More free Soul Sacrifice DLC hits PS Vita next week

Hello, everyone! I hope you’ve been enjoying Soul Sacrifice and the free DLC we released last week. If you haven’t downloaded said content yet, please make sure to update your game to version 1.10 from LiveArea and then visit the PlayStation Store to download unlock keys for free! Otherwise, you’ll be missing out on new quests, a new map (Caverns of Goliath), a new Black Rite (Berserker), and new functionality (like posting play stats on Twitter or Facebook!).

We’re excited to announce that there will be eight more quests and two new boss characters – “Dwarf” and “Ogre” – added on 11th June! Be sure to download the free unlock key on that day.

To play the new quests, go to Mad Chronicle > Inside Avalon > Avalon Pacts > Forgotten Pact > Hour of Harlequin. Game progress to a certain point may be required.

About the Dwarf
There were once three men who did nothing but drink from morning until night. They were always the drunkest people in any tavern, and would argue and fight with other customers over the smallest thing. Having lost their jobs at the mine where they worked, the men had no source of income. The only things they owned were their well-used hammers, which no-one wanted to buy. Their drunkenness and destitution was a cause of great concern to anyone who saw them, but the men themselves seemed happy enough. This happiness would not last, however. Before long, the men had spent the last of their money…


About the Ogre
In a kingdom of some note, a woman was appointed palace chef for the first time in its history.
Once a simple town girl, she rose to such heights by applying all kinds of knowledge to her food. Not only did her cooking taste delicious, it had the power to cure illness and soothe the heart. Several years passed until, for some unimaginable reason, she was thrown in a dungeon to await execution. Lying in her cell, she had time to reflect on her life thus far.


Look for more new content later this month. Please check back on the PS Blog for details!

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Yeah! Keep up the good work! :)

very nice, SS one of the best buys for Vita

dark_angel69 05 June, 2013 @ 17:37

I never got round to playing the last free dlc just yet. lol. Been quite busy with Gravity Rush but looking forward to playing these when I get back into SS

it would by nice to get ride of pass crap because we dont have store , and no DLC either … thanks Vita , or make central store , or make a posible to download stuff from other account please …

AaronSOLDIER 05 June, 2013 @ 18:16


Any chance we’ll be seeing more AAA titles like this on Vita?

It kinda sucks that this isn’t really DLC it’s just locked content on the card you already bought. Yes it’s free but why bother holding it back until now? I’ve already platinumed and sold the game so will never get to play this ‘new’ content wheras if the devs didn’t lock it and make out they are doing something great for us gamers I would have got to play it.
Also the Ogre is just a reskin of another archfiend.

The DLC model really sucks and I hope next gen does it a lot less though I expect it will be a lot more though as people continue to pay £4.99 for some colours or a character etc.


Are we getting Black Right ‘Angelus’ with this pack?




Keep ’em coming. Great support for a great game.

Sequel! sequel! sequel! :)

(Make a sequel for Gravity Rush while you’re at it).


Nice, very nice!!!

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