PS Vita rhythm action scrapper KickBeat struts its stuff at E3


Hey there, PlayStation fans. Lots of excitement in the air these days as this year’s E3 has been one of the most exciting yet. Not only do we get our first real look at the Playstation 4 – I’m pre-ordering it the second it’s available, myself – but PS Vita has gotten its fair share of E3 love too. KickBeat, for one, is playable in the Sony booth!

If this is your first time hearing about KickBeat, introductions are in order. KickBeat is a rhythm action game where you fight baddies in time with the music. It’s different from other rhythm games in that you play the action itself instead of playing an interface (bars, arrows, button icons, etc.) that’s slapped on top of the action.

Enemies come at you from all directions, and you fight them off by pressing the buttons representing those directions at the right time. So let’s say an enemy is attacking you from the left. Hit the Square or left button (or tap the left side of the screen) when he gets close enough, which will match up with a beat from the song, and you’ll serve him some kung fu smackdown. Simple enough, right? There are some more advanced controls later on, but you get the general idea.


Beyond the 18 songs that come with the game, which range from indie tracks from guys such as Celldweller and Blue Stahli, to songs from big-time artists like Pendulum, P.O.D., and Papa Roach (and a few bands whose names don’t start with the letter “P”), we’ve got a bunch of other stuff to keep you busy. There’s a whole story mode featuring some amazing hand-drawn art, an import tool that lets you put your own music in the game, features to enhance the leaderboard competition with your friends, a wide range of difficulty settings, and a Survival mode that will test the abilities of even the most hardened music game veteran.

For those of you who’ve been following the game’s progress for a while, thanks for sticking with us! We’ve been spending the last few months polishing up the game, adding optional touchscreen controls and menus, going over all the songs with a fine-toothed comb, and making sure you can import songs from your music library into the game as quickly and easily as possible. Basically, we want it to be perfect the first time you play it! And that time is rapidly approaching…

If you’re lucky enough to be going to E3 this year, check out the game and visit the official KickBeat forum to let us know what you think! If not, we’ll have lots more KickBeat info and media over the next few weeks.


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I love the idea of using your own music in the game, more rhythm games should make use of this.

Neil Sorens 13 June, 2013 @ 21:05

Agreed. But it’s really hard to do right. Which is one reason why we’ve been working on this game since December 2009!

I think that the option of using your own music sold this to me and I’m not ever remotely a fan of music games. It’s just this crazy mix of action and music that makes it so appealing!

I hope the game does not take itself too serious, since it might be this crazy-awesome type of games. Great idea and I’m really looking forward to playing it!

Neil Sorens 13 June, 2013 @ 21:14

That is what we were aiming for! I hope you enjoy it!

So “And then there was silence” from Blind Guardian enables some kind of survival mode ? :p

Chaosprower 13 June, 2013 @ 18:49

Ugh, still no firm release date. Well, glad to know it’s not cancelled.

Neil Sorens 13 June, 2013 @ 21:07

We can’t give a release date until we’re through final certification. But that moment is at hand! So let’s just say “Summer” or “a few weeks.”


Looks fun…I can Dance Fight, did anyone see that movie Here Comes the Boom? What was the class called that the MMA trainer was teaching at the fitness centre ? I think it was something like Disco Attack? It was too funny

looking great, and as others have said like the idea of using your own music.

Could I ask how much space the game will take up approximately?

Neil Sorens 13 June, 2013 @ 22:26

It’s about 850MB.


Looks awesome! I love rhythm games. Any idea on pricing yet or is it too early? Wondering whether it will be a full retail release or a smaller title.

Neil Sorens 14 June, 2013 @ 21:19

Same price as a table pack in pinball, which I believe is €9.99 / £7.99? Since it’s such a different kind of game, it’s priced to get people to try it out, but it’s still got a pretty good amount of depth and replay value, especially if you have friends for the high score chase.

How hard game is going to be? As hard as Zen Piball? :)

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