New Rain trailer – “Two silhouettes”


In our previous Blog post , we introduced you to the very first chapter of rain where a young boy runs after a girl with an invisible silhouette brought to life only in the rain. This imaginative story continues as you progress through the game and today we’d like to pull you deeper into this world with our new trailer – Two Silhouettes.

As the boy chases after the girl, he enters the mysterious world of rain and learns that he has also become invisible. In the pouring rain, he is lost and frightened as he is hunted by ghostly creatures. But, his determination to save the girl only grows stronger and he presses on.

In this new trailer, you will discover that eventually the paths of the invisible boy and girl collide. Each of the locations they’ll visit throughout the game varies dramatically from the next.


For instance, the church where the boy and girl nearly meet on their venture houses a number of rooms near the altar and scaffolding to hide from enemies while the abandoned factory presents a more dangerous gritty setting with metal structures and high industrial walkways. It is here that the boy discovers that when he walks through mud he can be seen by any enemy and only by walking through a deep rain puddle to wash off the mud will he be able to hide once again.


Together the boy and girl will explore more new environments such as the brightly light circus filled with trinkets and deserted enclosures where they will have to work together in unique ways to escape their pursuers. rain is an emotional journey that will remind players of a familiar yet distant time.


We are excited to have shared “Two Silhouettes” with you and are looking forward to sharing more about rain at E3 in just a couple short weeks. We’re letting E3 attendees go hands-on, so please look forward to hearing more news coming out of the show soon!

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Speedfreak_R 30 May, 2013 @ 08:11

This looks beautiful! Reminds me somewhat of ICO.

Will this feature (online) coop?


Wow… instant buy for me :) does it take place in italy? there were a lot of italian words in the trailer “la luce del sole” “circo” “il silenzio”…

Fred Dutton 30 May, 2013 @ 10:00

It’s a sort of ‘amalgamation’ of various European locations, if I understand correctly. I met with the game’s producer yesterday – look out for an interview next week with more information.

dark_angel69 30 May, 2013 @ 09:58

As Speedfreak_R has said this sure does look beautiful. Reminds me of ICO also. Waited sooo long for more news about this game. :D

Cant wait to get this and should be interesting to watch at E3. :D

SiborgSimoSctlnd 30 May, 2013 @ 10:40

He should move to Scotland. It’s always raining here – no one would even know he’s invisible.

‘I love real Rain, so i will buy this game’ er erm :D Looks ACE :P

dark_angel69 30 May, 2013 @ 11:21

Oh in ICO we run around holding the girls hand. What do we do in Rain when we bump into each other? Kiss her in the rain maybe? lol

RawNinjaKid 30 May, 2013 @ 13:18

No, No kissing in a Japanese game! LOL!

I guess as a big fan of ICO, this would be a must buy. Will it be just a PSN game??

this rain looks little heavy to me. i wonder if you ever considered that heavy rain was right title for this game but quantic dreams beat you to it.

Stonesthrow 30 May, 2013 @ 16:17

Definitely picking this up. I’ve been dying for some more Japanese gems this gen, what with the total unawareness around the Last Guardian and VERSUS.. Love the music too.

GalapagosaraY 30 May, 2013 @ 19:56

cant wait for this i hope it will draw me as much in as Limbo did this generation that was a unique experience

Looks refreshing and fun to play.. :)


I’ll pick up the Vita version on day one – this game sounds brilliant and I’m so delighted it’s coming to Vita which will be perfect for a game like this.

SandrokottosRule 02 June, 2013 @ 04:55

seems to be interesting. !

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