Fighting game sale kicks off on PS Store today

fighting game sale

Unleash your inner warrior this week with the help of discounts on a number of fighting-themed games. We’ve super savings to be had on some of the greatest fighting games ever released! Grab Street Fighter III: Third Strike and Virtua Fighter 5 at a price you cannot refuse. Or take things further back to the days of old in Golden Axe for just £1.59.

Which game will you snap up and attempt to master? Whatever your choice, put your parries, Just Frames and bnb combos into use. You’ll need them!

Offers run from 22nd May 2013 until 5th June 2013.

PlayStation 3 (with additional 10% discount for PS Plus subscribers)

Double Dragon Neon
Was €7.99/£6.49, now €3.99/£3.19

Final Fight: Double Impact
Was €9.99/£7.99, now €4.99/£3.99

Golden Axe
Was€4.49/£3.69, now €1.99/£1.59

Lord of the Rings: War in the North
Was €19.99/£15.99, now €9.99/£7.99

Marvel vs. Capcom: Origins
Was €14.99/£11.99, now €7.49/£5.99

Mini Ninjas
Was €19.99/£15.99, now €9.99/£7.99

Mortal Kombat
Was €19.99/£15.99, now €9.99/€7.99

Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection
Was €9.99/£7.99, now €4.99/£3.99

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix
Was €14.99/£11.99, now €7.49/£5.99

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition
Was €14.99/£11.99, now €7.49/£5.99

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition
Was €14.99/£10.99, now €7.49/£5.99

Tekken Tag Tournament 2
Was €29.99/£19.99, now €14.99/£11.99

The King of Fighters XIII
Was €14.99/£11.99, now €7.49/£5.99

The King of Fighters XIII GOLD EDITION
Was €29.99/£23.99, now €14.49/£11.59

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown
Was €12.99/£9.99, now €6.49/£5.19

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown Complete Edition
Was €24.99/£19.99, now €11.99/£9.69

PS3 (no additional PS Plus discount)

EA Sports MMA
Was €29.99/£19.99, now €9.99/£7.99

Fight Night Champion
Was €29.99/£19.99, now €14.99/£11.99

12 Author replies

No VITA love???

Another sale another no show for anything Vita


Great discounts! Too bad there’s nothing for PS Vita =(

Nightmare966 22 May, 2013 @ 11:07

I thought Chris had said the TTT2 sale was 70%? :/

Jawad Ashraf 22 May, 2013 @ 11:44

Apologies, a calculation error there. It’s actually 60% if you are a PS Plus member.


No JoJo Bizarres Adventure?
No Blazblue?

Jawad Ashraf 22 May, 2013 @ 11:45

Tried for JoJo but no joy :(

Nightmare966 22 May, 2013 @ 11:11

Let me update my comment, he actually commented (and I quote):

“As usual, over the coming weeks you can also expect exclusive additional PS Plus discounts, including over 70% off Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and 40% off Germinator.”

I just had a turn off from the sale post, was really going to get the digital version… :(


Mini Ninjas is a adventure game with light combat, its by no means a fighting game – you guys dropped the ball on being topical by not including Guilty Gear/Blazblue – since the new Guilty Gear Xrd annoucement.

Jawad Ashraf 22 May, 2013 @ 12:04

But it does include combat.

Hey there! Got two questions for you.

1) You said, as Nightmare966 also pointed out, that Tekken Tag Tournament would get 70% discount, but thats only 50%. So was there a change on your plans or we will also see the 70% discount soon ?

2) Why no love for Vita? It does have fighting games too.

Jawad Ashraf 22 May, 2013 @ 12:07

As mentioned above, it was an error on our part. The total PS Plus discount is 60%.

We love the Vita, but we haven’t secured promotions for the time being. Perhaps in the future.

Tagged_Deaf 22 May, 2013 @ 11:15

Hmm, I don’t know.

I’m not a huge fighting fan anyway but I’d think about getting Golden Axe and maybe Tekken Tag Team 2 too.

It does make sense to have a fighting sale when we already had a RPG, shooter sales. (Ta for a nice deal on White Witch game through! :) )


Hopefully the long promised PSP sale is also coming today – otherwise it makes no sense not to reduce a couple of PSP fighting games at least.

Sony should really make use of the PSP catalogue more during their sales to offer something for Vita players too.

Is there any news yet on the Burnout PSP games coming to Vita?

Jawad Ashraf 22 May, 2013 @ 12:09

No PSP sale this week.


Wow some great fighting games here for PS3 must pick up TT2 and KoF soon now :D Just wondering if this includes a sale on the games DLC – eg. Mortal Kombat 9 the characters and costume DLC ?

Also I wish there was some PSP games, like Street Fighter Alpha 3, Tekken 6, Darkstalkers, Guilty Gear cause would benefit Vita owners as well. For Vita Street Fighter X Tekken, Mortal Kombat and Blazblue would be nice :D

Jawad Ashraf 22 May, 2013 @ 12:08

Discounts are just for the main games.

Faustofausto 22 May, 2013 @ 11:22

Any addition discount fot the DLC’s?

Nightmare966 22 May, 2013 @ 11:23

Also, somethig funny I just noticed: What’s the point in having a 10% discount off LOTR: War on the North for Plus members if it’s on the IGC until July (and you can’t purchase games that are Free)?

Guys, seriously, I do usually love your sales, there’s usually something really good for grabs, and the only time I have’t bought an item on sale is because:

a) Already had it.

b) PS Plus incoming.

But I believe there’s something off in this one :/ Which is sad, really… :(

Jawad Ashraf 22 May, 2013 @ 12:11

Well spotted. It was a test… okay, it wasn’t a test.


Aww was hoping for Street Fighter X Tekken DLC discount.


Hmm that’s not 70% off tekken tag 2?


The Vita hasn’t received its own proper sale since February, and even that one was lukewarm. We got deals on these games since that time:

Smart As
Little Big Planet (weak discount)
Retro City Rampage (part of the new indie page)
Knytt Underground (weak discount)
Some Motorcycle game (weak discount)

In almost 4 months, the vita has been completely ignored while the PS3 got tons and tons of games. Things were bad before February around Chistmas time. What the hell is happening here? How long are you going to continue like this?

And I was planning on getting Tekken Tag Tournament 2 with the promised of over 70% off. What happened with that one?


This is a VERY good sale. Shame there’s no portable love, but the discounts more than make up for it.

Jawad before I take the plunge I’d prefer confirmation first please on whether Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition is headed for Plus (and if so when)? I’ve requested it a few times but haven’t had any reply, but it was on the North American IGC just this past December.


Jawad Ashraf 22 May, 2013 @ 12:05

We can’t reveal this sort of information far in advance, so sadly I couldn’t say. Sorry.

No Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale? Guessing this might be one of the new year-long Plus games along with LBP Karting maybe?


How about dancegames next?

I mean first you bring witches sale.
Then fighting games sale.

I am trying to imagine how it can get even more boring. Maybe dancegames?



Awesome selection for the Vita!*

* not.


Sony has been handling the Vita about as gracefully as Microsoft handled the Xbox One launch…


I meant “reveal”… whatever. Would be nice if we could edit comments for a while after posting.

CookieMonsterES 22 May, 2013 @ 12:02

Nice sale, Jawad!

Is there any chance to see some additional items before it ends? Would be cool if some DLCs, like the Marvel vs Capcom 3 extra characters, could be added.

Jawad Ashraf 22 May, 2013 @ 12:12

This is it for this promotion.

Carnivius_Prime 22 May, 2013 @ 12:06

Well… I’ve been waiting for Super SFIV Arcade Edition to be a Plus freebie (like the US have had for ages and instead I end up with lots of Plus games I don’t want). £5.99 seems a good deal but I have that horrible feeling that if I pay that now I’ll be jinxing it and it’ll be a Plus freebie sometime this year. I’ve already spent far too much on various SFIV stuff (including all the DLC costumes and such). Arcade Edition doesn’t provide anywhere near the amount of great new stuff that Super SFIV did so seems crazy that it’s not a free upgrade to begin with.

Any word of Guilty Gear coming to Eu store (again like the US have had since December)

Jawad Ashraf 22 May, 2013 @ 12:14

Arcade Edition has a fair few underlying changes, plus the extra characters that’s well worth the £5.99. But I’m just a bit of a SF fanboy :D

No info on GG…

Ah, darn, I wish Capcom vs. SNK 2 (EO) would be out at this point ): I wouldn’t mind a full price, of course, but a discounted price wouldn’t hurt.

Speaking of Capcom vs. SNK 2… Is there any info on when we’ll be getting that (either version)?

Jawad Ashraf 22 May, 2013 @ 12:15

No news on CvS2. I’m assuming you mean the PS2 version? EO wasn’t on PS2.

luckysalt81 22 May, 2013 @ 12:09

Tekken discount is a joke. 70% it was meant to be then you say 60%

well if its £19.99 and then reduced to £11.99 then an extra 10% of that that makes the price £10.79.

Its not even a 50% discount.

So what is the discount like 46%


Thanks for your reply Jawad. I’m just gonna take it as a yes and wait for it to appear on the IGC (whenever that is). But just to make sure I’ll still be constantly bugging you guys for it :D

It’s not even 60%. It is 50% – 10%. Thus the discount is 55%.

Nightmare966 22 May, 2013 @ 12:12

@24: Well, seeing it’s the whole game and not just the DLC, I’d call it a bargain, really.

@Jawad: ARGH! Out of all discounts, you had to make the error in this one! :P Oh well, I guess I’ll come up with something.

So many games, so little money…!


Hi, is the Tekken Tag 2 discount price incorrect?

Wouldn’t a 60% discount for Plus members make it £7.99?


Said in the past that I’d wait until the Xbox was shown after you guys dropped backwards compatibility. But you win, PS4 all around between me and my brothers.

The ability to give my brothers my old games without a fee, and maintaining the current PS3 account system will lock me into day one purchase.

Sony can win big with gamers if they go against what Phil Harrison was saying yesterday.

Carnivius_Prime 22 May, 2013 @ 12:25

Thanks for the reply Jawad. Still unsure about Super SFIV Arcade though. Worked out I must have spent at least £80 on the original SFIV, the DLC packs, Super SFIV and it’s DLC… And the extra characters in Arcade don’t appeal to me that much. The brats from SFIII and another Ryu and Akuma don’t seem worth the upgrade. However if paying £5.99 means I’ll be upgraded to Arcade like my friends in the US are maybe it’ll be worth it.


Tekken Tag Tournament

RRP: £39.99


Its more than 70% off!!

Its actually 73% for Plus Members.

Great Deal will buy this and SSF4 and sell my disk.

will you be fixing your ttt2 mistake as i was under the impression that i would be paying 7.99 for that game today as its 19.99 with 60% discount makes it 7.99 so will this be corrected

#33 krafty1989 tekken is only 19.99 not 39.99

Tagged_Deaf 22 May, 2013 @ 12:33

For PS Plus gamers, just get Darkstalkers Resurrection for £7.99 and get Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD for free.

Now THAT’S a good sale in this type of deal!


I just bought the Mortal Kombat Arcade Collection like half an hour ago!
Since I bought it before the store update, does it mean my purchase is out of this sale?



Thats why I put RRP he was obviously referring to that at the start

70% off £39.99 RRP is £11.99

Tagged_Deaf 22 May, 2013 @ 12:45

Even so, I still do think £12 for Tekken Tag 2 Team game isn’t THAT bad, actually.

Would have been nice to see some of the DOA DLC to go at a acceptible for the sale :(

Either way, i think i will get rid of my TTT2 and SSF4AE disc, and get the digital copies, Good prices :)


Hi, got a quick question I was just wondering if you’d be able t0 answer for me. Super Street Fight IV Arcade Edition is on sale… any chance of the SSFIV:AE upgrade pack is on sale as well? Or failing this any chance it could get a price cut soon? I mean at the moment it’s £11.99 for me to upgrade but only £10.99 to buy the game in full XD

I know ‘technically’ there’s no need as I could just buy the full game but I like having my disc version of SSFIV and paying £11.99 to upgrade it seems stupid :P


Its the cheapest its ever been, especially at the £10.79 Plus Price.
Fighting Games are better on the Hard Drive anyway, i Sold my copy a few months back for £18 so i’m super pleased.


@Jawad Ashraf

”We love the Vita, but we haven’t secured promotions for the time being. Perhaps in the future.”

How is it that North America is doing a far better job than you are and they’re able to secure deals for Vita games ALL THE TIME. Their deals are not only great deals, they’re also for recent games, even ones that have been released for a couple of weeks in the store.

It is not normal anymore that we are almost half a year and you can’t secure deals for Vita games besides the anniversary one that was also weak and not as it should have.

Maybe you should stop making excuses and outright lying about the reasons we aren’t having sales.

Tagged_Deaf 22 May, 2013 @ 12:58


Oh yes, totally forgot about that discount for PS plus gamers.

Guess it made up my mind whatever to get this game, eh.

jawad will there ever be a sale for the gravity rush dlc or resistance retribution?

Bugabuser69 22 May, 2013 @ 13:00

Thank you for the vita sales!

BernardoOne 22 May, 2013 @ 13:06

No PSVita sales, with so many good fighters on it. What a damn dissapointment Sony :(

Reading through the comments, I’m now worried that PS All-stars might be one of the new year long IGC games.

PLEASE don’t to this! It’s been on sale SO many times, anyone who is even remotely interested in that game has it already!


Awesome sale!

Sadly, not enough HDD space to grab SSF4 :(


Is it possible to reup secretly UFC 3 DLC?

You know, to celebrate fighting games and all :)

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