PixelJunk Monsters: Ultimate HD coming to PS Vita


Double Eleven, Ltd been entrusted with the keys to the kingdom for classic series such as LittleBigPlanet and Limbo.For us, PixelJunk Monsters sits alongside those hallowed classics.

In designing PixelJunk Monsters: Ultimate HD for PS Vita, we wanted to take the fabulous PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe and make it an even better experience.We worked closely with Q-Games to get it right, and then chose the name “Ultimate HD” at the end of development. We hope that’s what we have created!

We’ve been big fans of Monsters and the other PixelJunk games for some time; the sharp, colorful graphics and addictive gameplay had us hooked. Monsters is one of those games that is super casual, but incredibly difficult at the same time – a quality which made us, and many others, keep coming back for more.

The tower defence premise is very familiar, but Monsters’ effortless execution sets it apart from other games in the genre. We realised that if Monsters were remade today, it would still stand out amongst other games in the genre.


So we set out to make the definitive version of PixelJunk Monsters for PS Vita owners. Due out this summer, Monsters Ultimate HD has more than 30 hours of gameplay set across story and challenge levels. All of the graphics have been remastered for the PS Vita’s high-resolution screen, and we added touchscreen input to provide more control of Tikiman. Ultimate HD includes the Encore expansion, as well as all the extra towers, enemies, and levels from the Deluxe edition last seen on PSP.

If you’ve never played PixelJunk Monsters, here’s a quick primer. As Tikiman, you must protect your helpless babies from waves of incoming monsters. You’ll build weapon towers in the right places and at the right times in order to kill enemy monsters.

You can grab coins and gems from fallen monsters to spend on building more towers, upgrading existing towers, or research towards powerful new towers. Monsters come thicker and faster as the waves advance, keeping the challenge consistent throughout.

When we first began planning Ultimate HD with the guys at Q-Games, our ideas spun off in many different directions. Initially, we considered opening Pandora’s Box by tweaking the gameplay, doing things like (gasp!) introducing checkpoints in between attack waves. Why? Because we wanted to reduce the game’s legendary difficulty that, at times, made us want to rage quit by hurling our PS Vita across the development room (it’s carpeted, don’t worry).


But after we discussed our ideas with Q-Games, and tried out a few potential solutions, it became clear that the sense of pride you gained in “rainbowing” (perfectly completing) a level would become somewhat less satisfying. In Monsters, you earn your rainbows and that’s it.

So we agreed that our ultimate edition would stay focused on remaking the visuals for PS Vita’s awesome OLED screen, introducing touchscreen controls that complimented the gameplay, and compiling everything featured in the PS3 and PSP versions. We also designed the Trophies to be an extra treat for those wanting even more challenge. Our best in-house players have taken three days solid to complete the game on the hardcore setting!

When you work with a studio like Q-Games, you don’t work with “IP” or a “brand” – you work with people that put their heart and soul into making the game. Remaking PixelJunk Monsters meant enhancing a cleverly crafted tower defence game while retaining its purity — and adding a fresh helping of Double Eleven enhancements for Vita fans!

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Awesome news. I can do the dance that the build dude does to hurry the towers up very well.


If you send us a video of that, we will put it on our youtube channel. I promise it won’t go amiss, and maybe the Q guys can make you big in Japan :)

This and Fieldrunner 2 should be enough for me to get my tower defence fix for quite some time on the psvita :)



Fieldrunner 2 look pretty sweet too!


If you can do to Pixeljunk Monsters, what you did to Limbo, the Vita will be a really solid game richer. Really enjoyed Limbo on Vita (best version imho), and this one looks like a winner too!

Any idea on when ‘summer’ is? When I look outside, it looks like summer has already arrived and gone…

So, bring it on!


Thanks for the kind words on Limbo!

Looking out my window in the North of England, we are still waiting for our summer to start :) The date is down to a number of factors that need to settle so that’s why we’ve left it at that. Having said that, I hear we should be having some nice weather here in August!

Bgjknpqswvyu 25 June, 2013 @ 14:47

Double Eleven are based just a stone throw from my home town. You guys did a wonderful job with LittleBigPlanet Vita last year & I’m looking forward to see how you get on with the PixelJunk series. Thanks for flying the flag for Teesside.


#loveboro ! :)

Thanks the kind words on LBP, and hope you will enjoy our edition of Monsters!

Any info on price? If its 2€ +/- 10€ gonna buy this first day because this is kind of game which is amazing on vita because you could play few lvl’s on bus etc. :D


Really happy to hear that thanks!!

No price info just yet, but expect to have that announced in the coming weeks!

ChrisREDb86 25 June, 2013 @ 15:13

damn another indie…. :( where are the AAA games sony?? vita is not a smartphone is a game console powerful enough to run good games

Thank you in advance for making my favourite Vita game.


Absolutely our pleasure!

KassieDeGrote 25 June, 2013 @ 15:29

and chrisred, dont judge untill you played it. this game is awesome and addictive and is right up there next to the AAA titles imo

(curious about the touch screen, I assume Tikiman has to still be present on the tree you’re wanting to build on? I always saw him as a much more interesting alternative to a mouse, but with touchscreen might that dynamic change?)


We realised the same thing as well. Tikiman always needed to be the mouse, our implementation of touch is more about an alternative style of play that still maintains the balance.


So happy to have talented developers like you guys working on my favorite little platform ever. Every time you put a game out there you add value to the Vita.

I have never played this game but have heard great things about it. I know your port will do it justice after playing both of your other titles. I’m buying everything you guys put out there.


I think that is about a nice a comment as a developer could hear! Thanks! We have a phenomenal team behind our games. They deserve a huge plug! Fortunately we have a little bit about some of them on our website!

Really hope you enjoy the game when it comes out. When you do get it please send our apologies in advance to friends and loved ones :)

Looking forward to this one looks great!

People asking about AAA games – this years Gamescon is August 21st and Sony said it will be a Vita show: http://gbatemp.net/threads/sony-gamescon-is-going-to-be-a-ps-vita-show.350161/
Hopefully it’s not just remote play stuff.

Also Hotline Miami is out tomorrow and Muramasa Rebirth is out today on USA PSN and is only 480MB.
I’m importing a copy from 666media on amazon UK.

will it be a platinum trophy?

will it have a plat trophy?
Im happy dylan agreed to make this 4 the vita.
Now pjm 2 to finish it off :D!


No Plat trophy unfortunately! We do, of course have a trophy titled “Paint the World with a Rainbow” which you can probably guess at what that entails!

We’re also happy he agreed to do the Vita version too :)


I’m looking forward to this, loved the original.

I was also kinda hoping for Pixeljunk Shooter 1 & 2 as well. The dual sticks make it perfect for Vita.

supersmith2500 25 June, 2013 @ 16:45

Nice to see a new PixelJunk game being made for the Vita. Keep up the great work D11. Hope more PSP classics also come. Now if Japan Studio would bring Loco Roco and Patapon soon. That would be awesome.



It’s not a new Pixeljunk game, it’s a remaster.

supersmith2500 25 June, 2013 @ 16:57



Been waiting for this. I’m amazingly excited for PJ Monsters on Vita, BRING IT ON!

winkelwagentje 25 June, 2013 @ 18:02

Hurray! The best tower-defense game ever is coming to my favorite handheld. I cant wait for this! :-D


I have a novel idea, listen to this! Why not make NEW games for the Vita? I’m close to breaking point when it comes to games I’ve already played before, sometimes years ago :/

Darkerthan25 25 June, 2013 @ 20:49

Mark South stop wasting your talents on remaking old games and start making proper full price AAA games.

day one purchase no matter WHAT the price is,man i truly appreciate quality titles & i feel proud to support their developers,next i wish to have is dead nation the Ps3 psn game on my Vita but i have always wanted PixleJunk Monsters for Viat & i hope the will make new one for when PS4 comes out & couple more for Vita as it’s the perfect platform for this Game. please developers listen to your fans. :)

damn i thought this was an ALL NEW pixeljunk monsters game,didn’t realize its just the psp game with enhanced graphics :( still buying it though but i must say i got super excited thinking it was a new one for Vita.

ChrisREDb86 25 June, 2013 @ 23:09

kassie im not saying that the game is bad, im just upset because of the lack of quality games im supporting vita since it lauch so i want new AAA games… of course the vita needs indies but not only indies im waiting for Killzone and Tearaway and batman but thats all at the moment…. All this titles are old anouncements… lets wait to gamescom2013

This is fantastic news – I (And a few others) did hassle Q games on Twitter a while back, so thank you !
Will this have a lot of the Facebook version options/style ?




Best Vita news in ages. I can still remember I played the demo on my psp for about thirty seconds before I bought the full game. It is still, after 3 years, my favorite tower defense game. I was about to start my third replay on my vita but now I will wait. Yeah!


I still play Deluxe on my Vita. Not sure a simple HD upgrade is worth buying again but hopefully the game proves successful because I’ll be waiting anxiously for a follow-up to what is an incredible game.

Might this lead to a Monsters 2 if successful? I really hope so.

This and Kingdom Rush 2 are my favourite Tower Defence games of all time.


Now im thinking about getting a vita just for this game just to play and get the trophies. Loved the PS3 copy.

does this mean the zooming from the psp version is gone?


Any change you guys would ever port the 3 Pixeljunk shooters to Vita? (PJS1, PJS2 & PJSS)



Thank you very very much Mr. Mark South!

This game is my girlfriend’s and mine absolute favorite Multiplayer / Co-Op game ever (alongside LittleBigPlanet and Rayman Origins), so it is very very important to ask if Multiplayer / Co-Op is included, alongside Leaderboards.

I imagine it would be since this is the Ultimate version that has everything as you said, but it’s really important that you tell us.
(If Mr. Mark South is not here to answer, can someone from the Playstation Blog reach him? It’s a really important feature that decides my purchase of the game).


Wooooohooooooo you just made my day. :) Fantastic news.

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