-order bundle
Price: £55.99/€69.99
PEGI: 18
Availability: All

PS3 games

DUST 514
Price: Free
PEGI: 16
Availability: Not available in Germany

DUST 514 (includes 2,000 AUR)
Price: €0.99
PEGI: 16
Availability: Germany Only

Mad Dog 2: The Lost Gold (Trial available)
Price: £6.49/€7.99
PEGI: 16
Availability: All

Metro: Last Light (available from 17th May)
Price: £47.99/€59.99
PEGI: 18
Availability: All

Star Wars Pinball (Try before you buy)
Price: £7.99/€9.99
PEGI: 12
Availability: All

Terraria (Trial available)
Price: £11.99/€14.99
PEGI: 12
Availability: All



PS3 demos (Free)

Resident Evil Revelations
PEGI: 16
Availability: Not available in Germany

PS Vita games

Jacob Jones And The Bigfoot Mystery
Price: £1.59/€1.99
Availability: All

Star Wars Pinball (Try before you buy)
Price: £7.99/€9.99
PEGI: 12
Availability: All

Velocity Ultra
Price: £6.49/€7.99
PEGI: 12
Availability: All



PlayStation Mobile

Reversi Multiboard
Price: £3.19

Price: £1.19

Flight of the Turtle
Price: £1.59

Price: £1.59

PS2 games

Price: £7.99/€9.99
PEGI: 18
Availability: Not available in Australia, Germany, Kuwait, New Zealand, Qatar, UAE




Borderlands 2

  • Psycho Pack

Prices: £7.99/€9.99
Availability: All

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 (Releasing 16th May)

  • Uprising

Prices: £11.59/€14.49
Availability: All

Dragon’s Dogma

  • Bitterblack Armor Pack (£2.39/€2.99)
  • Bitterblack Armor Preview (Free)

Availability: All

Dust 514

Availability: All

Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires

Availability: All

God Of War: Ascension

Guardians Of Middle-Earth

Prices: £1.59/€1.99
Availability: All

Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory

Prices: Free
Availability: All

LittleBigPlanet Karting

  • Marvel Heroes Costume Pack 6 (£4.79/€5.99)
  • Marvel Costume Heros Pack 5 (£4.79/€5.99)
  • Playstation®Move Heroes: Sly Raccoon And Bentley Costume Kit (£2.39/€2.99)

Availability: All

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Prices: £5.49/€6.99
Availability: All

Pro Foosball™ Fireball Tournament
Prices: £0.79/€0.99
Availability: All


Availability: All

Sniper Ghost Warrior 2

  • Multiplater Pack (Free)

Availability: All

Sound Shapes (Cross-Buy)

Prices: £0.79/€0.99
Availability: All


Sound Shapes (Cross-Buy)

Prices: £0.79/€0.99
Availability: All

20 Author replies
dogwalker4000 15 May, 2013 @ 15:03

Any word on when we are getting Dragon Fantasy?

Carnivius_Prime 15 May, 2013 @ 15:03

Any news on Guilty Gear for PS3 please? Been waiting for it since the US got it back in December.

KenMarinaris 15 May, 2013 @ 15:04

No avatars, no price drops?


Hey, Jawad. There is Farming Simulator Vita demo on Polish PS Store, but full version is missing. Will it be available later, or what?

Jawad Ashraf 15 May, 2013 @ 15:46

Can’t say at the moment – up to the publisher on that front.


Great update, looking forward to the Vita content! I guess no news for Terraria Vita.

smallgaffer 15 May, 2013 @ 15:05

What time will the CoD DLC be on the store?

Jawad Ashraf 15 May, 2013 @ 15:47

To clarify, they will be up on Thursday.


Good to see Terraria up. But the usual whiners will be complaining about the lack of the Vita version.

At least I have patience. :)

Nice update, but why doesn’t Dust have any Trophies?

I thought they were mandatory?

why the hell is ratchet & clank qforce in my list of games on the vita ? while you guys refuse to give it to us

and dont come nagging to my that its not yours to say about the game …a good company would talk to the dev thats making it a half year to late with almost no info to the ppl that want the game


Ummmm you missed out Coconut Dodge !

Manhunt, awesome! Thanks!
Legend of Dragoon (PSX) … Still nothing … :(

Any news for it?


Any idea what time the cod map pack will be up tomorrow?

Will it be 00:01 tonight or will it mid afternoon tomorrow?

Jawad Ashraf 15 May, 2013 @ 15:48

They are planned for fairly early morning, but not midnight unfortunately.


Just borderlands 2 psycho pack this week for me.


No terraria discount?


Jawad, do you know if there is a specific time the Black Ops 2 Uprising DLC is released?

Jawad Ashraf 15 May, 2013 @ 15:50

Please see my response above :) Hopefully early in the morning.

Dark-Twisted 15 May, 2013 @ 15:07

Ratchet Gladiator HD

Ratchet & Clank QForce

Any news? Any information on when we will get news? Thanks.

Jawad Ashraf 15 May, 2013 @ 15:51

Ratchet QForce is penned to release pretty soon, however it’s not confirmed.

Gladiator is still cooking…

schoolhater1 15 May, 2013 @ 15:08

Nice Update, but I wonder.

Will any of us in the UK every get Fatal Frame released on our PSN store?

Luna_Dragon 15 May, 2013 @ 15:09

wow, never thought we would be seeing Manhunt on here ;P
glad Terraria has made it! :)

FghtOffUrDemons 15 May, 2013 @ 15:09

Any chance we can get imports of
Parasite Eve
Legend Of Dragoon
Chrono Cross
Dino Crisis 2?
Any possibility of any of those?
I asked Square Enix Europe about Parasite Eve and Chrono Cross but they just ignored me, too busy for customers and money I guess =/
Legend Of Dragoon though is owned by Sony.
Please answer me because I’m desperate to play these games on my Vita.
Thanks for your time.

BaBy-_-D3aN0 15 May, 2013 @ 15:09

I’m sure there was meant to be a PS+ discount on Terraria?

Jawad Ashraf 15 May, 2013 @ 16:02

We will look into this!

Bugabuser69 15 May, 2013 @ 15:09

Any chance we could get Zen pinball 1 DLC back into the store? pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

PiccoroDaimaoh 15 May, 2013 @ 15:10

Hi, Jawad!
Can you please tell me when is the YouTube PS3 app being released in Portugal?
The YouTube website now has Portuguese (Portugal) language, and Portugal is now listed in the available official countries. I guess that was what was preventing the app from arriving here? Thanks.

andrewsqual 15 May, 2013 @ 15:10

What time is the Gran Turismo Blog post at Jawad?

Jawad Ashraf 15 May, 2013 @ 15:56

Later this afternoon :)


Ya think Infamous will be on sale any time soon Chris?

It’s been a very long time since it was last on offer.

DestructableCake 15 May, 2013 @ 15:10

Can’t wait to grab Terrorist, great update.

Any word on whether it will be cross-buy with the vita edition coming in summer?

maximalcheetor 15 May, 2013 @ 15:10

Jawad, sincere thanks for finally listing PS Mobile games in the update. Hopefully this is a start of positive things to come for PSM. :)

left4bread3 15 May, 2013 @ 15:11

so we get crappy man hunt like US but not project zero like US -_-


And by Chris, I meant Jawad.

(Sorry. :P)

ShadowhunterrX 15 May, 2013 @ 15:12

Poor Germany. Cannot get Dust 514 for free.

ShadowDoGGG 15 May, 2013 @ 15:12

Could you please use links when doing ps+ content please, so then I can then just click it

theviper340 15 May, 2013 @ 15:13

Any word about last of us pre order !

Jawad Ashraf 15 May, 2013 @ 15:58

Stay tuned for any possible info.

A Classic release? Same week as US? Good! Now do this again, otherwise it’s not skill but merely a coincidence.

Artemisthemp 15 May, 2013 @ 15:13

Purple Heart Avatar is up on EU PSN.

I hope one day, we will have a Theme and Avatar section on PS Update like US have.

MidnightHands 15 May, 2013 @ 15:14

on April 30th it was posted on the Playstation EU twitter account that Terraria would arrive May 15th with a 10% discount for plus members. so… where’s the discount?

Jawad Ashraf 15 May, 2013 @ 16:04

Looking into it.

Just bought jacob jones and velocity ultra no problem but star wars pinball i got the tria, paid £7.99 to upgrade to the full version but it says cannot download using a ps vita system?
So Ive been charged £7.99 and can’t play the full game please fix asap.


Are there going to be any PS1 games coming ever for the rest of this year?

Tagged_Deaf 15 May, 2013 @ 15:15

I’m surprised to see Manhunt on PS store.

Isn’t it banned to sell after that crime where a kid stabbed other kid and claimed that Manhunt was to blame for it many years ago?

Well, will download it sometime, just not today, got too many games yet to play and complete!

DestructableCake 15 May, 2013 @ 15:15

Can’t wait to grab Terraria, great update.

Any word on whether it will be cross-buy with the vita edition coming in summer?

Bgjknpqswvyu 15 May, 2013 @ 15:16

Hi Jawad. Now that Fire Pro Wrestling Returns was released on the US PS2 classics store, are there plans to bring it here to the EU?

Nice to finally see PSM games on the store updates! So how about expanding the service now?



Word of warning. Never purchase anything within 5 hours of the Store being updated. Things tend go to missing or go wrong.


Why is not on Polish PS Store DLC for “Brutal Legend” – Hammer of Infinite Fate?

Nightmare966 15 May, 2013 @ 15:20

Welp, Blade Wolf for me! Can’t wait to play that (plus dat Hot Wind Blowing!) :D

Also, is it me or those who purchased the Dust Beta have been awarded with a 99,99€ DLC? Best Plus perk… ever!? O.o


Is ratchet and clank qforce on the vita store meant to be there? Its just empty.

Jawad Ashraf 15 May, 2013 @ 16:09

Sadly it isn’t out this week. Sorry to get your hopes up.

Wraith_Bringer 15 May, 2013 @ 15:23

Jawad mate, I have a problem and really need your help.

Remember the offer with God of War: Ascension about getting Zeus and Isaac free? Well they never appeared as being free on my PSN. I redeemed every code in my special edition with the statue and I’ve been calling customer services loads but they won’t get back to me.

They were supposed to be free and customer services haven’t helped me? Can you? (Yes I’ve redeemed all codes included in the GoW: Ascension special edition box and consistently monitored the store.)

Please mate, I just want to play with the new characters.

Jawad Ashraf 15 May, 2013 @ 16:15

Unfortunatetly there is very little I can do.

What happened when you attempted to redeem the code? After redeeming you should be able to see them in your download list.

Hello! Lovely update!

Manhunt, Velocity Ultra (Plus :p) and Blade Wolf DLC for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance for me! :D

Also, thanks for the great Playstation Plus monthly update!

Now I’m waiting for the yearly flagship title updates!
(Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale, Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time and… Journey? Gran Turismo 5?) :p

Anyway, can you guys please find out when the results for that God of War QA with Santa Monica will be published? Here I mean:




What happened the 10% discount on Terraria? It’s a lot cheaper on XBL ajd Steam.



Be patient. The Store is still being updated. Don’t purchase anything for a few hours until it’s all solid.


6, learn to spell , 23 not long to wait for another one of these, just after 4.00pm uk time in which I looking forward to

Huono_peleis 15 May, 2013 @ 15:25

You may want to remove the video attached to this update. It says Q-force vita is released today.

Another last minute change, eh?

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