Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien dashes onto PS Vita

Know this: adapting a console game for a portable platform is no walk in the Welcome Park. The reasons for this are numerous, but it ultimately boils down to an issue of faithfulness. We can’t speak for other developers — though we imagine they would agree — but we wanted our game, BIT.TRIP Presents…Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien, to feel the same on PS Vita as it does on the rest of its platforms.

Furthermore, we wanted to provide players everywhere with the chance to carry Unkle Dill around wherever they go. Though we’ve not yet finished our development of the PS Vita version, we’re confident we’ve succeeded on both fronts.

For those unaware, Runner2 is a 2D platformer featuring vibrant worlds, unique characters, challenging (and rewarding!) gameplay, and the vocal stylings of Charles Martinet. From the early planning stages to the finished product, our goal was to create a game that made people happy. If it just so happens that you’re someone who likes to be happy, chances are good you’ll enjoy it immensely.


Now, with the elevator pitch out of the way, here’s some insight into why we’re bringing the game to PS Vita, and why we think you’re going to love it:

I don’t think it’s going to rock the boat if I say that the video game industry is in a strange place at the moment. Not bad, mind you – just strange. If you’ll allow the pun, one could argue the industry is diving headfirst into Uncharted territory (Sony said they’d pay us $50,000 if we mentioned a PS3 game in this post).

One of the most prominent changes is that of player choice. Where once you could count the amount of modern gaming platforms on a single hand, it would now take both hands, both feet, and possibly an additional appendage gained through surgery. From a developer perspective, that’s pretty exciting. We can release our games on a bunch of platforms, and then brag about it to our parents.


This is where PS Vita comes in. We’re excited to bring Runner2 to the platform because A) we want as many people as possible to play our game, and B) we want those people to have a choice about where they play it. We’re a busy species, and not everyone has time to play games from the comfort of their home. Some have no choice but to play on the bus; others must resort to playing on the toilet at work. The more synergistic of us likely play on the toilet on the bus, but that’s a story for another day.

To summarise, players can expect Runner2 on PS Vita to be a delightful port of the original. Actually, “delightful” sounds a little antiquated. How about this: Runner2 on PS Vita will be super-tubular.

If you have any questions about Runner2 or its forthcoming PS Vita release (we’re planning to release it sometime between mid-July and mid-August), let us know in the comments! We will also field any and all questions about cool stuff like Bigfoot and marbled polecats.

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supersmith2500 13 June, 2013 @ 16:47

Nice that it’s coming for the Vita but… The PS3 version has still yet being to be released in Europe. Is it coming sometime next month or sometime as the Vita version?

MRcheese911 13 June, 2013 @ 17:59

Will the vita version come out in the UK because I think the ps3 version still isn’t out :/

e3….. disapointed ……

What’s the status of the PS3 version for the PAL territory? Is it still coming? When?

Chaosprower 13 June, 2013 @ 18:54

I hope this one isn’t as delayed as the European PS3 version…

Looks great and been waiting for this for ages but glad to hear you are taking pride in the port to get it right. Probably a day 1 purchase for me.

Would also love to see a Bit Trip Collect of the old Wii Ware games make it onto the Vita?


1 day for me … Congrtaz friends ….

I will buy this on release date, I’m really looking forward to this as I know the studio is creative and talented enough to do a fun auto running game. After all, they even did a creative and fun pong game!

If this meets expectations will you consider bringing the Bit.Trip.Collection to Vita? With enough extras and online play where appropriate I would even support a £20 boxed release, although PSN would be lovely too.

If you can’t say anything about the Collection for obvious fear of effecting your reveal can you say if you will be supporting the Vita further if this meets expectations?

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