Music Unlimited update: Last of Us soundtrack, win 6 month subscription

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Hello PlayStation Blog. We’ve got a lot of announcements coming in the next few weeks including updates to the service, artist interviews, more game soundtracks and competitions, but we wanted to update you in the meantime on this exclusive opportunity.

180 days of Music Unlimited FREE
We are offering a lucky winner 180 days of premium access to the juggernaut jukebox which is Music Unlimited. That’s uninterrupted, ad-free admission to our catalogue of over 100 years’ worth of music, back-to-back. Now with high quality audio, offline capabilities and available across all of your enabled devices, you can listen at home, online, or on the go for six months, free.

Already a Music Unlimited subscriber? Don’t worry. We’ll provide you with a voucher that you can stack on top of your existing subscription and extend your music listening experience even further.

All you need to do is submit your answers to the following question below*:

If you could game with any artist, who would it be, what PlayStation game would you play and why?

Good luck!

The Last of Us soundtrack coming soon!
We’ve been working closely with our label and game development partners to bring you more and more game-related content to the service, which is why we’re really excited to be bringing you the game soundtrack to Naughty Dog’s upcoming epic The Last of Us in the coming weeks. Keep an eye on the channel sections of the service for its imminent arrival.

New Releases and 30 Day Free Trial
Finally, it’s been a massive month for music releases, spearheaded by the explosion of the Daft Punk ft. Pharrell single ‘Get Lucky’ (listen here!) and upcoming album ‘Random Access Memories’ (20th).


On the same day The National release their sixth studio album in ‘Trouble Will Find Me’ and early June brings releases for Disclosure debut ‘Settle’ and pop starlet Kelly Rowland’s ‘Talk A Good Game’. The mighty Queens of the Stoneage release ‘…Like Clockwork’, and by mid-June expect releases from Sigur Ros, Black Sabbath and the highly anticipated Kodaline album ‘In a Perfect World’. Listen to all the latest releases with our 30 day free trial here.

*Competition closes at 11:59pm Friday 31st May. Terms and conditions apply, please visit:

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Definitely play Little Big Planet with Escher. That would be some mad level designs……. optical illusions all over the place.


I bought a 12 month subscription early this year, but can’t say I enjoy it much. Interface isn’t very helpful and slow, tagging of songs is often incorrect (hence you get folk songs in a dance top 100), searching is very difficult, and many recent songs are simply not available (Adele-Skyfall??, The Shocking Miss Emerald??).

So, I will not renew this service, and go back to one of the competition. Sorry, I DID try.


playing Killzone 3 with Laibach.

Besides spending hours studying the scenery and discussing the historical origins of many of the used symbols, you’d be convinced halfway trough that the Helghans are nothing more but heroic defenders of a specific form of liberty.

andrewsqual 17 May, 2013 @ 13:19

Stewart Copeland from The Police and I would love to play Spyro the Dragon with him (the first one too).
He said in an old interview, that is on Youtube, that he had to play the levels and see what they looked and felt like before writing the next masterpiece tune for that same level. :)

What a coincidence that I got to meet Ted Price at a FUSE showcase last night in Dublin but I didn’t have the nerves to ask him how Insomniac managed to get Stewart Copeland. :(

Matt Webster 05 June, 2013 @ 17:57

Hi Andrewsqual. Congratulations – you are the winner of the 6 month Music Unlimited voucher! We will be sending these to via private message. Please go to here and login with your SEN ID.

Stonesthrow 17 May, 2013 @ 13:20

I want to see the Last of us OST on the store for download.

Hmmmmmm I’m gonna go with… The Crazy Frog… Can you imagine being able to punch his annoying screwed up face every time he made a noise putting you off going round that really tight corner on Motorstorm Apocalypse?! My god the satisfaction would be incredible! We are allowed to use digital artists right? If not, then the creator would be just fine, to discuss his genius talents of how to make things viral… And annoying.

I’d play Test Drive Unlimited 2 with 2 Unlimited in an attempt to get more Music Unlimited.

Need for speed most wanted with vin diesel because he know how to handle a car

supersmith2500 17 May, 2013 @ 13:46

See, too many competitions and I barely enter them.

I’m with chrisboers, I tried this service but there is very much wrong with it. Interface, songs and artists missing, etc.
What I like to know is if this service cancels automatically when the year is over or do I need to do something?


I’d resurrect Hawaii-era Elvis from the grave, and we’d play some Demon’s Souls together while listening to music from the 70s and onwards. We’d start at prog-rock, work or way through fusion, krautrock, psychedelic rock, disco, jazzfunk, post-punk, synthpop, electro, shoegazing etc.

I mean…Elvis as a blue phantom helper – you can’t get more hardcore than that. Apparently he was also a huge fan of Monthy Python and the black knight especially, so we’d have to create a similar character for him. I fully expect him to say “It’s just a fleshwound!” till it that gets very old. But hey…its Elvis, so its ok!

ElTequillaz 17 May, 2013 @ 16:26

‘I’d play Test Drive Unlimited 2 with 2 Unlimited in an attempt to get more Music Unlimited’

I’m not even going to compete with that. That’s simply brilliant and “I see what you did there”. sickpupp should win


I’d play Assassin’s Creed II with Leonardo de Vinci :-)

Imagine the look on his face watching his art and concepts being played out….in art!

ariasjosegames 17 May, 2013 @ 17:13

I’d play Rocksmith with Guthrie Govan, ’cause he really knows how to play guitar!

Hi. Looking forward to the updates, any plans to bring your service to Sonos.

Pretty much every one else has, may have to jump ship at the end of my 12 sub.

I’d play LBP with Tiffany from Girls’ Generation because it is an awesome game to play together and she seems like a fun person.

I’d play multiplayer in Rocksmith with Dave Grohl, playing guitar with him would be great!


The Darkness 1 + 2 with none other than Mike Patton; for true creepy surround sound goodness.

well im gonna have to say, i would play with Adele, and the chosen game would be the Last of Us, main reason is i can imagine Adele would have some amazing reactions to the triggered events in the game, and absolutely love the environment design as well as the characters. she would make me laugh and i can imagine we would both have a blast playing the game :)

Bgjknpqswvyu 17 May, 2013 @ 19:55

I’d play Brutal Legend with Motorhead so I can feel part of the REAL “road crew”!

eyez-iz-chon 18 May, 2013 @ 02:48

I would play Final Fantasy 9 my favourite Final Fantasy with Nobuo Uematsu and just thank him for all the soundtracks!

stiggygonzalez 18 May, 2013 @ 12:48

I would play GT5 with Thomas Newman.Listening to his soundtrack to Skfall,in particular:’Grand bizaar Istanbul,She’s mine and welcome to Scotland to get the adrelanine pumping during a race.
In the menu’s I’d listen to his soundtracks for Finding Nemo and American beauty,in particular:Nemo egg and Any other name.
I find his music very emotional and it can really set the tone for a movie or anything your doing.
Skfall for thrilling/motivational moments during an intense race,Finding nemo and American beauty for calm/relaxing moments after a long tiring race.

it would have to be ‘Michael Jackson: The Experience’ with the man himself, so I could show him how its done! hee hee shamone mother f@*$%r

I would play Uncharted 3 with Ben Haggerty (Macklemore) because I think he fits with the game. Drake is a thief and isn’t the richest person on earth, while Ben Haggerty promotes thrift shops and tries to make people see that thrift shops aren’t just for the poor people. It’s great what he tries to do, if more people would support thrift shops we could donate more to countries who have much worse than us. I think something between these two characters link with eachother.

It’s gotta be PaRappa the Rapper with the voice of PaRappa himself, Dred Foxx! Listening to Dred freestyling to a 2-dimensional canine PlayStation legend would make an already hilariously surreal game even more belly-laughingly brilliant! Plus I’d love to hear his new song Fish Sandwich from the dapper doggy himself. “Fish sandwich tell me what you want! Fish sandwich tell me what you need!” :D

CharcoalDragon 20 May, 2013 @ 15:46

I’d play Portal 2 with Isaac Newton, see how he likes them physics.


Beatles Rockband with Sir Paul McCartney, I think this is possibly the only way I would be able to “Jam with the Beatles”.

hideo kojima with metal gear solid 4, he is consistently named by fans and industry experts alike as being one of the most influential and innovative video game directors and writers in the industry. I would want to ask him about the awesome games he’s planning to direct.


Would have to say Felica Day, and the game hmmm Champions of norrath on my oldie but goodie PS2.
Why? The game is one of my favorite coop games to this day, i love roleplaying and they got it just right in my book.
And obviously Day is a huge roleplayergamer and at the same time a huge geek and seriously is there many things better in a woman than that! It dont hurt either than Felica is one stunningly beautiful lady and to top if all off she can sing and well ;)

I’d play Lumines with Mondrian, just to see his reaction to all the squares vanishing as he tried to recreate his art.

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