New Destiny trailer – The law of the jungle

At Bungie, we’re all hard at work gearing up for the big show in June, but we didn’t want to leave you empty-handed heading into E3. To whet your appetite for Destiny‘s gameplay reveal on June 10th, we’re releasing a CG/live action trailer that features three Guardians in action. This spot, titled “Law of the Jungle,” was created in collaboration with director Jon Favreau, actor Giancarlo Esposito, and visual effects house Digital Domain.

See you at E3!

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Holy crap, it’s Gus Fring!

TheDaftTool 23 May, 2013 @ 18:12

Looks awesome. Bungie on Playstation. Good times


The trailer felt kind of weak, since it doesn’t tell us anything about the game, but my god, is Sony bringing it. I’m loving this close relationship with Bungie.

Video is only 460p?

GalapagosaraY 23 May, 2013 @ 18:35

Only came in to see Gus the boss!

The character design and “costumes” reminds me of Star Wars. Well and of Halo. ;)

dark_angel69 23 May, 2013 @ 19:02

Your videos makes the game look really good and interesting. It reminded me of Star Wars. Will keep my eye on this and see what you have to show next. But if it turns out anything like Halo (game play I mean) then I’m walking away

Wow I never really expected Destiny to be shown at Sony’s E3 conference (considering the studio’s background ;))

I’m glad though, it’s nice to see this Playstation + Bungie thing getting stronger :D

The post does not say it will be shown at sonys presentation.

It could well be part of activisions own presentation


@hayzink the video said that its going to be shown at the Playstation press conference at E3 June 10th…?

Gunner_1993 24 May, 2013 @ 11:21

Bungie on PlayStation? Could be something special.

Stonesthrow 24 May, 2013 @ 20:53

Looking badass. Always up for more space shooting! Really interested to see what they’re gonna do with these worlds and their populations. Definitely looks like it’s gonna be a big budget title and am anxious to see how the tactical teamwork turns out.

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