PlayStation 4 hardware revealed at E3 2013

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Beautiful piece of hardware. Does the new Playstation Eye come bundled with it?

stubertevans 11 June, 2013 @ 02:49

Looks alright, not a great fan of the new controller though!

looks stylish

Looks good! Can I buy one now? :p

Sword-of-Kahless 11 June, 2013 @ 02:51

Sexy piece or hardware. Sony, you’ve done it on that front. I’m hoping for a competitive price and I will be throwing money at the screen :D


muito dahora, pena q vai chegar no Brasil pelo preço de um carro

were are the sexy curvs like the PS3. looks like its a newer ps2 fat model

GuRuAsaki2098 11 June, 2013 @ 03:06

I like the New PS4, & Controllers for it, but one thing I got a Problem with is the back 4 Buttons on the Controller look like they might fall apart easily…

I don’t like how the L1, L2, R1, & R2 Buttons sit on the Controller, but I like how the Controller was made, nice idea…

Although, I dunno what I could possibly use the Keypad for, I just use a Keyboard, lOl…

The Eye Toy, however, i’m still not Impressed, all ya did was added a Second Eye in the Toy, that’s not very impressive, ~_~

But well see where it goes…

I still feel like PS3 is has a lot more life in it, that by Upgrading to the PS4, all i’m doing is getting better Graphix, which really doesn’t say much if the TV’s are going to cost a fortune, @_@

Blenderernz 11 June, 2013 @ 03:08

Looks a little like the PS2 slim.

real nice

khan2000sergio 11 June, 2013 @ 03:11

Muy bonito el diseño, tiene tintes de una serie Scifi que me gusta y estilo de borde piramidal, me agrada, solo espero que publiquen todas las caracteristicas…la linea azul parece un punto elegante, espero mas info…

I like the look of the ps4. Hope the triggers are better than ds3 as I currently use the add on triggers… will be keeping ps3 as well tho specially with the massive back log of games still to play through plus on both ps3 and vita…

Nice work :D

kylielovesdean 11 June, 2013 @ 03:17

I Want It Now Plz :) :) :)

It just occurred to me… What’s the back look like?!…


OMG it looks way better than the Xbox ONE. Love that design!!!!!

Nightmare966 11 June, 2013 @ 03:27

Gotta love it. Seriously. Although it is really different from its ancestors’ first versions. It also seems sameller than the first PS3.


the x one is a vcr from the 80d like a betamax lol

Capcom_1996 11 June, 2013 @ 03:31

Nice , hope it don’t get hot fast and pop alot , my ps3 slim POPS when it is turned off they said it was cooling down i have 2 PS3 and the first one started to run really fast the fans did so idk so got a slim one now it does a Poping lol but still when u are a gamer u worry about systems like a baby lol we i do lol it’s sad I know :-p Bet ill get the PS4 it looks kool just hope they get some good games out for it wish it would play PS3 one with soooo many HOT new games out like last of us and more , by the way gamers if anyone is reading this I have looked online and asked GameStop how to clean a system they say a vacuum clean hold it so far away , then they say don’t use disk that the brush will scratch the screen that reads the games so PLZ GAMERS if u will tell me a way to clean it Thanks


its a nice design. i love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For revealing KH3 and FFXV, sony, I am in your wallet!
Its yours to win! Just price reasonably and you’re done!

Looks nice, but not sure about the two tone colours.


nice console
do i hear good
online mp = paying ?

ligtningrod1 11 June, 2013 @ 04:18

Not too bothered about how it looks as long as it gives me a good games experience then I’m happy.

Blacknight31_PR 11 June, 2013 @ 04:19



Very nice but what is the official launch date for ps4

Stonesthrow 11 June, 2013 @ 04:31

Looks good as always. Clean and sleek design. I just hope it’s quiet, my slim has been driving me crazy with this annoying sound.


looks beautiful


looks good pre order very soon



The UK Price is £349!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P :P :P EXCELLENT;)
+ I like it(the PS4) Looks cool :P


Where is AV multi out? It was in specs. I need it for audio.

solarwind12 11 June, 2013 @ 06:02

IF it comes with everything for £349 then that’s rather impressive, or maybe i am just remembering being ‘silly’ and buyin vita at launch.. as it wasn’t too far off that. ie mem-card + game + case. But if it’s 349 for the say, 12GB PS3 type/starter, guess we can only wait.. i mean i don’t even know if PS4 requires hdd, after reading post on different thread.. ideally the PS4 should be easily upgradedable, like ps3s hdd is.

one more box


mmmmmmmmmmmmm. ticking all the boxes. price, plus, plenty games coming, cross compatability, cloud being developed, no restrictions like crap box. MS RUN FOR YOUR LIFE.

Looks great but can you please explain why it it almost 37% more expensive in the UK than the US?


what is the average file size for games?

Sakura-Dani 11 June, 2013 @ 07:15

Aaahhh playstation i love u


I’m not loving the design at all. I think it looks boring and utterly uninspired!

I don’t think I’ll be running out and spending my money on a PS4 any time soon. I’ll stick to PS3 for another few years, then we’ll see.

Oh and a share button? I’m fairly disappointed at this point. Hopefully I’ll feel different in a few years… hopefully!


PS4 is da best! PLAYSTATION4 owns xbox one

dark_angel69 11 June, 2013 @ 09:25

Looks really beautiful. Microsoft can really learn a lot from Sony. Good job yas saved the best to last!

I hope Sony will sell an extension cable for the PlayStation Eye as it now used a proprietary connection and not USB??

2m isn’t going to be long enough for me!!!

it looks nice than xbox one but it isn’t one ps3 slim :))

the console looks ugly why is it not all shiny black.when are you going to release details of ps plus on ps4 does our digital games plus igc and purchased digital games carry over all you keep saying is you have big plans for plus what are they,also not happy with plus being mantatory dont start slacking off fair plate on getting us drive club,also do you have any tv app partners like sky,and what is your ps camera is it like kinect you just showed a piture no games are you even releasing it(altough i understand why you didnt go into too much detail on stage but could you put out a statement on these issues).can that annonoying glowing light on the controller be turned of that would hurt my eyes after awhile.the price is good as well as a lack off spyware

also do you know the way our game saves are on ps cloud can you convert them so they work on ps4 that would be a handy feature


ps4 is amazing, BUT, Sony? for playing multyplayer need to buy every month PS+? i loved old sony only because i can play internet free, only for this i hated microsofot, and now sony do this too… why?

is there usb ports at the back


No me gusto, esta muy cuadrada, me gustaba mas curva, mas diferente a las otras, ahora se parece mucho a la Xbox. :(
Y porque no la mejoraron con 4K…?

I like it…it screams “I’m Better than the Xbox One” lol

I don’t like it in the pictures and was sad at first.

However when you see the video and its being held and shown off it looks so much better and is a very nice design.

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