FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn coming to PlayStation 4 – plus the E3 trailer

Sony fans will be pleased to hear that FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn is in development for PlayStation 4!

Announced at the Square Enix Future of FINAL FANTASY E3 conference, it was confirmed that gamers who purchase the PlayStation 3 version of the game will be able to transition their accounts to the PlayStation 4 version when it’s released in 2014.

FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn will be released on August 27, 2013 for PC and PlayStation 3 – but don’t forget that Phase 3 of the beta begins this Friday! For the first time PlayStation 3 gamers will be able to adventure with their PC-owning companions thanks to the game’s cross-platform capabilities.

Make sure you don’t miss out on any of the fun by registering your interest in the beta, today. Phase 3 and the beginning of the PlayStation 3 Beta for FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn starts this Friday, 14 June – don’t miss out!

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Will the beta be on playstation plus?

So, just to clarify…if we buy FFXIV for PS3, when we buy it next year for PS4 we can use the same account?

I’m kinda confused with the Beta for the PS3.

Phase 3 starts Friday and since i got into the beta on PC i can play it, but do i need to register again to play the beta on the PS3 instead or is available for everyone/plus?

so im supposed to buy the disc, then pay every month to play it, then buy the disc again when ps4 comes out.

i was really excited for this game despite the negative reviews but with it being like this i dont think ill even touch it. id much rather a one time buy. even if it was permanently full price. the best thing about owning a game is that its yours and even 10 years in the future you can go back and play it but this way its to hard to get involved with it, knowing that no matter what i do in 10 years i wont be able to play it. not to mention that it could go offline within a month (family guy mmorpg anyone?)

just make it a ps store exclusive so that people can buy it own it and then have the ps4 automatically available for download when it comes out. none of this paytoplay bull****


Mmos always either work with monthly sub or free to play with limits.

It’s not a surprise they have followed this structure

dogwalker4000 13 June, 2013 @ 08:47

Beta link is down :(

Wouldn’t mind checking this out before I jump in, want something that isn’t FFXIII ;)

i not change mi minde=
i want play demo – pay the game then pay expansens like guild wars

if u stay on monthly model = NEVER

also i am very intrested in free to play game planet site 2

ps. same also to elder scrols online + other games , monthly fee = no go


I’m hoping i get into the beta but i have the collector’s edition down in case i do love it (I’m sure i will!)
This is great news on top of that though, Will the PS4 edition look as nice as the PC version too?


I wonder if the game will have a doable Platinum Trophy or if it will only be achievable be the most hardcore… I want to keep my Perfect Final Fantasy Platinum Trophy account clean but I doubt that I have the time commitment necessary for a hardcore MMO

When do we get to play the beta?!


Will console version of FFXIV:RR be officialy available in Russia???


Can i have a Beta code pretty please SE?



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