Black Ops II Uprising DLC storms PS3 today

How often in life do you get a second chance? If you’re an online Call of Duty player, well, that’s pretty simple – you get one every time you press Square to respawn. But the concepts of return, reinvigoration, and redemption all play into Uprising, the second map pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops II, which is available today on PlayStation Network.

Vertigo - Cloud CityMagma - River of Fire

To start with, Uprising features four new maps for Black Ops II multiplayer matches:

  • Vertigo, the top of a Tacitus mega-structure that’s so tall, it breaks the cloud layer
  • Magma, a small Japanese village that has been engulfed by the lava of a nearby erupting volcano
  • Encore, the performance stage and surrounding grounds following a London music festival
  • Studio, a re-imagining of the Call of Duty: Black Ops Firing Range, offering chaotic combat over several movie sets on a Hollywood backlot

Encore - Nosebleeds

Studio - Arthur and his KnightsStudio - Giant Gameplay

Studio is a particular point of pride here, as it’s a re-imagining of Firing Range, which fans of the original Black Ops still eagerly choose in multiplayer lobbies. Its compact design and varied lines of sight – sniper perches, blind corners, tight alleyways – make it popular, but thematically, the original level is a bunch of plywood targets, purpose-built for training soldiers.

Not only does the level look a lot more colourful now with the addition of crashed spaceships, animatronic dinosaurs, a pirate harbour, and a miniature monster-movie set, but these visual landmarks make it even easier to communicate. When a teammate calls out “there’s two in the pirate cove” or “I’m heading to the saloon,” there’s no confusion in the sitreps. And when you work together as team, you’ll find you don’t need second chances quite so often.

MotD - Joe Pantoliano as Al Arlington

For Mob of the Dead, the question isn’t so much “how often in life do you get a second chance” but “how often in death?” Alcatraz is the setting for this star-studded adventure, as four gangsters – played by Ray Liotta, Michael Madsen, Chazz Palminteri, and Joe Pantoliano – seek to escape one of the world’s most infamous prisons.

But as you might expect, the bars and cells aren’t the only things standing in their way. Zombies – the ultimate benefactors of a second chance – have taken over the island prison, so these wiseguys will have to battle the undead if they’re going to make it out.

MotD - Thick as Thieves

New perks like the wittily named Electric Cherry offer players some shocking new gameplay mechanics, as does the new Afterlife Mode, which lets you interact with your environment and solve puzzles despite having just had your existence expire. But like I said… a second chance is something you should never take for granted.

Uprising is available today in the PlayStation Store for £11.59/€14.49, but if you are the owner of a Black Ops II Season Pass, you already own it – just download it from the in-game Store menu.

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supersmith2500 16 May, 2013 @ 18:57

Planning on making a better CoD game for Vita this year? The last one Black Ops Declassified was downright awful because of Nihilistic and it was just awful that I ended up traded in after few days of gameplay. No offence Activision I wish you make better games other than just milking Call of Duty every year. Remember what happened to True Crime: Hong Kong before Square-Enix wanted to resume development.

Plus, you’re used to be an awesome company back in the 1990’s and early 00’s even with Neversoft around. What happened to you guys is money all you care of now?


First Map Pack I skip in a long time please a bright zombiemap again like die rise in next drop, thanks.

Adorei legal vai ser usar o (4)

Will we(i.e PlayStation owners) have to wait for DLC next Gen to Activation??? :-/ When the PS4 comes out will we be treated the same??? i.e badly :-/ Well i say ‘we’ but since Activision started giving the Xbox 360 DLC 1st i stopped buying COD games & never bought any DLC anyway :-D :-D :-D

i no it suks waitin 4 the dlcs coming out but u got 2 remember that microsoft is a bigger company then wat sony is but we get better games then xbox anyway

WayfaringWalrus 16 May, 2013 @ 23:49

Bit out of place and off topic, but I was just wondering if there’s any chance of a Mass Effect 3 DLC sale in the near future. Have just added up all the pieces individually and they come to over £40! Would love to play through them but that seems really excessive. Thanks!

With activision rumoured to be on stage showing off the next cod at the Xbox announcement I would not be at all shocked if some timed exclusive dlc is on the cards for ms next gen.

Ms are going to pony up the dough again it seems and it also seems they may be thinking what worked this gen might work on the next but I don’t think it will as cod will soon have had its day as some gamers are already tiring of the yearly cycle(some have been tired of it for years)

I just hope next gen it’s not all about fps games like this one seemed to be


hello what i have to say is nuffing to do with what you said. i am just a bit peed off with the faket that when i get kick from a game (league play) i lose points and get put on probay its not fare is there anything that you can get sorted with this thanks



You do realise that this post was put up by someone from Activision? And you’re asking for a ME3 DLC sale, which is by EA, Activision’s rivals.

WayfaringWalrus 17 May, 2013 @ 01:07


Yeah, I realised about 10 seconds after posting it, had too many windows open ¬_¬ can’t delete the comment now. Oh well, maybe Activision can help me ;D








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ADAMJAMESXX 17 May, 2013 @ 12:31

This is my first call of duty and last :-D whats fun about getting kicked out of every other match you play even though every other online game I play works just fine :D brought the season pass and it sucks that we gotta wait but thats just the way it even though I know how terrible this game is its still addictive.just I can’t imagine ghosts being any different and £60 for a digital game lol thats nothing other than greed I know you have to be higher than retail but higher by £20 is a joke :-D

Stonesthrow 17 May, 2013 @ 16:36

If the bullet detection is not proper in the next (new engine) COD, I’m done with the series for good. Plain and simple. Series has been on a downhill since Zampella, West and co left and Black ops 1 was the first of a series of uninspired COD’s. That I still got on launch every time just to get the last of my hopes shattered again.
Don’t get me wrong, these games are great by themselves, but they don’t hold a candle to the classic COD’s. Today I still think MW2 (the last of Zampella and West) is a technically and graphically better game than all its sequels. I hope to get wowed again like with COD4 and in some way MW2 (technically, not the perks etc..)


I’ve bought the Season Pass just for zombies hope Activision split the game from COD since i have no interest in it.

Mostafa_1980 08 June, 2013 @ 22:02

From the time i downloaded Uprising packeg, i can not join any online session except Friends session.
Did any one have the same problem?

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