‘Heads-up’ PlayStation Store update, 5th June 2013

Playdead’s much-loved Limbo arrives on PS Vita this week (with Cross-Buy compatibility). Without sacrificing the original experience, you can now enjoy the classic platformer on the go

Also for PS Vita, Paint Park receives an update in the new Paint Park Plus. Get creative with new pens, new colours and stickers to use. Once you’ve finished your masterpiece you can also tweet it to the world.

Over on PS3, Capcom unleashes its stylish new action title Remember Me, while PS Plus subscribers can grab Ubisoft’s wonderful Rayman Origins and FuturLab’s fiercely addictive Coconut Dodge Revitalised at no additional cost, both on PS Vita. Enjoy!

New PlayStation Network content

Content may be added or removed, or move dates – please stay tuned to your weekly Store Update for the most up to date listings. Listed savings are approximate, based on SRP excluding Special Offer pricing and should be considered as a guide only.

PlayStation Plus

Rayman Origins (PS Vita) – 100% off
Coconut Dodge Revitalised (PS Vita) – 100% off
PSP Sale – Everything has 20% additional Plus discount.
E3 Sale – Everything has 10% additional Plus discount.

PS3 games

4K Gallery
Price: Free
Availability: France, UK, Germany, Russia and Ukraine Only



Remember Me (available from 7th June)
Price: £47.99/€59.99
PEGI: 16
Availability: All



Strength of the Sword 3
Price: £7.99/€9.99
PEGI: 12
Availability: Not available in Australia, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Russia



Twisted Lands: Shadow Town (Trial available)
Price: £9.69/€11.99
PEGI: 12
Availability: Not available in Australia and New Zealand



PS Vita games

Price: £9.99/€12.99
PEGI: 16
Availability: All



Paint Park Plus
Price: Free
Availability: All



PS Mobile

Boss Rush
Price: £1.19/€1.49

Cardboard Castle
Price: £5.49/€6.99

Price: £0.79/€0.99

Cytus Lambda
Price: £9.69/€11.99

Hyper Reminder
Price: £2.19/€2.79

Price: £1.59/€1.99

Sukelook Sword of Rapier
Price: £3.99/€4.99


Crysis 3

Prices: £11.99/€14.99
Availability: All

Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut

Prices: £2.79/€3.49
Availability: Not available in New Zealand

Dollar Dash

Prices: £1.59/€1.99
Availability: Not available in Denmark, South Africa, Turkey, Ukraine

DUST 514

Prices: £7.99/€9.99
Availability: All

Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory

Availability: All

LittleBigPlanet Karting

Availability: All

Pool Nation

Availability: All

Resident Evil Revelations

Prices: £1.59/€1.99
Availability: All

Tomb Raider

Availability: All


Paint Park Plus

Availability: All

15 Author replies

Where’s Ratchet Gladiator HD?

Jawad Ashraf 05 June, 2013 @ 14:58

Not quite ready for release.


Any news on the Last Of Us digital pre-order?

Jawad Ashraf 05 June, 2013 @ 14:59

Unfortunately not. Hopefully there’ll be some news to share in the coming days.

Stonesthrow 05 June, 2013 @ 14:37

Nothing for me but got Remember Me today. Might get the RE:R dlc.

I already own the PS3 version of Limbo since it launched. So do I get acces to the Vita version with Crossbuy? (Would be great as I love to give it a second go on the road).

Jawad Ashraf 05 June, 2013 @ 15:04

I believe so.

Artemisthemp 05 June, 2013 @ 14:38

Any news regarding Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory Avatar?
I can see America have a lot of them.

Rob_Velocity 05 June, 2013 @ 14:39

Gotta get me some portable Limbo action.

Not sure how a €.99 Android app like Twisted Lands is suddenly worth €11.99 on the PS3 though. That kind of price tag is just going to put people off trying what is a decent (if simple) adventure game.

Toros friendly network?

Jawad Ashraf 05 June, 2013 @ 15:07

Waiting on some news but can’t confirm anything at the moment.

Toros friendly network? Any chance of eu getting it?

Hey Jawad!
Any news on when Ratchet Gladiator will be available yet?
Also, can you say if Toro’s Friend Network will be coming over to the EU?


Nightmare966 05 June, 2013 @ 14:40

Wee, sooner once again. It’s like we’re starting to go back to the old schedule :P Anyways, let’s graba again Plus freebies.

Hi Jawad, do you know if the Injustice DLC that should have been coming today has been delayed until the 12th? We got the 1.04 patch yesterday, so it seems a bit off schedule from WB.

Also, I know Toro’s app is not coming today, but do you know is it coming later?

Thanks a lot :)

Jawad Ashraf 05 June, 2013 @ 15:09

Zombie Mode is down for this week’s release. More will come next week.




Where is Toro’s Friend Network? Any reason for not releasing the same week as US?

^ Toro’s Friend network? Also Ratchet Gladiator HD? Cheers Jad


Oh yeah! A new free item! Keep it going!

Please release WipEout Fusion on PSN pweeeeaaaaassseeeee

sharingan_4 05 June, 2013 @ 14:41

Still no Ratchet Gladiator HD…
My hope is slowly fading since NA already has it and here I am. Waiting a week only to get disapointed.

Vlakvarkie_ZA 05 June, 2013 @ 14:41

If i bought Limbo previously on PS3 will the cross buy option apply still as i would love to give it a go on Vita!

what exactly is Playview?

Also cheers for answering we weren’t getting Toro’s Friend Network this week but any idea when or if we will?

Jawad Ashraf 05 June, 2013 @ 15:10

I’m waiting to hear back in regards to Toro, so I’ll post back once I know something.

DiscworldDeath 05 June, 2013 @ 14:43

I don’t see Rayman Origins for Vita on the store, just for the PS3.

Carnivius_Prime 05 June, 2013 @ 14:44

tired of waiting for guilty gear. going to grab it off the US store. I’ve waited long enough.

Really great week! Thanks!

However, I thought GuacaMelee DLC would be released today, was it delayed?

HellsSyerBlue 05 June, 2013 @ 14:45

So Jawad theres any chance we get for plus Prince of persia,hyperdimension neptunia mk2 or heavenly sword?
By the way you should do a dlc sale that has Saints row and Fallout New vegas they are expensive right now


Do you know the date for Capcom vs SNK 2? I see it was rated as a PS2 classic recently.


When will we be getting Toro’s Friend Network?

Hi Blog team,

“PSP Sale – Everything has 20% additional Plus discount.”
LBP & Killzone PSP are only 10% off with PS+ at the moment.



“Any news on the Last Of Us digital pre-order?”

Yeah, this is doing my head in. I need to know the price before this Saturday, so I can put money on the store otherwise I cant buy it for a few weeks.


Hello Jawad

I was wondering if EU will be getting Earth Defense: Insect Armageddon like the US did ? The vita one was quite fun in co-op

What exactly does (Hidden) mean in the Crysis 3 DLC listing? :/

Tonello1976 05 June, 2013 @ 14:49

My second attempt to get a reply…

Hi Fred,Jawad,
Could you tell me if the version of Diggs Nightcrawler in the Flemish store(Dutch speaking Belgium) is in Dutch, or in English, or both?
It doesn’t state which language it is in the description.
I’d love to know because I would need it in Dutch for my daughters, but I would love to play it myself also, as it looks like a great game, but I would prefer it in English myself, because i hate the ‘lost in translation’ matter when games/movies get ‘dubbed’.

Jawad Ashraf 05 June, 2013 @ 15:30

I’ll see what I can find out.


Hey, any news about new game trials for plus users?

Jawad Ashraf 05 June, 2013 @ 15:31

Not from me – please ask Chris on the Plus related posts.

Limbo full game and trial is showing as free on my Vita is this a mistake?

Hi Jawad,

Not sure if your thr right person to ask, but:

Is there anything in the works to either back up a game to Content manager or USB, or perhaps file that can be downloaded on PC, and installed over USB?

My main question for this now, is that i took advantage of the special for both street fighter and TTT2, even though i have the disc, but was not expecting 18 Gigs each, and i worked it out, i need 52Gigs available on my console, just to install the 2 games!!
So at the moment, i feel stupid for not checking the file size, cause i wont be able to download them, till ive deleted some stuff, which i did before dowloading the latest PS+ games.

Jawad Ashraf 05 June, 2013 @ 15:33

Sadly not. You will need to manage your installs to make the space available for those larger games, and the reinstall the smaller titles after.


Where’s Ratchet: Gladiator?

US have had it for weeks now.

@aeNdras There was something wrong with the patch so it has been delayed :( You can read about it on Drinkbox’s website.

You_Better_Hide 05 June, 2013 @ 14:57

Limbo, if we bought it on PS3, is it free for us Vita users?

Also i thought there was a demo of Remember Me coming. Kinda sucks, it is already out here and was waiting to try it before i bought it. All well, i’ll just wait a couple a months after The Last Of Us then i buy it discounted.


Hmm, ‘Strength of the Sword 3’ looks pretty cool, might have to give that a go!

Any word on if we’re ever gonna get the digital version of ‘Persona 3:FES’ or if the emulator will be fixed, allowing ‘Digital Devil Saga’ and ‘Digital Devil Saga 2’ to be released?

If Limbo is Cross buy, should be free is we already own it.

Got it free with PS+ a while back, we should be able to get the Vita version for free then, right?


Limbo for PS Vita was available to me as a free download since I have it for PS3.

not sure if Rayman Origins works. There still is a problem with Ubi-soft games on the PSN store for Vita. They say it’s purchased it before, but I have only downloaded the demo…

Finka_Karfein 05 June, 2013 @ 15:05

And where are Yakuzas with subtitles and Chrono Cross?

Limbo is free to download on Vita if you own the PS3 version. As it was part of the IGC many people will be able to benefit.

Can’t wait for E3 and news of ICG annual refresh.

Will the refresh be for both Vita and PS3?

I for one vote LBP Vita and Playstation Battle Royale as replacements for Gravity Rush and Uncharted.

I am guessing Uncharted 3 will be part of the PS3 refresh


Again those ugly-overpriced-supposed-to-be-funny-avatars …yay.


Hi Jawad

The last of us pre-orders both survival and sight and sounds are on the store. Haven’t pre-ordered, already pre-ordered Joel Edition however I have paid for and downloaded season pass today. I’m confused about the situation, I’d be grateful if you could clear this up for me.



Jawad Ashraf 05 June, 2013 @ 15:35

The season pass is a separate item. I don’t think it’s included in any bundle at retail.


Huh… Still no Victory avatars

And cool more Vita games, When and If i get one i would have a decent library to play from instead of just Persona 4 Golden

pinkplaybunny 05 June, 2013 @ 15:09

Is plants vs Zombies 2 coming out on either the ps3 or vita in July like it is on ios?


I’m in a pedantic mode today :)

You missed out the fact that Let’s Fish has a 50% discount for PS+ users this week (it’s visible on the web store).

Also, didn’t see Cardboard Castle or Cytus Lambda (the latter of which I know is delayed) on the PSM store this morning. Sukelook and Sword of Rapier are different titles and Sword of Rapier is actually free (well, at least in part).

Oh, and Coconut Dodge Revitalised isn’t listed in the Vita section.

You’re welcome ;)

sorry posted originally on wrong blog post so posting again

does anyone actually vet the avatars because ones that say I love Beaver and Well Hung are pretty inappropriate.

Where are the avatar images from games? The US is constantly getting new avatars from games (those things we buy to play on our PS3). Maybe instead of flooding the store with these horrible avatars actually contacting the game companies and publishers that Sony has relationships with to supply proper avatars

Also whoever is designing these ridiculous avatars obviously knows nothing about graphic design – very very poor

You_Better_Hide 05 June, 2013 @ 15:09

The Last Of Us demo damn it. Lol. We want a demo…

Well, I am so excited for The Last Of Us, i can’t wait another week.

dylanwiggan 05 June, 2013 @ 15:12

if you already bought limbo for ps3 you get it get it free for you vita (i just done it)

So no 1 sees the three pre orders for the last of us on the store. Just go search – the last of us where u will see 3 pre orders 2 for the main game with there prospective extras and the season pass.

Also what was the idea of hideing dlc of crysis 3. Good for people who dl it but why?

DemonicPrime 05 June, 2013 @ 15:17

Ah damn. No Ratchet Gladiator? Hmm…that US PSN Store is looking mighty attractive as a place to nab it from…

Nightmare966 05 June, 2013 @ 15:18

Thanks for the reply Jawad :) By the way, TLOU can be pre-ordered from the Store since Monday, if anyone’s interested.

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