New The Walking Dead DLC, series coming to PS Vita

Hey everyone, it’s E3 week and we hope you’re enjoying the excitement as much as we are here at Telltale Games!


I’m Kirsten, Producer on The Walking Dead game series, and as you may have heard during PlayStation’s E3 press conference, we’re excited to confirm that a brand new episode of The Walking Dead game series is headed to PlayStation Vita!

The Walking Dead: 400 Days is a new chapter (also available as DLC for PlayStation 3 owners on PlayStation Network) in the series chronicling the first 400 Days after the outbreak through the eyes of five all-new characters. This special episode will allow you to choose a character and play through each of their stories in any order, which are all centered around a truck stop on a Georgia highway. Some decisions you may have made in Season One will affect moments of 400 Days, and while we don’t want to give away too much yet, we will say that your decisions in 400 Days will echo into future installments of the series.


There’s another aspect of the Vita version we’re excited to confirm—the control scheme! PS Vita allows us to use two different control styles so you can decide whether you prefer using the analog sticks and face buttons, or use Vita’s touch controls, bringing a new level of control and interactivity to Robert Kirkman’s grisly world.

If you aren’t already familiar with The Walking Dead game series, it’s based on Robert Kirkman’s Eisner Award-winning comic book series. You play as a man named Lee Everett, a former college professor and convicted felon on his way to prison at the start of the undead apocalypse. He’s unexpectedly freed from police captivity and meets an eight-year old girl named Clementine, orphaned in the aftermath of the outbreak. Lee takes Clementine under his wing, forming a tight emotional bond in a world gone to hell. What happens from then on is for you to decide as you control the story through your decisions. Lee and Clem are faced with the constant menace of walkers and learn that human survivors can be just as dangerous.


We can’t wait to get Season One along with the all-new 400 Days into everyone’s hands on Vita. We’ve heard you asking for it loud and clear, and we’re happy to finally let PlayStation fans take The Walking Dead with you wherever you go. We’ll have more news on the release date soon after E3, and we thank everyone for their excitement for the series and look forward to bringing you more information this year. If you have any questions about The Walking Dead, feel free to shout out in the comments but remember, please be mindful of spoilers for those that haven’t played Season One yet, but for those of you that have… keep that hair short.

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will this have a platinum trophy like the ps3 version did?


Thanks guys, I can’t wait to play this on my Vita!

Nomad_Freeman 11 June, 2013 @ 04:44

More excellent games for Vita!


Will it have cross save?


Great news. Really looking forward to this.

Ill be grabbing the dlc for the ps3 thank you :)

Just hopeu find away to use our saves from season 1 on season 2 on ps4


sorry im wiping up drool here. the series on ps3 was full of twist, turn, heartbreaking choice, suspense, grief and emotion and a lot more and was one of my best purchases over the past 2 years. coming to vita you say? AWWWESSOMMME

dogwalker4000 11 June, 2013 @ 08:14

I wasn’t gonna pick this up on the Vita but I think I will now. Loved the 1st season and hope you release season 2 on the Vita at the same time as other platforms.

dark_angel69 11 June, 2013 @ 09:23

If we buy the DLC for PS3, do we get the whole thing for Vita free seeing we already bought the others?

I loved The Walking Dead on the PS3 as did the hubb watching me play it. Glad to hear there is more content coming for it

This looks to be fantastic news!!!

I have the same question as @9

If I have the entire season 1 on ps3, do I need to rebuy if I want to play it on my Vita, or is it available free for those who have shelled out initially?

Again, thanks for the great news, really looking forward to 400


This is a great addition to the Vita! Will Season One be cross-buy/ Cross-save? Like many, I already have the PS3 version, and would really enjoy this on the Vita too.
Will Season One and 400 days be released seperately, or only as one package?

And, probably most interesting: WHEN???

Artemisthemp 11 June, 2013 @ 18:30

I really looking forward to playing this in August :)



But news about the subtitle Patch for PSN version please??


will our saves be able to transfer from ps3 to ps4 at all? id love to play this but if they dont transfer ill have to buy it on my ps3 and i dont know if ill keep playing my ps3 once i have a ps4…

Hi Kirsten,

I trust you will be dropping by sometime in the near future to give us some insight to the questions raised as you indicated we could do.

Hope to hear from your team soon and looking forward to the game

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