PlayStation Home update: The Kikai Machine Empire event continues

PS Home will briefly be offline from 8.00am BST on Wednesday 5th June for routine maintenance. Here’s what to expect after the update…

Lockwood Venue
Ever thought you’d be the ideal person to run the latest social hotspot? Why not give it a try with the LKWD Venue? Bright and breezy, or dark and atmospheric? Choose the décor from a large range of wallpapers, floor coverings and wall decorations. Hard rocking, or elegant sophistication? Set the mood with some music. Will you put on a play, dance the night away, or show off your most fashionable outfits? Decide between a stage, a dance floor or a runway. When all those difficult decisions are made, there’s still plenty more to do.

Gestures Pack
Also from Lockwood, pick up a conversational gestures pack from the store or head over to the Gift Machine for a limited time sale!


Granzella – The Kikai Machine Empire
The Kikai Machine Empire Invasion event began on May.29.2013 in the Neon Downtown lounge and has been held in many of the Granzella’s lounges. Now that the halfway point of the event has been reached, the new Power-Up Battlesuit makes its debut! This black, valuable, battle suit boasts a high defensive power. There’s only one week left in the event! Some people haven’t participated yet, and some are competing for top ranking… So what are you waiting for?


Japanese Tea House
The sun shines on the small Tea House in the mountains. Wind blows through the bamboo grove and the sky is blue and clear. Cool Japanese sweets and a colourful flower arrangement, hospitality that only summer can bring. Now that the seasons have changed, let emotions surround you as you spend a peaceful moment here.


New patterns for Granzella’s Yukata series have arrived. Set against a refreshing white background, the Hydrangea pattern for women and the Lotus & Frog pattern for men garnish these Yukata.


Atom Republic – Nineties Moves
If you are a fan of the 90s, you’ll love the Nineties Dance Moves: the MC Jumpstyle, the Hammered Jump, Strike-A-Pose, the Las Vegas Dance, the Alphonso Shake and the Nerd! Alongside these 6 irresistible routines comes the long awaited Worm locomotion!


Hellfire – Retro Flyers
Soar through PlayStation Home with the new Retro Flyers series from Hellfire Games! Boost your speed to 150% with the Daredevil Biplane in six aerodynamic finishes: Crimson, Azure, Jade, Shadow, Pink, and Golden.


JAM Games – Traffic Jam
It’s time to get down with the Traffic Jam vibe. Climb aboard our hover cars, the JMX-315, and discover this new way to travel in vehicular style! In our flying transportation you can make the future of travel a reality in virtuality!


Royal Blues or Pinks
To celebrate the imminent birth of Prince William and Princess Catherine’s first baby, and the future heir to the throne of Great Britain, JAM Games bring you a right royal collection. Plus, everyone can join in the fun by grabbing a FREE prediction t-shirt!


VEEMEE – Timepieces
Each Timepiece will automatically display the time on your PS3. Small but perfectly formed the Traditional Alarm Clock is the perfect addition to any bedroom. The Modern Brass Plate Wall-Clock fits perfectly on any wall. Want a more classic look? Then the Traditional Grandfather Clock is for you.


Classic Scooters
Combine style and elegance with the Baby Blue, Union Flag and Il Tricolore Classic Scooters. Go for the complete look with a Tan Parka Jacket and helmets that match each scooter. You can get each item individually or all the scooters, helmets and jackets in one great discount bundle.


Street Style
Inspired by the glitz and glamour of the urban music superstar lifestyle, check out the new batch of Street Style clothing from VEEMEE:


Spring may almost be over but there is still plenty of time to show off your latest Wrangler purchases!


nDreams – Animation Packs Volume 3
If you have been in Home recently you will have definitely seen nDreams’ amazing range of Dance Animations. These fully motion captured dances and gestures have taken Home by storm. Now get ready for a brand new pack of Dances!


nFashion – Street Wear Collection
Stand out from the crowd with this amazing collection of Street Wear clothing from nDreams:


Casino – Poker Tournament
There are only a few days left to register for the Paradise Springs Poker Tournament this weekend! To register all you have to do is head to the Poker Room in The Casino and purchase a bracelet at the registration desk. Once you’ve got your bracelet be sure to come back on June 8th when the tournament starts. You can read up on how the tournament works, and when it starts in your region, by checking out the tournament rules right next to registration desk. You don’t want to miss your chance to rake in up to 250,000 in casino chips and to claim all the glory!


Other updates
Show your birth month pride with the new range of birthstone Auras available in Alter Ego. If you want the most unusual pet, we’ve got it for you! The Two-Headed Snake companion is an abomination that will surely impress your friends. There’s also the land shark – it can swim through anything!

That’s all for now. See you in PlayStation Home!

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Looks decent good update. Also with E3 less than 1 week away will there be a E3 space this year? Also will we be able to watch the Sony E3 conference Live in Home again?

CoolRichy007UK 04 June, 2013 @ 18:23

ps3 home content ps3 games wont transfer over to ps4 and dont say it will because it wont

& i just read that the ps4 you will have to pay to use online this better not be true IF PS4 ONLINE ISNT FREE il switch to xbox

@CoolRichy007UK I have a lot of RSS feeds going for the PS4 new. I have not read a single bit of news/rumors about Sony charging for PS4 network.

Where did you here about this? I would be very surprised if Sony do charge for PS4 network. I think they will keep the basic free you know online play, messaging friends ect that will be kept free I think. But they will most likely offer exclusives features with PS+.

Even if Sony do charge for online. Why on earth would you swap for Xbox One? Considering you got to pay to play online there. Always have to have kinect plugged in and have to connect online once every 24 hours. Plus DRM on there games.

CoolRichy007UK …..Just think what you just said, if you think xbox will be free, you have more chance plaiting fog! You have only got to look at the PS+ content we have received as part of our membership, on the xbox you get zero for your buck but if you want to jump ship thats your choice but rest assured, you will miss out!


Do you have a link to where you where reading this? Don’t believe everything you read in the media. Most of them just feed you a pile of lies for attention. Here you see that little count down in the top right corner of the blog? The one with all the numbers and E3 Live Stream under it, well whenever all them numbers reach 0, you will get your news. But like MARK-146 says, you will miss out. Xbox isn’t even a proper gaming console. It’s about money grabbing not games. Beside, you will miss PS Home too much anyway to get an Xbox. You might say your sick of PS Home now but why are you on a PS Home post

solarwind12 04 June, 2013 @ 20:37

I am Really looking forwards to visiting Home on PS4, it Has to happen, i mean sure, Home’s been very good anyway, but i believe it’ll come into it’s own next-gen, as i allways say the potentiol and possibilities for ‘future’ Home are just limitless, i really want to see Home integrated Fully with PS4, a sorta jumping/starting off point for us (well, our avatars/id) to both utalise pre game lobbies more, and, well i’m no designer or coder, but basically begin (if you choose) every PS4 activity From Home.. it’s going to be a massive part of everything, The Home icon should hopefully replace the singstar icons position.. i think i’m looking forward to Home new’s future even more than most of the announced games and other features. Just hoping the right people get to implement it all.

solarwind12 04 June, 2013 @ 20:48

Just want to add to the DRM issue pointed out above, tbh, IF m$ Are going to enforce that, SCE aren’t going to be in much of a position to Not do same, i mean can you imagine EA/other publishers being allowed to do it on one (main) console, then quietly accept they can’t on others ?.. no, am expecting a similar deal from the Publishers regards both.. especially when m$ add their point/outlook to it all, am hoping i am wrong, but really cannot see just how sony will prevent same rules being forced on them.

Hexahedronaut 04 June, 2013 @ 22:28

Well tbh if they do have online drm on the ps4 I hope they’re ready for the onslaught of p***** off playstation fanboys specially after the way they where trolling people of twitter about it.

CoolRichy007UK 05 June, 2013 @ 20:31

all i put in google was ps4 pay to play and got this website

nuff said but if we can buy the yearly online pass with psn cards I MIGHT MIGHT BUY A PS4 i dont know yet

CoolRichy007UK 05 June, 2013 @ 20:33

^^^^^ irishdude ^^^^^

like above

i duno if its gonna be for real or ps4 will be free online im not gonna get a PS4 untill sony tells us if ps4 will be free online or not

ps4 free online = il deffo get one
ps4 not free online and has to buy a month/year pass = WONT BUY

LKWD Unique poses::: you mean unique posers

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